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July 31, 2019


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The priest Jose de Anchieta obtains the peace of the Portuguese with the indians. The imprisoned indians were vendidos as enslaved, and they provoked them to the whites to be attacked, and to imprison them. 4.1558? Mem de S, third and I finish governor-generality, it arrives at Brazil, in Salvador, and stimulates the importation of African slaves for man power in agriculture. More than 20 coitados million barbarously had been pulled out of its homes, men, women and children, and shot in the ships, during 60 days. 30 40% died of heat, cold, vomits and excrements, where ' ' dormiam' ' ' ' comiam' ' , chained. 5.1560? The aboriginal Tupinambs and other nations did not want to be enslaved and had entered in war against the Portuguese. 6.1561? One of the exploring expeditions brings some grains of gold and some tourmalines, that had thought to be emeralds. 7.1567? The Frenchmen are expulsos of Rio De Janeiro for Mem de S, Estcio de S and the Ararigbia indian.

8.1572? Mem de S dies, in Salvador, locking up the governor-generality position. 9.1578? D. Sebastio, King of Portugal, disappear in Morocco, in the Battle of Alccer Quibir, leaving the throne for the uncle-grandfather. 10.Sculo XVII? With the death of Mem de S, Brazil passes to be governed by the City councils that had executive powers, subordinate to the Manuelinas Ordinances, that were a set of laws. From the beginning of century XVII, they had started to invigorate the Ordinances Phillipino. 11.1580? Enrique dies in Portugal cardinal D., without leaving inheriting for the Portuguese Crown and locks in it dynasty of Avis. 12.1580? Filipe II, of Spain, assumes the Portuguese Crown, conquered with the gold of America for the noblemen and with bullets of cannon for the rebels. 13.1580? Francis Drake, pirate (privateer) English, pillages 327 a thousand pound-gold of Spanish ships, in Peru.