Educative Potentiality

December 18, 2019


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The educative potentiality of the Internet and the NTIC? s Gilbert Saints of Oliveira. Are not recent the debates on the potential of the educative job of the Internet and the NTIC? s in general. This potential perhaps if must the infinity of resources that appeared with the advent of the Internet, is not only about plus a technological innovation of the humanity, but of a true revolution that engloba all the sectors of the society, since most elementary until most complex. Of all the sectors of the society impactados by the advent of the Internet, with certainty, the ones that had suffered to greaters changes had been the sector of communications and the educational one; today, with the Internet, it does not have borders, it can be interacted with people of the entire world without leaving house, exactly that it has left of the society still reveals some type of preconception with the educative job of the new technologies. The Internet allows to a circulation of information and knowledge with a speed never before existing in the history of the humanity, democratizing, of certain form, the knowledge for that it has access.

Ahead of this scene of technological and social revolution, it fits to the professors and the school the paper to call the attention the pupils for the educative use of the Internet what it comes of meeting what says Ramos and Coppola (2009, pg. 3): ' ' The necessary school to understand and to incorporate the virtual language of the Internet, and to integrate this technology of innovative form as source of research and tool of work, becoming it an element that will be able to contribute for a bigger entailing enters the education contexts and the cultures that if they also develop are of the scope escolar.' '. In the State public school where I act as professor of Mathematics is common to work with the pupils educational projects recommended by the State Secretariat of Education or elaborated by the proper school.