Construction Collective Memory

February 18, 2018


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THE SOCIAL as construction collective memory of the present individual memory is not just personal:… the memories that make up our identity and provide context for every thought and action not only are our own, but we also learn them, we take and we inherited in part from common stocks, built, sustained and transmitted by families, communities and cultures to which we belong… (Foreword by r. i. Moore to FENTRESS, j. and WICKHAM, ch. (2003): social memory.) Madrid: Catedra, p.

12). Spaniards, Franco is dead. With these words, Arias Navarro marks a before and an afterwards in the memory of all Spaniards, a line from which the democratisation process machine gear unstoppable until reaching the power very differently to how had done 40 years earlier machine military hoist. The rapid and dizzying events of all upcoming events, from here, creates a historical horizon on social memory, in a way that what we are now, in almost its entirety is built on foundations of experiences and memories of the past 30 years, though some to endeavor to revive outdated and grotesque ghosts before Franco’s death. The way in which we interpret social structures, phenomena that develop around us, our representations of the world or our guidelines cannot, therefore be understood nor separated from the historical moment in which have emerged and have been constituted, as well as nor be separated from different historical processes that give rise to his appearance. The historical dimension involves consideration of the social reality as a process. Any social phenomenon has a temporality and change over time. You can not be analyzed as a finished product. If you do so, we would be regardless of their Constitution process, omitting the course of its development, which has been to be treated a certain way in a particular historical moment. We can not recover an unaltered flow past temporary, and must admit that the past is interpreted and re-signifies changing according to the present.