General Cancioneiro

December 21, 2013


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4.5.POESIA PALACIANA: The palaciana poetry is that one produced in the scope of the palace, of the cut, from the second half of century XV, reason by which also is known by quatrocentista. Published in 1516, the General Cancioneiro for Garci’a Rezende, congregates 1000 poems of 256 authors whom they in such a way wrote in Portuguese as in Castilian. The basic fact is that the poetry does not destine more sings to it, as in medieval time – the production passes to be consumed through the quiet reading. Disentailed of the music and the paralelstica structure of the previous period, the verses explore the aspects formal of the poetry as the rhythm, the metric one it rhymes and it. Two modalities of the verse predominate then: redondilha bigger and redondilha lesser. Authors: Garci’a de Rezende is the main author, followed of Rui Joo de Castello Branco. 4.6.GIL VICENTE: He was born for return of l460 and he died probably in l536 in Lisbon, year where its last part encetou Forest of Deceits and the official installation of the Court of the Inquisition of Portugal. In the initial part the Spanish influence is marked.

Of the author Juan Del Encina, it assimilated thematic religious and the pastoral one; of Towers Navarrese assimilated critical the social one of the Humbugs. It does not delay, however, in creating the bases of an original theater, when then it starts to predominate the literary theater on the visual impression of the scene, that is, the word becomes more important of what the mimic one. Its first Monlogo part of the Cattle tender it was recited in the night of 7 of June of 1502 in homage to the birth of future D. Joo III. On man to the tradition, distant still of the scientific conception and the social progress, its theater spreads the medieval sorts typically as the auto one, the humbug, the mystery, the entremez, as much for the thematic one as for the scenic resources in rules. Gil Vicente will always be remained faithful to the principles of the popular theater. It has two aspects in the satire of Gil Vicente: to amuse the public and to redeem the human being, as the motto of the old comedy: laughing one corrects the customs. Some of its verses are valid as aforismas, confers: More I want a donkey takes that me that a horse knocks down that me. Main parts: Trilogy of the Barks (Auto of the bark of the hell, Auto of the bark of the purgatrio, Auto of the bark of the glory), Auto of India, Humbug of Ines Pear tree, the old one of the Hour, etc.

The Capitalist

December 14, 2013


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Between diverse other factors, we compare then the wage of the masculine football players with the feminine one, is clear presence of the inaquality. In a general context, the capitalist mask alienates the people in order to be satisfied itself with what it happens in its society, without counting that the women in general way deserve respect and valuation inside and outside of its houses. The sociological context of everything this is basically the essential importance of the valuation of the human work, counting on the necessity that we have ones of the others. The woman comes if developing socially, occupying positions, managing companies, but this is not nothing compared with the depreciation that they suffer. The recognition is the conquest and the results reward are them, reward these that all we will have with the equality of the sorts.

However, the reality for which we pass sample that, the way for the equality can be a utopian way, therefore, the society is capitalist and dominated for men, they are who dictate the rules, and a feminine representative in great positions of the society is many times left to lead for the capitalism. The solution of this problem is without a doubt to promote one action of awareness in the society, therefore, does not have as to know the problem without somebody shows in them, for the fact of many times to be something underlying. The equality of the sorts is without a doubt a to be reached objective, a great challenge, that would generate a great revolution, is enough that somebody if moves for the situation. We fit young them, to fight therefore, to demand what he is ours of right, therefore as he conducts the federal constitution of 1988: ' ' Art. 5. All are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteeing themselves it the Brazilians and to the resident foreigners in the Country the inviolability of the right to the life, the freedom, equality, to the security and the property, in the following terms: I – men and women are equal in rights and obligations, in the terms of this Constitution; ' '.

Weatherford February

December 1, 2013


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The elastic plate 37 is made and contains multi-layers of rubberized fabric made of polymer and metallic threads. These layers are perpendicular to the plane through the axle housing 11. On the surface of an elastic plate 37 c the front of the flaw with a hard metal plate 38. Leaf springs 39, 40 are rigidly fixed to the ring 32 and run into the sensor module 12 from the axis of the housing 11. In the claimed flaw each bar is connected to the housing only flaw with a lever connected to the front of the bar, back bar is located between the guide elements and is capable of radiating move.

The springs are installed between adjacent bars and provide a clamping bars to the inside surface of the pipeline. Unlike magnetic flaw inspection of NGKS GB2376077 radial mobility of the bars provides a cross-over restriction, regardless of the length of the pipeline sticks brushes. In contrast to the flaw Pipetronix GmbH on US 6,196,075 mobility independent front and rear of the bar provides the ability to rounding dents pipeline control stations adjacent to the dent. In contrast to the flaw PII Ltd. on US 6,538,431 in the collision bar claimed flaw with an obstacle inside the pipe bar moves freely relative to the body flaw in the opposite direction of the flaw. Lever, which connects the front of the bar with the body of the flaw detector, provides a radial displacement of the front of the bar in the direction of the body flaw.

This movement provides a bar bending around obstacles. Information sources used: 1. Tevrjukov et al. – Patent of Great Britain No. 2376077. 2. Comello et al. – US Patent No. 6,196,075. 3. Couchman et al. – US Patent No. 6,538,431. Authors Vitaly Davydov, Vladimir Shchukin, Bogdan Case Company 'Neftegazkomplektservis', a division of Weatherford February 11, 2009 (C) UAB "Neftegazkomplektservis', a division of Weatherford, 2009

Foreign Language

November 30, 2013


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you often hear that knowledge of a foreign language is very "will help you in your personal career, more precisely, of course, the" moving up the career ladder? At least since high school we always talk about it teachers, advertising articles in journals, of course, keep reminding us not get tired (and it is clear – people earn money!), and signals from abroad continue to read that, they say, it is time we, the Russians, to join class of educated people for whom the knowledge of two or three languages (!) is in-at least in Europe, the necessary and obligatory norm retreat begin immediately with the fact that, firstly, with this we can unconditionally accept Only in one case – when we observe the ridiculous attempts of the official authorities to communicate with their colleagues from abroad. Not to mention the officials at the municipal level, to which there is no long any claims! And believe me this is not an allegation. Teshoo the hope that the story is read not only beginning to learn the language, but also professionals, so they make me and understand. And to fully understand how this problem is urgent to parties to hold power, enough to see interviews or statements by the country's foreign conferences without translation. But this is the first for some of them need. Without laughter, sometimes, I swear In time, by the way, try to make podborochku of audio and videonarezok and try to lay out here.

Quot City Taxi Quot

November 27, 2013


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That's the long-awaited spring thaw came with it, and we are reminded of their suburban residences. And how many more need the time to buy that summer vacation was a joy. You can use the services of passenger and truck cab of our company. But furniture, garden tools, garden utensils, and other large purchases easily fit in the truck 'City Taxi' Hyundai Porter. Care provided by two passenger seats will accompany all purchased in person! Mode racks 'City Taxi' in stores IKEA Teply Stan and Belaya Dacha – now open daily from 9 am until the last customer!. We can take you not only home but also to the country! To order a taxi Call 500-0-500, we are always glad to see you. About company: 'City Taxi' founded in 2003. Today, it offers the following services: – taxi around the clock – a personal car – Passenger and freight transport – the evacuation vehicles; – corporate transportation services.

In April 2006 the 'City Taxi' was an official carrier of the international airport Domodedovo. At the moment in the building of Domodedovo International Airport has 4 racks Order 'City Taxi'. Since May 2007, the company is the official carrier of the TC 'IKEA Teply Stan', from October 2007 – the official carrier of the shopping center 'IKEA Belaya Dacha '. November 2007 – 'City Taxi' has reached a new level of service in the direction of the evacuation of passenger cars and motorcycles. January 2008 – the expansion of corporate integrated transport trucking services. City Taxi (495) 500-0-500

Czech Republic: Geography Of The Country

November 21, 2013


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Czech Republic – the country is not landlocked. Czech borders with Germany, Slovakia, Poland and Austria. One of the newly independent countries, the Czech Republic was established January 1, 1993, after the breakup of Czechoslovakia, the state, was first recognized in 1918. Nowadays, the Czech Republic consists of two main areas: Bohemia (Ceehy) to the west and Moravia (Morava) in the east. Bohemian landscape characterized by hills and gently undulating plains with low mountains on the edges, while Moravia is a somewhat more mountainous territory. The most important rivers are here – this is the Elbe, Vltava, Morava and Odra. After the partition of Slovakia got most of the mountains, but the Czech Republic can boast of the fact that some of the highest mountains are located in its territory in the mountain range Giant Mountains. The highest mountain here – Snowball.

It reaches a height of 1600 meters above sea level. The main city of the Czech Republic – Prague is also the historic capital of Czech nation. Currently, the capital of the Czech people. Currently living in Prague 1200000 chelovek.Glavny town of Moravia – Brno – the second largest city of the Czech Republic. It has approximately 370,000 residents. Ethnic Czechs are in the whole population of the country – and this is approximately 10 million people – 81%, while ethnic Moravians, who do not have their own language, though some of them and that speaks more regions, called edges.

A region is the state capital of Prague. In addition to Prague and Brno, edisntvenny city with a population of 300,000 people – is the island in .Ni Brno or Ostara can not boast of such a known worldwide as the other two cities, smaller number of residents, namely: Plezn and Ceske Budejovice. Only about these famous cities is known not by their name, and the two most famous exports Czech beers 'Pilsne Urquell' and Budvar 'Budweiser'. After Prague, the most attractive tourist cities are Kutna Hora, the medieval town of silversmiths, Cesky Krumlov – the city, included by unesco in a number of historical monuments, and West Bohemian spa town with its mineral springs. Geographic position of the Czech Republic and its landscape provides the predominance of this temperate climate. In the Czech Republic, summer is an important and mostly warm, spring – short and mild, with obilnmi precipitation, and winters are cold, with a predominance of cloudy weather. For a more complete predstavleniyao Czech climate indicate mean temperatures of the coldest and warmest months of the year for Prague. The average January temperature ranges from -5 degrees to zero, while the average July temperature ranges from 12 to 23 degrees. Temperate climate suggests that extreme weather in Czech Republic does not happen often, but high levels of rain falling here in conjunction with a relatively large area of lowlands can lead to rasrushitelnym in its consequences to flooding, as happened in 2002.

KFC World

November 7, 2013


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During the bipolarity, while the Soviets celebrated each victory hers with Pope alcohol, their North American rivals did it savoring potatoes fried. These last ones have become a symbol of the American victory in the cold war and of the globalisation. This it is a product that serves common all the great mega-chains as food to the step (like KFC, McDonald, Burger King). More papist than the Pope The Pope has much importance for the Andean culture. The great pre-Columbian civilizations like Huari, Tiawanaco or the Incario were based on their production. The States were based guaranteeing works of canalization, interchange and storage of foods like the Pope.

The parcels were measured in relation to whichever Popes these, for reasons like the height, could produce. In order to work Popes diverse forms of associative work (like mink to or ayni) and of tribute were generated. The Pope is part of the history and the culture of each republic of the South American west. Today he must be reason for pride and national identity for the ten million Andean emigrants who survive in the North hemisphere. While the world recognizes the root that their ancestors exported to the world like symbol of the 2008, this year, paradoxicalally, is also one where the majors are increased immigratory restrictions against the Andeans in the industrialized North. The Pope must be one of our flags to defend the rights of the Andeans in the outside and to promote our exports and the tourism to our republics. We hope that this year consecrated to the Pope it allows. Meanwhile we can show with pride our children who our ancestors produced the Pope by the roots and the food papa of the world.

Multilevel Marketing

October 24, 2013


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It must be borne in mind that there is confidential commercial information to which access is restricted. The degree of risk associated with trust management company, can not be objectively assessed In particular, it is very difficult to evaluate the possible lifetime of the "young" firms in this market, so can only be assessed the risks associated with our own activities in the business of MLM-company. Network marketing business has a very large information content – recruitment and training. Therefore, the development of digital technology and the Internet, we have the opportunity to build a business elegant, efficient, creative and big. The author of this concept – Dmitry Smakotin, called her 'Network Marketing 2.0' or 'business with the mind'. Concept cm 2.0 proposes to change the very nature of networkers: to spend some time on the creation of several Internet tools (thematic newsletter, blog, website, recruitment, course), who will assume (by possibility of automation) most of the necessary but monotonous work. Free time can be used to address the most important and promising tasks: + creation and promotion of his / her Personal + brand establishment and development of trust relationships with their target audiences + training partners, self-learning and personal growth when it is itself the Internet in this concept is secondary. Just at the moment Internet environment – this is the most fertile ground for finding and informing potential partners and customers – Internet combined the almost all previously created media and communications.

He gave tremendous opportunities for communication without distance and borders with any number of interlocutors. Internet continues to evolve and 'capture' all the new spheres of life and business. There are new more efficient and convenient tools that use the most successful networkers – they're more likely to have vebinary, create videos and podcasts, use social networks. It's a different style of business for which the concept of 'plowing' gains entirely different meaning.

Emotional Stability Manager

October 17, 2013


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A good manager – emotionally stable manager. And if emotions run man, he can be an effective manager (manager)? Here are all familiar situations. Morning meeting. The chief yells, his face red, distorted by righteous anger, he could hardly find words to substitute all understandable Russian Math. The staff listened to, not because they like it, but because of the head depends on their salary. But in response born emotions are words that inner voice pronounces without any censorship, because they are said out loud will not. As a result, negatively emotionally charged employees go to clients and splashes of emotion as they are content of their mental basement.

Customers are dissatisfied, they are outraged, so emotionally convey their anger to the very poor maintenance supervisor. Morning meeting. Chief cries … And so every day. Business collapsing health goes. But nothing can be done – emotion! Or something can be done? At least think about it.

Chief cries because he is bitter to see how customers have money in another place. According to the theory of psychologists James B. and K. Langer, Chief of the bitter because he cries. Another understanding of the situation: The chief shouts to affect employees, and he was bitter and bad for this to work. Oddly enough – works every time successfully acquired a negative experience, leading to the collapse of business and loss of the last vestiges of health. So, thought, is it true that nothing can be changed? After presenting these ideas a sweet girl, the boss of Sales a large network shop, she uttered: “I thought after that question hung in the air!

Glossy Stretch Ceilings

October 10, 2013


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The glossy stretch ceiling – the most modern type of ceiling system made of PVC and a baguette. Due to the unique structure and image effects such stretch ceiling, your interior will get the brightness, literally shining space, the room will breathe new life! Design potolkovporazhaet stretch the imagination of even the most demanding and sophisticated buyers – there are over 100 kinds of shades of colors from the set manufacturers. Leader in Europe for the production of high-quality glossy stretch ceiling is considered to France, made only high-tech and durable stretch ceilings, the original and dazzling brilliance that lasts for more than a decade, and the total duration of use – more than 25 years! Primenyayutsyaglyantsevye stretch potolkipreimuschestvenno in rooms with low ceilings, where required visually enlarge their area and with mirror effect to lift and brighten them: in any houses, buildings, country houses, movie theaters and studios, and are a perfect solution for clubs, restaurants and cafes. You can also use multilevel stretch potolkidlya zoning premises, ie Establishing clear its borders – this may be a combination of matte and glossy (mirror) of PVC film. About what ceilings are better judges each one individually, but currently the most popular won the so-called seamless lacquered ceilings width up to 3,5 meters, again, the French manufacturers. Other companies are much smaller than the width of a no range. The advantages of glossy stretch ceiling: u luxurious appearance, efficiency and durability of more than 25 years; u Your new ceilings now look much higher; u shades, light and texture to suit every taste; u Protection against dust and noisy neighbors; u Virtually unlimited scope; u Easy construction material; u load more than 100 gallons of water flooding of neighbors; u Hide all defects ceiling, including wiring; u Quick and easy assembly / disassembly; u 100% protection against fungi and mold; u absolutely nonflammable finishing material; u meets all norms, standards and requirements; u Recommended for child care and hospitals; u Compliance with environmental standards, safety class M1. Specifications glossy stretch ceiling characterized the most common width, is 2 meters.

Your imagination not limited to color and level of future ceiling, thus encouraged an individual approach – your ceiling can be a colorful and multi-layered. Weight of PVC film is 230g/m2 and a thickness equal to only 0.17 mm. Glossy stretch ceilings are unique – they are made of noncombustible material. In unheated rooms set these ceilings are not necessary, as changing the properties of PVC and it becomes brittle. But it is worth a little increase the temperature, and your film regains its original properties. Stretch ceilings are made of heat resistant material – even at a temperature of 90 C of their properties do not change. While use of materials this article link to a site is obligatory.