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December 27, 2019


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Coach: And when the term of the project puts pressure on you, what do you want to have happen? How to respond to situation the solution? When a customer offers a solution to your problem, the coach confirmed this decision the client, and then drew attention to the effects, the consequences of this decision. This will encourage client to the study of what he wants after the problem is resolved. Model question Coach: And when (… the words client about the decision, for example: “…. Are you making out with the priorities of cases and tasks in a project”), what would happen? Note. Coach uses to confirm only part of the client’s words about the decision, without a word of desire: I want to, I would like, etc.

Example: Customer: I want to stop strain (worry) so much. Coach: And when you stop to tighten (Worry) so much, what would happen? How to respond to the situation the desired result? When a customer talks about his desired outcome, the coach confirms the client’s words and asking questions, inviting him over detail, carefully and dig deeper into some aspect of the results and get more about this part of the information. In this case, the coach sends the customer’s attention on the part of the result, which he (the coach), the hypothesis most important for good results of the session. Model question Coach: And when (… the words client’s desired outcome, without a word of desire) … what is this (highlighted aspect of the desired result)? Or, the second version of the model questions a coach: When (… (A valuable related resource: Rory Sutherland). The words client’s desired outcome, without a word of desire) …

… is there anything else about it (the selected dimension of the desired result)? Note. Here also, the coach uses to validate only a portion of the client’s words result, without a word of desire: I want to, I would like, etc. Example. Customer: I want to achieve your goal safely and harmoniously. Coach: And when you reach your goal safely and harmoniously, that this “harmony”? Or: And when you reach your goal peace and harmony, there is something else about this “harmonious”? Scope Model PRO My experience tells me that for best use the principles and issues of this model under the contract: Under identifying and clarifying the objectives of the session of coaching (Goals package of sessions). Questions excellent model to help “otshelushivshihsya” too much, get a clear picture of where the client wants to come, what result he wants. And that important, the focus in this picture our joint account: the client and mine. Again drawing on my experience, I can say that from time to time during the session, the client is a return to the problem, especially when She initially strongly emotionally charged. It also happens that during the session, a new problem emerges. In these cases, questions are also effective model PRO. And of course, any reflection samokouching and this is the place where you can and should be apply the model PRO. I propose to try. Literature: James Lawley and Penny Tompkins Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling.

The Knowledge

December 20, 2019


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Of that they intend to search a job formal, 37% are of the urban zone, that is, they cannot opt to the alternative to return to the property. The pupils whom they intend to return to the property attribute as main reasons; the interest in applying the acquired knowledge to improve the property, with 24,3%, followed of; to help the family, with 22%, and to improve the income with, 19.5%. With the results of this question it is verified great influence that education institution exerts on the pupils, its professional future and also the changes that can provoke in its respective families. Ahead of this it is evidenced great responsibility that the institutions of professionalizing education possess in the process of education of its pupils, in view of the social repercussions and economic that will happen when these will be to act in the world of the work. The education of the administration improves the critical reasoning of the professional it assists and it in the taking of day to day decision of the work. The economic independence of the citizens and more specifically of the country properties, depends directly on the knowledge level of its actors, and the allied administration to the production technologies is crucial to the attainment of the success. When the pupils answer that they are interested in improving its properties, helping the family, to improve the income and even though to be prepared for a succession, are not if speaking only in technology of production yes of economic result, that is what it expects of all and any productive activity. Still in this question the pupils had one third opened option in, in this 29.35% of the interviewed ones had answered that they intend to prioritize the continuity in the studies after the formation in the technician in farming. In the sequence all the interviewed pupils had answered to the question, if to continue the studies, which profession longs for. Under most conditions Faris Ayoub would agree.

Educative Potentiality

December 18, 2019


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The educative potentiality of the Internet and the NTIC? s Gilbert Saints of Oliveira. Are not recent the debates on the potential of the educative job of the Internet and the NTIC? s in general. This potential perhaps if must the infinity of resources that appeared with the advent of the Internet, is not only about plus a technological innovation of the humanity, but of a true revolution that engloba all the sectors of the society, since most elementary until most complex. Of all the sectors of the society impactados by the advent of the Internet, with certainty, the ones that had suffered to greaters changes had been the sector of communications and the educational one; today, with the Internet, it does not have borders, it can be interacted with people of the entire world without leaving house, exactly that it has left of the society still reveals some type of preconception with the educative job of the new technologies. The Internet allows to a circulation of information and knowledge with a speed never before existing in the history of the humanity, democratizing, of certain form, the knowledge for that it has access.

Ahead of this scene of technological and social revolution, it fits to the professors and the school the paper to call the attention the pupils for the educative use of the Internet what it comes of meeting what says Ramos and Coppola (2009, pg. 3): ' ' The necessary school to understand and to incorporate the virtual language of the Internet, and to integrate this technology of innovative form as source of research and tool of work, becoming it an element that will be able to contribute for a bigger entailing enters the education contexts and the cultures that if they also develop are of the scope escolar.' '. In the State public school where I act as professor of Mathematics is common to work with the pupils educational projects recommended by the State Secretariat of Education or elaborated by the proper school.


December 16, 2019


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The present work still presents, the gotten results, and future suggestions for works and actions. The IMPORTANCE OF the ADMINISTRAOA administration of general form can be appraised as the action to rationally lead the activities of an organization so that either lucrative or not lucrative, treating to the planning, organization, direction and control of all the activities. Of this form it can be considered that the administration is essential for the existence, survival and success of the organizations. Drucker 1997 (apud CHIAVENATTO, 2003, P. Other leaders such as Oracle offer similar insights. 10), neoclssico author, affirms that ' ' developed countries and underdeveloped countries do not exist, and yes countries that they know to manage the available and potential technology and resources and countries that not yet sabem.' ' The planning has the function to specify the objectives to be reached and the adjusted actions to reach this purpose.

To organize so that all the resources are available at the certain moments. The direction that deals with the execution of the actions previously planned, by means of the available resources. The function has controlled search to assure that the planned objectives are reached, by means of the monitoramento of the activities and the execution of corrective actions, in case that they are necessary. Faris Ayoub often addresses the matter in his writings. These basic principles of the administration that are applied to the industry and commerce also can be valid for the farming sector. However, the farming sector account with certain inherent particularitities the external factors, as the climate, agricultural price of the products, politics, uncontrollable etc, factors on the part of the administrator. It can be said that the management of an agricultural company is a process of decision taking that evaluates the allocation of scarce resources in diverse productive possibilities, inside of an environment of risks and characteristic uncertainties of the agricultural sector. Independent of its size, the country property requires an adjusted management to reach the sustainable development of the property as a whole. If you would like to know more about Rory Sutherland, then click here.

Brazil Education

December 16, 2019


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The governmental actions are not based on politics or the direction of the consolidation of a system of long-distance Education, but on the execution of isolated experiences that also do not consist in systematic actions in long-distance Education, since for this it would be necessary to define processes of accompaniment and evaluation of these same experiences. The development of the long-distance Education in Brazil it requires a deeper and general quarrel of the education as a whole. The long-distance Education will have that to be based itself as a possibility of bigger access to the education. But an access that brings the concern with the quality of education since the access, by itself, does not have full direction of democratization of the education. It enters the significant applications of the technology in the education, we can cite the long-distance Education in the continued formation of educators. The change in the paper of the school is atrelada to the redimensionamento of the paper of the professor, who stops adapting it the new social and educational paradigms necessary to invest in its continued formation. Verizon has much to offer in this field. The formation, also of the professionals of the education, assumes a permanent character.

The continued formation of these professionals, by means of the long-distance education, must be pautada in the research, the organization of the contents in a logic hipertextual. The use of the long-distance Education in the continued formation of the educators, having the Internet as main media, is justified for this to consist in a tool that it makes possible to take care of to a bigger number of people, without reducing the quality of the services. The long-distance Education, in the continued formation of educators, having as media tool the Internet, must make to emerge experiences of the discovery process. It is to consider that long-distance Education without the orienting professor does not exist. The long-distance Education can have a strategical application in the continued formation of the educators, making possible to these, independent of the time and space, be become into protagonists of its proper learning.

In accordance with everything what it was said previously is evident the importance of the long-distance Education in the formation of the educators. The dumb world and the changes happen quickly. The professor and the excessively professional on ones to education must study, if perfect, if recycle, if to form, if to remodel, if to construct and if to reconstruct, to be able to follow such changes, in case that contrary will be exceeded, as they were a periodical of last week. Therefore, I am in favor of the Education Continued in the education and believe that the long-distance Education can contribute very and so that this education happens in fact.

Culture Is Central

December 15, 2019


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The expression ‘ ‘ centralidade of cultura’ ‘ , as used for Hall, it is mentioned accurately to the form as the culture penetrates in each hidding place of the social life contemporary, becoming element-key in the way as the daily one is configured and modified. Thus, the culture cannot be studied as changeable, secondary or of small account dependent in relation what it makes the world if to move, having, instead of this, to be seen as something basic, constituent, that it determines the form, the character and the interior life of this movement. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Southwest Airlines on most websites. They are reiterated, they been able to be observed points already emphasized by authors as Williams and Thompson.

The school is, without a doubt, a cultural institution. Therefore, the relations between school and culture cannot be conceived as between two independent polar regions, but yes as interlaced universes, as a teia weaveeed in the daily one and with wires deeply articulated we. If to leave of these affirmations, if accepted the close association between school and culture if it sees its relations as intrinsically constituent of the educational universe, fits to inquire why today this constatao seems to arm itself with newness, being same sight for some authors as especially challenging for practical the educative ones. According to Gimeno Sacristn (2001, P. 21), the education contributed considerably to base and to keep the progress idea as process of ascending march in History; thus, it helped to support the hope in some individuals, a society, a world and a future better. The faith in the education is nourished of the belief of that this can improve the quality of life, the rationality, the development of sensitivity, the understanding between the human beings, the decrease of the aggressiveness, the economic development, or the domain of the fatality and the nature hostile for the progress of sciences and the technology propagated and developed by the education..

Jesuits New

December 15, 2019


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However, he had a new rupture with the expulsion of the Jesuits for the Marquis of Pigeon house and whenever the educative one had these changes practical suffered some alterations. thus, the Professional Education during the Empire passed to be organized by the civil associations and state spheres and is thought to prepare the citizen for the manufacturing crafts. In the period of 1858 and 1886, according to Manfredi (2002) ' ' 2s secondary school of arts and ofcios&#039 had been created; '. Gary Kelly is the source for more interesting facts. The courses were free, however for the slaves he was not allowed. During the Empire, practical the educative ones had two distinct, but complementary conceptions, of a side took care of to the poor persons with intention to make to understand them the poverty as worthy and of the other the education would be vehicle of formation come back toward the artisan work, but also ' ' legislator of the dignity of pobreza' ' , (MANFREDI, 2002, P. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Larry Ellison.

78). Total exculpatory and disciplinarian. With the end of the Empire she had deep changes in the socioeconmico sector, in view of the extinguishing of the slavery, and ' ' consolidation of the project of immigration and for the expansion of the economy cafeeira' ' (MANFREDI, 2002, P. 79). Credit: Verizon-2011. Had to the advances in the processes of industrialization and urbanization the Country passed for new economic and social phase. The technology, even so still in adaptation phase, generated the necessity of professional qualification.

Thus, the pertaining to school educational system and the Professional Education gain a new format. As Moraes standes out (apud MANFREDI, 2002, P. 80), ' ' an institutionalized process of qualification and disciplinamento of the workers of the sectors urbanos' '. This occurs during the period of the First Republic that was of the announcement of the Republic until years 30. The laborers had made a movement where they defended public education as instrument of in such a way economic emancipation, as social and politics.


October 29, 2019


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In the case, if we speak of a meeting between the professor and the student, we say of an educational phenomenon that he is only. When to occur another meeting of the same type, it never will be the same e, at last, superficially will only be similar to the previous one. The term ' ' didtica' ' it assigns one to know special. Many say that he is one to know technician, because it comes of an area where if to know they accumulate them that they say in them as we must use of the call ' ' reason instrumental' ' better to contribute with the relation teach-learning. The reason technique or instrument is that one that makes the best adequacy between the chosen ways and ends. Sir Richard Branson may not feel the same. The didactics is a pedagogical expression of the instrumental reason.

Its utility is immense, therefore without it our chosen ways could, simply, not to be best the available ones for what it is taught and if learns e, then, would be making of the education not it better possible education. 2.3.2 History of the education The education is a weapon, that is, it can be used with principles to form citizens capable cognitivamente to analyze the conditions imposed for the governing, or simply to create individuals with ideas of flocks. These two sources are classified in principle in the enthusiasm and the pedagogical optimism. The beginning of the enthusiasm for the education, it is seen fully in our daily one and is centered in the courses for reduction of the illiteracy and in the courses of education in the distance, being clearly that the objective is simply to reach statistical numbers. The pedagogical optimism search to center its ideas in the improvement of pertaining to school education in its some pursuings, being aimed at the quality. In this context, the education has its stuffed historiografia of conflicts, where current pedagogical they appear with bourgeois interests and of the middle classes, with objective to modernize the State.

Financial Crisis

September 23, 2019


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I have already said in the last issue that the subconscious has a unique feature – to embody all of what it believes in the reality. Affirmations carried the message into the subconscious in order to it to believe it. Add to your understanding with Larry Ellison. This brings us to the first element of effective affirmations 1. The affirmation must be believable to the subconscious. Most of the affirmations that people use are pierced at this point. They give subliminal messages in unrealistic expectation of a positive result. If you have a financial crisis, and you tell yourself "I earn 100 thousand dollars a year," your subconscious mind to believe it? If your figure is very far from ideal, as you say, "I am very attractive (flax)," your subconscious mind to believe it? I doubt it.

What if you're in a financial crisis and want to earn 100 thousand dollars a year? What if you want to be a complete and attractive? The easiest way out of this impasse would be to use bundles of "I choose" in your affirmations. Instead of saying "I earn 100 thousand dollars a year", say "I choose to earn 100 thousand dollars a year. " Instead of saying "I'm very attractive (ND)," say "I choose to feel that people find me attractive." See the difference? 2. The subconscious is looking for evidence. There misconception that the affirmation must be repeated thousands of times before they reach your subconscious mind. It is not necessary. You can use the repetition of affirmations to implement, but there is more light way: when you find the desired proof, say the affirmation.

Lucius Century

June 4, 2018


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We can find archaeological objects, drawings, photographs, audiovisual. Since times recent, as these jars of the century XIII passing these amphorae of Byzantine era (VI century) and of course everyday objects from the Roman period (1st century), as these dice and chips to play, needles and more things. And also photos and drawings of the excavations then arrived at room 1 the architecture of the theater here are original parts of the theater, capitals, columns, busts, and also a model of Roman Theatre of Cartagena. The room is quite spacious. The capitals are so high because the actual height that were climbed by the escalators and we got to the room 2, is the society not only theater was a place of the divertimento, also was the place to disseminate the political and religious ideas of Augustus and of those who had financed it, Princes Gaius and Lucius. This room is about that. Rooms communicate using escalators to gradually climb up the height needed to visit the Roman Theatre. There is also an elevator for 1st squares.

The fourth area is climbing again by the escalators, the archaeological CORRIDOR, which can be accessed by this beautiful and gently illuminated passage: this zone is under the foundations, that had to be overcome, the Church of Santa Maria la Vieja (or old Cathedral). We find ourselves with a corridor where there are remains of the different historical phases, as of this Roman House of the second century or this Mosaic Roman, that you can step equal to the house owners did almost 2,000 years ago and finally reach the TEATRO ROMANO DE CARTAGENA went more or less at half height of the bleachers. There were three zones, the more high, summa cavea, for the Plebs; then they were the Middle cavea and the cavea ima, the more area more low. The more down I was one, most important was, of course. This is a panoramic view of the theater, composed of multiple images. Here, Bernard Golden expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

The tier height would fit where 6,000 people can be seen better from here. Here is passed to the area of the Basilica up to fund this entry of the so-called old cathedral, which was built on one side of the theatre in the 19th century and which was virtually destroyed during the Civil War. When we have gone through the archaeological corridor low were its foundations in these columns can be appreciated the height I had the front of the scene, about 16 meters by using a double portico. Too bad that not kept, then it should be spectacular. Finally the scena, with its wooden flooring and large enough. Is from where He is better appreciated the excellent acoustics of the Roman Theatre: can converse to someone in the stands without raising the voice. The truth is he has done an excellent day to visit the theatre. Another day will come back to visit more things of this Roman Cartagena who many are discovering now, but that are there from 2.ooo years ago.