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Volkswagen Car Service

May 3, 2020


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Volkswagen literally can be translated from German as "made for the people of the car." It's really true. All Volkswagen cars are made for middle-class plodder who go on a weekday in the workplace and on holiday weekends at the site. Only Volkswagen minivans from oversized and very comfortable in them and a large number of people at the same time be able to feel completely comfortable. Even small cars such as the familiar "bug" are equipped with everything necessary for a reasonable price you have caught most enjoyable. Volkswagen cars are often favors those who have long raised money for car. Clearly, such person wishing to have their car worked as soon as possible. And if they pick up car service volkswagen in Moscow, they find the best. After all, including the highest quality car repairs will be needed after an accident or a standard maintenance.

If you truly value your car, you will not give it to the greedy hands of the first comer. Service centers today are growing like mushrooms after a warm rain. Very easy decide who should pass vw repair in Moscow. Most importantly, with your car to work by experts. The global network is available today the opportunity to learn everything about whatever car service, and most importantly read testimonials from those who visited it. Good car wash in a position to offer all kinds of events, from surveys to avtokuzovnogo redecoration. Without exception, all parts should be only on manufacturer.

If you have taken to fix the Volkswagen-Passat, the details should be put on it for himself, and not on other brands. Actually Volkswagen repair at all times was considered the most simple and accessible as "Designed for people car" should be affordable to operate. However, you need this kind of service volkswagen in Moscow, where he understands that the maintenance should be taken seriously. Maybe even your most cars simple and affordable, look for him to high-quality, only in this case it later, and skate your children. In the good service you are required to offer high-quality repairs in the shortest possible time and for reasonable cost, not excessive and reasonable. If you find yourself to one of the number of cars volkswagen, you choose quality and reliability. You will only need to think about preserving these qualities at the proper level. Need not own paint scratches on the back bumper or glued with adhesive tape. Your car should feel your best. And you will be able to contribute only an appropriate professional service centers.

Russian Services

January 10, 2020


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Due to the rapid development of economic relations and trade between different countries more and more businesses use the services of transportation companies, representing the freight services of significant volumes not only on Russian territory, and sometimes even foreign countries. The range offered by the leading manufacturers of trucks and is able to meet all market needs. However, as we know, is infinitely meet their duty machines can not, that's why developing in parallel and wide-truck service that guarantees a man trucks repair and maintenance vw b3. Learn more at: Verizon. Such services, in particular, include small engine repair, replacement of brake pads, oil and filter, clutch and seals. Service trucks and tractors, except for these services, and specializes in the repair of suspension, electrical and car bodies. An approach to solving emerging fault on the part of the masters of service trucks and tractors is not difficult to judge their qualifications. For example, repair of CPT gazelle: the owner of the vehicle can offer to replace the entire transmission, which will be clear evidence of a small experience in this field, while the experienced masters will try to sort CPT truck, or to correct damage to the replacement parts needed only CPR in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. Together with wide-service trucks, which can organize prevention, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of most famous models of tractors, there are services that specialize in serving only one car brand. For example, car repair services and gazelle, its produce, is distinguished by the large number of boxes that makes it possible to serve a large number of trucks and tractors, state highly skilled, high-quality equipment complying with European standards and original parts, which are stored in the warehouses of the service that allows you to significantly reduce the time repairs, etc. Since not all parts of the machine of this type in the same degree of difficulty of repair and diagnostics, service trucks and tractors vary in cost.

Tire Changer Services

October 23, 2018


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Many of the larger tire mounting workshops can afford to buy plants for nitrogen tire inflation. They are designed to pump a tire with nitrogen, which is obtained by separating it from the air. Southwest Airlines will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Nitrogen reduces tire wear due to the absence of pressure loss, reduced fuel consumption by reducing rolling resistance due to constant pressure in the tire, etc. We can only offer a well- client to the service. To date, such a service is gaining momentum as rolling and straightening of wheels. A modern car may be the wheel for tens of thousands of rubles, they fall into the potholes and pits, losing their shape, thereby causing discomfort to manage. Each of us thinks at times, to buy new wheels or trying to repair? The obvious answer is, modern machines diskopravnye accurately restore the geometry, both steel and alloy wheels. The price of repair is not comparable to buying a new rim.

You decide. Should we lose the opportunity to earn additional income for your tire mounting workshop. There are two types of machines: for editing and forged alloy wheels. The set of equipment suitable for repairing the damages stamped discs, includes two machines for straightening the horizontal and vertical runout, ie, "Eight" and the flange. Some of the larger tire mounting workshops can offer such a service as a seasonal storage of tires. Topic is very interesting, but in most cases as a marketing tool to attract and retain loyal customers. For the organization of such services, there are many types stilazhey, allowing for a fairly small area to organize the whole store car wheels. Minimum requirements for Tire Changer organization workshop are as follows: -8 …

10 m2 – a premise; -5000 … 6000 euro – equipment in minimal configuration – 1 officer; Pros: Stable income vsezon, increasing the range of services, increase profits obtained from one client's total rasshirenieklientsoy database; return on average per year; Cons: unstable demand for the service, depending on the season and making it difficult financial planning at an early stage, increase in rent due to area expansion, costs associated with waste disposal, a significant dependence on the location, alternative – a mobile tire changer position is good to provide repair wheels on the road, and for seasonal change the wheels. Prices for the services of outbound tire is significantly more expensive than fixed, but in the modern metropolis with mobility in high demand and highly valued. An important factor in favor of such a service- no rent for the premises. Pros: More advertising space, lack of off-season inactivity, increasing profits by increasing prices of services; otsutstviearendnoy motherboard Cons: Higher cost equipment, the availability of a suitable van and the cost of its maintenance, the complexity of monitoring services rendered, a longer payback period equipment is only one conclusion, if the super quick payback for you is key indicator of profitability, the opening of tire mounting shop for you up to date. Choose the suitable option – fixed or mobile workshop office.

Base Support ESh

March 23, 2018


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Base metal structure supporting ES – is a spatial structure, consisting of circular and radial walls of the bottom and the upper zone, which set out the central pin and the lower rail circle and crown toothed. The central pin is the center of rotation of the rotary excavator, is bolted to the contour of the flange. The lower circular rail is the backbone of the excavator superstructure, and the ring gear – the node drive rotation. Complex stress state of all elements of the metal base of the excavator at work compounded by the constant movement of the resultant turning of the machine, which contributes about rapid deterioration of the fatigue load-bearing beam and the upper zone. According to Larry Ellison, who has experience with these questions. On average, after 5 years of base metal subjected to major repair and replacement of damaged and deformed amplification plots. Metal framework base supporting the production company 'Thorne plus' (Kramatorsk) is able to work twice as long. Thus, even repaired (overhauled) in 1996. Lebedinsky GOK to base ESH-10/60 fulfilled 12 years without repair. Specialists of the firm applied progressive methods of manufacture and repair of such steel, developed new methods of residual stresses after welding, assembly accuracy is increased by 3 times. Metall tested to the extreme emergencies, and the margin increased by 3 times at the expense of high precision assembly. Increased load capacity of a favorable impact on lowering operating voltages up to 30%, which influenced the increasing the fatigue strength of heavily loaded structural elements.

Caliper Piston

March 22, 2018


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And just continue to vibrate the brake pads, making a hell of a delicate ear motorist. So, understanding the nature of the phenomenon squeaky brakes, you can have a different perspective on the problem. Before you rush to the sin brake pads – need to find the cause of vibrations. But there are already several reasons: Depreciation drive that produced by a shoulder (bulging disc rim along the outer diameter) (Fig. 1) caliper shimming because of the "dry" due to incorrect napravlyayuschihPodklinivanie caliper piston stroke in the mine supporta.I, in fact, defective brake pads (non-uniform composition, low quality and sizing basis lining, etc.) Well, consider the basic methods of "treatment" squeak in priority order: Check the disk for output.

If the shoulder is clear, this is the first prerequisite to creak. In good, clear bead groove, without reading the working poverhnosti.Mnogie modern and quality shoes are equipped with bevel (bevels) and propylene, which greatly reduces the likelihood of scratches (Fig. 2). Before installing the brake pad grease novih protivoskripnoy special toothpaste ends blocks (lateral lugs / mount), as well as lining the back wall adjacent to the piston. Naturally, in any case do not apply any lubricant on the friction surfaces before installing shoes, check proper functioning of suporta – guide and the piston. If the guides are not a wedge, then the caliper bracket to move freely back and forth. In any case, plenty of grease special guides smazkoy.Pri removed block lightly press the brake pedal. Not klinyaschy piston is free to leave the mine as well, without any special effort to come back.

The Truth About Daily Maintenance Of The Vehicle

March 22, 2018


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All of us do not like to carry out daily inspection and maintenance of their cars, but often forget that this is directly related to our security. Observe the actions described below minimum and if your car will be all order. 1. Check the tire pressures, as well as the state of the mirrors and the readability of the plate. 2. It is important to check the work of lighting and light signaling devices.

Check out how the brush Wiper and whether there is water in the tank cleaner. Does the sound? It is also important to check the steering free play. 3. Shut control check of the dashboard and the brake pedal, check, the Thus, you find out what drives the brake system leakage. Before you start moving, note whether there is any leakage of oil and coolant on the pavement under the car. Their presence may indicate not pipeline leak car. When you return from your trip – check the oil level in the crankcase with a probe. Always remember – in case of serious fault is always better to trust your car service car repair professionals vehicle. All the above steps can be performed if not before every ride, at least once every 500 – 700 kilometers.

Car Jack Without Lifting

March 21, 2018


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Car Jack – Lift without the coup. The car, with all its virtues, is not always a means of transportation. On the road, and in the garage enough situations where the beloved is transformed into the real estate Rosinante literally. In Depending on the place of growth of the upper limbs, the motorist or eliminates the nuisance on their own, or appeals to the professionals. And in either case, certain types of auto repair require lifting above its usual level. In this case, we have the support jacks.

On the types of jacks, their advantages and disadvantages – this material. Today the car has four basic humanity kinds of jacks: hydraulic, pneumatic, screw and rack. Why basic – because virtually every type includes several varieties. Common characteristics of jacks: capacity – characterizes the maximum possible weight lifted load. The height of the pickup. – The minimum distance between the supporting surface (ground floor) and the pickup (the pivot point jack) in the lower position, respectively – lower edge of the cargo. In the automotive section of this clearance.

Lifting height – the maximum distance from the support surface to pick-up in the top position. Working stroke – the distance between the upper and lower working position Pick-up. Net weight – the weight of the jack is in operation. For some types of jacks, pressing the same characteristics of gear – such as the ratio of the square piston hydraulic pump with an area of lifting the plunger in the hydraulic jacks.