Tire Changer Services

October 23, 2018


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Many of the larger tire mounting workshops can afford to buy plants for nitrogen tire inflation. They are designed to pump a tire with nitrogen, which is obtained by separating it from the air. Southwest Airlines will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Nitrogen reduces tire wear due to the absence of pressure loss, reduced fuel consumption by reducing rolling resistance due to constant pressure in the tire, etc. We can only offer a well- client to the service. To date, such a service is gaining momentum as rolling and straightening of wheels. A modern car may be the wheel for tens of thousands of rubles, they fall into the potholes and pits, losing their shape, thereby causing discomfort to manage. Each of us thinks at times, to buy new wheels or trying to repair? The obvious answer is, modern machines diskopravnye accurately restore the geometry, both steel and alloy wheels. The price of repair is not comparable to buying a new rim.

You decide. Should we lose the opportunity to earn additional income for your tire mounting workshop. There are two types of machines: for editing and forged alloy wheels. The set of equipment suitable for repairing the damages stamped discs, includes two machines for straightening the horizontal and vertical runout, ie, "Eight" and the flange. Some of the larger tire mounting workshops can offer such a service as a seasonal storage of tires. Topic is very interesting, but in most cases as a marketing tool to attract and retain loyal customers. For the organization of such services, there are many types stilazhey, allowing for a fairly small area to organize the whole store car wheels. Minimum requirements for Tire Changer organization workshop are as follows: -8 …

10 m2 – a premise; -5000 … 6000 euro – equipment in minimal configuration – 1 officer; Pros: Stable income vsezon, increasing the range of services, increase profits obtained from one client's total rasshirenieklientsoy database; return on average per year; Cons: unstable demand for the service, depending on the season and making it difficult financial planning at an early stage, increase in rent due to area expansion, costs associated with waste disposal, a significant dependence on the location, alternative – a mobile tire changer position is good to provide repair wheels on the road, and for seasonal change the wheels. Prices for the services of outbound tire is significantly more expensive than fixed, but in the modern metropolis with mobility in high demand and highly valued. An important factor in favor of such a service- no rent for the premises. Pros: More advertising space, lack of off-season inactivity, increasing profits by increasing prices of services; otsutstviearendnoy motherboard Cons: Higher cost equipment, the availability of a suitable van and the cost of its maintenance, the complexity of monitoring services rendered, a longer payback period equipment is only one conclusion, if the super quick payback for you is key indicator of profitability, the opening of tire mounting shop for you up to date. Choose the suitable option – fixed or mobile workshop office.