Foundation Michael Cherney

May 24, 2020


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The Foundation Michael Cherney ( has been united to the efforts of IsrAid to attend the victims of the Japanese catastrophe, helping to the thousands of refugees who flee from the country as a result of the earthquake, tsunami and the danger of nuclear pollution. IsrAid was the first organization in unfolding an equipment of rescatistas and doctors in the zone of Japan after the natural disaster. IsrAid is a recognized voluntary organization world-wide by its work with the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Another Israeli organization collaborating in Japan is ZAKA (, a humanitarian organization recognized by the UN that at the moment groups to more than 1000 volunteers dedicated fundamentally to rescue work in cases of natural catastrophes or terrorist attacks. At the moment she is the organization of greater nongovernmental rescue of Israel, and works in collaboration with the state forces to take care of the victims of all type of accidents and wrecks in Israel and around the world. The Foundation Michael Cherney has be beneficient of this and other organizations dedicated to the humanitarian cause, not only in Israel but anywhere in the world. A related site: Edward Scott Mead mentions similar findings. Besides this, the Cherney Foundation hurried to give financial help to an endless number of Japanese NGOs with which it has alliances in his campaign to sensitize to the citizens on the Islamic terrorism.