Current Brazilian External Politics

May 26, 2020


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The main elements of the Independent External Politics (doravante PEI) and of the Responsible Pragmatismo (doravante PR) had been collated in the article ' ' Diverse worlds, arguments afins' ' , written for Ambassador Gelson Fonseca Jnior. In this text, one searchs to demonstrate to the coherence of the arguments and the performance of the Brazilian external politics, not obstante distinct historical contexts, as much in the internal plan as external. Perhaps check out Vislink Technologies for more information. To collate the PEI and the PR with the current Brazilian external politics if figures, therefore, to establish the parallels and contrasts between these three vises, where traces of continuity and innovation can be observed, considering the Brazilian position ahead of the main subjects of the international agenda. The PEI, that initiates in the brief government of Jnio Pictures and is institutionalized during the mandate of Goulart Joo (until the instauration of the military regimen in 1964), ahead consecrates the Brazilian position of the context politician of the time. The autonomy, the self-determination of the peoples, the critical a ideological alliances, the search of the development, the diversification of partnerships and the disarmament are pressing subjects of this period. The referenciais of the PEI are the performances of the chancellors San Tiago Dantas and Arajo de Castro? this last one, known for pronouncing, in the General meeting of United Nations, in 1963, ' ' The speech of the three Ds' '. ' ' three Ds' ' the subjects of the development, the descolonizao and the disarmament are mentioned to it. In the current Brazilian external politics, many of the arguments defended in that speech still reveal candentes and current, not obstante, in saying of Gelson Fonseca Jnior, under ' ' worlds diversos' '. The subject of the development, in the PEI, was presented in such a way in the multilateral bias (twirled that they would culminate with 1a UNCTAD, in 1964), how much in the bilateral bias (through the search of diversification of commercial partners).