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Pretension Human Being

February 11, 2018


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Present ResumoO objective work to promote the historical and philosophical debate related to the pretensohumana of superiority in relation to the nature and the too much animal species. Supported pelodiscurso Biblical, to understand gnese of the human domain on the nature and osanimais in the culture occidental person. We will leave of the especismo concept, according to which only osinteresses of the species human being are taken in consideration in detriment of the dasdemais interests animal species. For in such a way, we will break of the studies made for the philosopher Peter Singer, in its Practical Ethical workmanship and Animal Release, that they use of the Biblical narrative to paraexplicar the legitimacy of this speech, at the same time where he makes a genealogy dasconcepes spirituals, ethics and moral of the predatory use of the nature and its expressomxima of domain; the habit of the use of the meat for consumption. Other studies utilizadospara heading of analyzes will be the articles of the anthropologist Eduardo Fisheries of Castrates: Perspectivismo Multinaturalismo in Aboriginal America and the marble and the Murta: on ainconstncia of the wild soul, the same author. That they corroborate you analyze with them, done porSinger, you live deeply through them of the amerindian societies with regard to the nature. on aconcepo of these concerning the culture and subjectivity human being.

1. Biblical narrative: the origin of the especismo to understand the roots of the especismo, is to necessriocompreendermos the Biblical speech, that this for backwards of this concept, thus comoa Jewish and greco-roman conception, That they had influenced odiscurso of the culture traditionally occidental person. In the Gnesis, Versicle (1: 26), the man is created the image esemelhana of God, and receives from it the domain, on the fish of the sea, on asaves, domestic reptiles and animals.

Liberating National Alliance Movement

January 24, 2018


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In such a way, we understand that optimum it would be to understand the AIB as the addition of a iderio fascist? interpreted in singular way for the intellectuals Brazilian integralistas? of a specific Brazilian politicosocial reality? propitious to the development of this iderio. Politically speaking, the integralismo was contrary to the plurality of the parties and possua an enormous preconception how much to the individual representation. Moreover, the head of the nation would have to be the bastion of an Integral State, where she could be helped by representative agencies, however advisory. Finally, we must understand the movement integralista as something beyond an organization politics. The AIB possua one strong cultural doctrine.

As it affirms Boris Fausto: ' ' (…) its bigger emphasis if found in the taking of conscience of the value spiritual of the nation, seated in unifying principles: God, Native land and Family – it was the motto of movimento' '. The importance of this movement for the subject considered here is that the AIB will be one of the factors that will unchain the aliancista movement. This last one will raise the flag of the antifascism and will stop diverse battles, literally, with ' ' shirts verdes' ' of Salty Pliny. In relation to the tenentismo, although to be a generally situated movement in the decade of 1920 and not to constitute in an organized political party, it seems us important a fast analysis for a basic reason: its ideas and pictures, opponents or not, had been part of Brazilian politics 1930 in the governmental scope and had after been gifts in the composition of the movement studied in this work? The Liberating National Alliance. To understand, therefore, the main characteristics of the tenentismo, exactly that in concise way, will help in them to understand the future aliancista composition. To speech on the tenentista nature, Dcio A.M Saes affirms that it is antipopular.

National Service

January 17, 2018


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In the presidential elections of 1978, general Joo Baptista de Figueiredo, also representative of the castelista faction, committed itself to give to continuity to the opening &#039 to it; ' slow, gradual and segura' '. In the government of Figueiredo the opening process politics continued to advance. The great landmarks of this period are the amnesty ' ' ample, general and irrestrita' ' the return to the multiparty system, as it was affirmed in the 1982 elections. However, many authors criticize the way as the amnesty was granted, a time that this not only ' ' inocentou' ' the opponents to the military regimen as he isentou of punishment all those that had composed the device of repression in the period. One another marcante trace of this time is the radical reaction of ' ' line dura' ' , that it started to use extreme resources to veto the democratic process.

Facts sufficiently known, in this aspect, are attempted against to the OAB and the River the Center? this last one arriving to cause the resignation of the head of the National Service of Information, general Golbery of the Couto and Silva. Already during ocaso of the military regimen, the year of 1984 certified the great envolvement of the population in the opening process, whose apex is the movement of ' ' Direct J' '. This movement represents the yearning of the population for to choose, directly, the president of the republic. Not obstante, the project of constitutional emendation that would determine the direct elections, known as ' ' emendation Dante de Oliveira' ' , he was not approved by the Congress and the first president of the New Republic was elect for an electoral college. In 1988 new Constitution was promulgated, that extinguished the regimen of exception restored in 1964. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. It can be observed that the redemocratizao process demanded appreciable course of time and was larded of natural profits, until was cheated the democratic fullness.

Global Warming

November 3, 2017


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Today one can hardly find a man who would not disturb the unpredictability of weather, natural surprises and chilling predictions related to the ongoing changes Earth's climate. That just does not say and is not written in the media, and this information is presented, usually in a way to stun the reader, listener and viewer next sensation … with the final in the form of the Apocalypse. Indeed, our the eyes of the Earth's climate has changed and continues to vary widely. Hear other arguments on the topic with Southwest Airlines. For over thirty years at symposiums and conferences, in publications and through the media, scientists are trying to figure out and explain the reasons ongoing climate change the Earth.

These changes are mainly associated with the so-called global warming, which, according to some, is called the enhanced greenhouse effect, according to others – a decrease reflectivity of the snow cover the earth, according to the third – an increase in solar activity, according to the fourth – the formation in the atmosphere of 'ozone holes', etc. If you listen to all these opinions, the ordinary man in the street it may seem that talk actually go about anything, because the average temperature during the twentieth century has risen just something variously estimated at between 0.5 and 0.7 degrees. At first glance, such changes in temperature may seem insignificant against the background temperature fluctuations during the year and even days. Based on the study of ice cores in Greenland and Antarctica, the bones of extinct mammals of phosphates, the nature of the annual rings ancient trees, lake bottoms, or the life history of corals, scientists are trying to reconstruct the climate of the past and on the basis of these results to construct forecasts of climate change on thousands or Tens of thousands of years of "near future".

San Francisco

October 13, 2015


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Here the ways and the profits and intercorrncias are presented that the travellers tried covering these terrestrial and fluvial ways in a promoted movement as the aboriginal habits and steps. Nature and indians were imposed as codes whose partial decipher was become fullfilled throughout the process that formed the practical one of the hinterland, the sertanista, the bandeirante or, as the Jesuits of the missions of the Guair said, ' ' Portuguese los of San Pablo' '. (P. 82) necessary Age one new way of Mines for Rio De Janeiro. Trading owners of land and crown had joined themselves to discover and to open this new way? faster more income-producing e? that the particular ones had not only paid when the way he was ready.

The new way facilitated the transport of the production of the mines through a faster access to some of the state of Rio de Janeiro ports, in special the port of the Star. Beyond the old way and of the new way it had one third way, of the corrals of used San Francisco par excellence for the contraband. to try to contain the combination way and embezzlement, was forbidden the opening of new trails in the bushes, therefore although to improve the draining of the auriferous production, the pricked maintenance and the fiscalization of these news it depended on the roceiros and the parishes? that as is demonstrated more ahead they were vehicles for the embezzlement. Roceiros and clergymen facilitated the embezzlements, but they were not alone in this ' ' contraveno' '. The responsible guards for the fiscalization, made new embezzlements with apprehended gold of other descaminhadores. It has until a curious case of the bars of gold of the Treasure of the Mato Grosso that simply are esvaram without arriving the Lisbon and the Governor of Rio De Janeiro Gomes Freire attributed? in epistle sent to the Overseas Advice? the guilt for such sumio to cupins.

American Society Ahead

October 6, 2015


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The Fear and the Dependence of the American Society Ahead of the violence and the desumanidade that eramsubmetidos, the slaves resisted and protested in varied ways: eramlentos in the work, falsified illnesses, committed maltreatment to the animals nasquintas, ran away, provoked fires, if they mutilated, made rebellions ecometiam murders. From century XVIII, with the aumentoexpressivamente high one of the slavery, diverse worried laws also appear to emfiscalizar the steps of the slaves, the slavery had grown in such a way the point deuma imminent revolt to become a nightmare for the white population. Despite donmero slaves in the average of the thirteen colnias not to exceed 20% dapopulao, for return of 1740, in regions as the Carolina of the South, about 60%de the population she was composed for blacks, and it was exactly in these regions queimperava the constant generalized fear of rebellions. According to one of these laws, the slaves were forbidden disfigure for the city to the sundays, in order to prevent crowding of blacks nasruas, consequentemente, to propitiate the appearance of some type of organizaoem pro of rebellions; no slave could carry weapons of any nature, being punished the crimes practised for these individuals with bigger severity pelosjuzes, mainly if these delicts were fruits of rebellions colectivascontra institucional authorities.

Therefore, in the period 1619 enter up to 1860, about 400mil black they had been carried from Africa to the United States, and until finaldo colonial period, half million of blacks inhabited the English colnias dAmrica. During the movements in favor of independence, the slavery not sofreunenhuma alteration, therefore the freedom nailed in that height did not have coresnegras. However, in the first half of century XIX, divergnciasquanto the escravistas questions start to be part of the disputes of opinionos United States. The redoubt of the race infuriates and inferiorpara the 4 escravocratas what would bring upheavals to the society..

Complex Activity

December 16, 2014


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To analyze the current aboriginal communities and to search to investigate its permanncias are a sufficiently complex activity. To think the indian nowadays is to go to the meeting of a different people of what we costumvamos to study in history books. It is difficult to think about the indian without imagining it in its traditional form to be dressed, to decorate themselves and to dance. To understand the indian current does not mean only relembra it imagining the passed indian, means understands it in its limitations, understands it in its attempt to recoup the least the minimum of its passed culture, means to observe and to accept its differences that almost always are reasons of preconception and social exclusion. Well, in my first contact with an aboriginal community it was with the Aboriginal Community Tapeba, in the city of Caucaia/Cear, I was absorbed, therefore, did not think that an aboriginal community would be unprovided of its proper culture, that is, of its roots. The language, for example, was total extinguished, already they do not exist Tapebas that says the aboriginal language native. The losses of the aboriginal peoples are irreparable, the death of left them to the culture of certain form lost and without referencial fort in our current world. When observing of close the Tapebas I had difficulty in understanding that people.

To assume a so rejected identity and victim of preconception is not in fact a decision any. I could perceive that the life of the current aboriginal communities is referenciada by a constant fight, a permanent effort to be recognized, to be considered indians and to have its identity and its rights consolidated ahead of the current society. The life in the current aboriginal communities is not differed very from the life way of the sertanejos, agriculture it fishes, it and the creation of animals families are part of the ways of subsistence them.

Natural Coast

September 2, 2014


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You must cite suspected that in these elevations still live the Woodpecker (Ara tricolor), considered the largest species of larger size of these birds on the planet. In addition, these mountains are the sanctuary where are located the mollusks of the genus Polymita, classified as the most beautiful in the world. This massif lies the unique stone bridge in Cuba, the Bitiri, which stands on the river of the same name, proclaimed a national monument. There are also the National Park La Mensura, Crystal peak and Alejandro de Humboldt. Next to them is the most important area of deposits of polymetallic ores of Cuba, among which are nickel, cobalt and manganese, among others. Also located in these provinces the most extensive mountain system of Cuba, Sierra Maestra, which boasts numerous peaks exceed 1000m, finding two of La Bayamesa national parks and Turquino, at elevations of the same name.

The latter occupies part of the highest mountain in Cuba, the Real Turquino peak, with nearly of 1962m. above sea level. Also the deepest seas next to Cuban shores, in the so-called pit of Bartlett, are almost 2 000 m of depth. On the South coast are located where they are most frequent Earth tremors, although of low density. Particularly in the western part of the southern coast lies the coastal plain closer and extensive of the country, bordered by a mountain system and cross a road, where numerous volcanic rocks (Granites, basalts, etc.), emerge during the whole journey. Also in the South are several terraces systems most important sailors of the Caribbean, while in one of them the Parque Nacional del Granma, which was proclaimed by the UNESCO Natural Heritage, in the Natural landscape of the humanity category by this wonder of nature. It should be noted that on the South coast are the unique vegetation formations similar to real deserts in the Caribbean.

Philosophy Calendar

August 29, 2014


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Time and Eternity – the concept that affected many philosophers of antiquity and modernity. Time and Eternity – is the opposite, having a single nature. Time – this is a river that flows continuously, not stopping at second, and eternity – the sea, in which every river carries its waters. On the essence and nature of the time people began to wonder at the dawn of time. This concept took hold and continues to the minds of philosophers. Time is irreversible, but none However, throughout its history, people trying to keep time, "stop a moment" …

or at least follow up his change. Initially, people perceived over time as a cyclical process of change and to night long, and so on Moon – a natural "calendar", which allows you to count very long periods of time. This "calendar" is used in many ethnic cultures, even today. On the lunar calendar was based Menotonov calendar, a calendar of the ancient pontiffs … However, the inventors of calendars, priests and astrologers, lacked knowledge of astronomy, with the result that there were flaws in the systems of chronology and calendars through greater or lesser period of time ceased to correspond to an actual change in the long years, holidays, ceased to be the time of sowing or harvest. As a result, many of calendar reform undertaken in the history of human existence, now installed in the calendar of 365 days, and every 4 years is a leap year. The accuracy of the calendar – a prerequisite of the existence of modern man.

Date and time – necessary conditions of business life. Indeed, it would be to put it mildly, strange to hear from a business person, that, for example, delivery of materials for production will take place "after 5 Moons." Continuous dependence on time causes a person to always have on hand a clock and calendar. Today, however, often performs the calendar not only utilitarian, but also the decorative features (especially the large wall calendars), and manufacturing calendars – this is a separate industry in which there are many different suggestions: wall calendars, desktop, pocket, flip, calendars, posters, souvenir … Do not forget about electronic calendars, which have penetrated into human life with the advent of computers, and all kinds of agendas, which can not only track the passage of time, but plans for the future. Such diversity calendar due to differences in conditions in which the calendars are used, as well as the functions they perform. If you currently have better small pocket calendar, which if necessary you can get from purse in the office better have a big wall calendar quarter or on which date is convenient to monitor. But whatever it was, a calendar – a necessary item in everyday life of any person.