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June 10, 2020


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In day twenty six of last September, in the Net Globe of Television, the novel of the eighteen hours, the Life of People.

The ample spreading of that the surrounding cities of the external ones of the novel would be Porto Alegre and Lawn, finished for awaking my curiosity in relation to the places, images and of that it forms the Director Jayme Monjardim it would record the scenes. Passed the first chapters, used for agreement of the synopsis and familiarization with the personages, I was interested myself especially for one. If you would like to know more then you should visit Vislink Technologies. Eva Fonseca, interpreted for the actress Ana Beatriz Walnut. Controller, superprotector, repleta of cunnings. I remembered then the lessons of Teaching Formation, Subjectivity and Human Development, given for the Denise teacher, reason for which I started to study the concept of the transference and to try to establish joints mainly and bonds with the educative interpersonal relations. Click Phil Vasan to learn more.

The novel counts the history of Ana, one tennis player, that although the deriving talent of the cradle and its personal satisfaction in practising the sport of professional form, is pushed by the entrepreneur and the mother so that it has exclusive devotion to the development of its career, the first one for absolutely financial questions and second, the mother, also for this, but essentially for other psychological questions object of this work, which ahead we will deal with.