December 16, 2019


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The present work still presents, the gotten results, and future suggestions for works and actions. The IMPORTANCE OF the ADMINISTRAOA administration of general form can be appraised as the action to rationally lead the activities of an organization so that either lucrative or not lucrative, treating to the planning, organization, direction and control of all the activities. Of this form it can be considered that the administration is essential for the existence, survival and success of the organizations. Drucker 1997 (apud CHIAVENATTO, 2003, P. Other leaders such as Oracle offer similar insights. 10), neoclssico author, affirms that ' ' developed countries and underdeveloped countries do not exist, and yes countries that they know to manage the available and potential technology and resources and countries that not yet sabem.' ' The planning has the function to specify the objectives to be reached and the adjusted actions to reach this purpose.

To organize so that all the resources are available at the certain moments. The direction that deals with the execution of the actions previously planned, by means of the available resources. The function has controlled search to assure that the planned objectives are reached, by means of the monitoramento of the activities and the execution of corrective actions, in case that they are necessary. These basic principles of the administration that are applied to the industry and commerce also can be valid for the farming sector. However, the farming sector account with certain inherent particularitities the external factors, as the climate, agricultural price of the products, politics, uncontrollable etc, factors on the part of the administrator. It can be said that the management of an agricultural company is a process of decision taking that evaluates the allocation of scarce resources in diverse productive possibilities, inside of an environment of risks and characteristic uncertainties of the agricultural sector. Independent of its size, the country property requires an adjusted management to reach the sustainable development of the property as a whole. If you would like to know more about Rory Sutherland, then click here.