Car Jack Without Lifting

March 21, 2018


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Car Jack – Lift without the coup. The car, with all its virtues, is not always a means of transportation. On the road, and in the garage enough situations where the beloved is transformed into the real estate Rosinante literally. In Depending on the place of growth of the upper limbs, the motorist or eliminates the nuisance on their own, or appeals to the professionals. And in either case, certain types of auto repair require lifting above its usual level. In this case, we have the support jacks.

On the types of jacks, their advantages and disadvantages – this material. Today the car has four basic humanity kinds of jacks: hydraulic, pneumatic, screw and rack. Why basic – because virtually every type includes several varieties. Common characteristics of jacks: capacity – characterizes the maximum possible weight lifted load. The height of the pickup. – The minimum distance between the supporting surface (ground floor) and the pickup (the pivot point jack) in the lower position, respectively – lower edge of the cargo. In the automotive section of this clearance.

Lifting height – the maximum distance from the support surface to pick-up in the top position. Working stroke – the distance between the upper and lower working position Pick-up. Net weight – the weight of the jack is in operation. For some types of jacks, pressing the same characteristics of gear – such as the ratio of the square piston hydraulic pump with an area of lifting the plunger in the hydraulic jacks.