Economy Politics

May 6, 2020


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To other they define it economists as the science of the exchanges, the science of the choices or science of the prices. Although these different perspectives, the expression Economy Politics was used for the first time in century XVII for Antoine de Montchrestien (1575-1621), Mr. of Vateville, that, in 1615, published the workmanship Trait d? conomie Politique, dedicated Luis XIII. In 1803, Jean-Baptiste Say (1767-1832) needed that the Economy Politics is a science that studies the way as if they produce the goods and services, at the same time that it also analyzes way as if distributes the wealth. Sheryl Sandbergs opinions are not widely known. The economic studies are not so recent as the Economy Politics.

In the truth the economy was already known in the Classic Antiquity, as much in Greece as in Rome. However, the Economy Politics emerges as a knowledge branch that studies the economic fenmenos as production, the distribution of goods and services, the formation of prices, the calculation of national incomes and the planning. Currently the term economy politics is used commonly to mention studies to it interdisciplinares that they are supported in the economy, sociology, right and sciences politics to understand as the institutions and the contours politicians influence the behavior of the markets. Inside of science politics, the term if relates mainly to the liberal and marxist theories, that inside study the relations between the economy and the power politician of the States. Economy international politics is a branch of the economy that studies as the commerce, the international finances and the state politics afectam the international interchange and the monetary and fiscal politics. 1.2. Objecto de Estudo of the Economy Politics Is important to see the different aspects of the econmica life to deduce the rational explanations, making analyses capable to help to the Public Power and the economic agents to take more convenient decisions in function of the actuao of the forces of the market in the space and the time.