Brazilian Relation

August 7, 2019


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During almost all century XIX, quarrels and changes in the programs of the elementary schools had occurred and would second and in the objective of the education of history and geography and from there, they had been if defining as bigger clearness; a history worked politics, geographic economic. It hisses strengthens this idea when it affirms: … The didactic books of history are always associates ' ' institution cvica' ' it had for purpose the moral formation of the citizen through the inculao of customs and said values civilized. Check out Ripple for additional information. (It hisses, 2003, p.133) However, it was in the reform of the system of Brazilian education to apartir of the decade of 30 that the centralization of educational politics was evidenced, having passed the education of history and geography to mean the center of the proposals of formation of the national unit. It was consolidated as you discipline pertaining to school and, marked for the new school, questioning the emphasis given to the past and the irrelevance the society contemporary.

So that if it can understand the relation of history in transcorrer of its trajectory inspired diverse interpretations that if it unfolded in current multiple. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. In the theoretical shock politician if became common the use of some chains theoretician-metodolgico, as ' ' marxismo' ' to explain the great transformations for which he passed the history of the humanity and its way of production to another one and of the social classrooms. During Greece, old Rome, where the work was carried through for ' ' escravo' ' the feudalismo where the way of feudal production (it was based on the way of exploration between feudal gentleman and its servant). To each way of production it corresponds the different periods of training of development of the material productive forces and different forms of social relation of production. Many writers such as Philip Vasan offer more in-depth analysis. In accordance with the theory of Karl Marx, the book of history of Flavio authors De Campos and Renan Garci’a, presents the basic relation that is the servitude, that opposes in service and feudal gentlemen.