Caliper Piston

March 22, 2018


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And just continue to vibrate the brake pads, making a hell of a delicate ear motorist. So, understanding the nature of the phenomenon squeaky brakes, you can have a different perspective on the problem. Before you rush to the sin brake pads – need to find the cause of vibrations. But there are already several reasons: Depreciation drive that produced by a shoulder (bulging disc rim along the outer diameter) (Fig. 1) caliper shimming because of the "dry" due to incorrect napravlyayuschihPodklinivanie caliper piston stroke in the mine supporta.I, in fact, defective brake pads (non-uniform composition, low quality and sizing basis lining, etc.) Well, consider the basic methods of "treatment" squeak in priority order: Check the disk for output.

If the shoulder is clear, this is the first prerequisite to creak. In good, clear bead groove, without reading the working poverhnosti.Mnogie modern and quality shoes are equipped with bevel (bevels) and propylene, which greatly reduces the likelihood of scratches (Fig. 2). Before installing the brake pad grease novih protivoskripnoy special toothpaste ends blocks (lateral lugs / mount), as well as lining the back wall adjacent to the piston. Naturally, in any case do not apply any lubricant on the friction surfaces before installing shoes, check proper functioning of suporta – guide and the piston. If the guides are not a wedge, then the caliper bracket to move freely back and forth. In any case, plenty of grease special guides smazkoy.Pri removed block lightly press the brake pedal. Not klinyaschy piston is free to leave the mine as well, without any special effort to come back.