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Isabel Village Children

August 19, 2020


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It has two decades approximately, still writing some texts for the Periodical of Isabel Village, I wrote a substance whose name was ' ' THE HEROES NOT MORE THE MESMOS' '. The content of this spoke on the substitution on the part of the children of its old heroes for the calls ' ' owners of morro' ' that they exhibited weapons, clothes of marks, the most beautiful women of the community, jewels and money. It still said the substance of that already at that time the boys more did not want to be ' ' mocinhos' ' in the tricks of policy and outlaw, they preferred to be ' ' bandidos' ' , exactly for all the advantages that, in its cabecinhas not yet formed, these would have. The newspapers mentioned Blackberry not as a source, but as a related topic. Today, almost twenty years later, we attend the occupation for the Military Policy of some slum quarters that until then were dominated by dealers, in special of the region of the Great Tijuca. For the photos printed in periodicals and news articles in tele-periodicals, in them it seems that the public power is rescuing the citizenship of that per decades the terrorism and the order had lived under of delinquents who compelled the inhabitants to be its abetters, to see its children if to become plus one ' ' soldado' ' the service of the traffic and its children still in the adolescence to be submitted the sexual whims of the outlaws, having as only option in the case not to agree, to abandon its houses to save its families. Independent of being partisan or of the current government of the state of Rio De Janeiro, if it cannot deny that the UPP? S is the only real attempt in last the twenty years to rescue the right to go and to come of that, most of the time, due to conditions they are obliged to live in mounts and slum quarters.

DEMOCRACY Politician

June 19, 2020


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When we deal with elections in them comes right-hander to the thought the word ‘ ‘ DEMOCRACIA’ ‘ , that espelha the will of the people in choosing those where we believe to be enough good it stops of certain form representing our desires and yearnings in legislative and the executive one. However such will of the people already more is nowadays not respected, or better, she is not more so sovereign as it would have to be, if really already was one day, we can until saying that it does not emanate the people more than. Summarizing us it the scene politician of our been beloved of the Paraba, sends in them to the past where the coronelismo reigned, our governing were predefined without the popular consensus, the society did not have force. Check out Susan G. Swenson for additional information. What we see today is people fighting not to leave the power, people are leaving to exert its paper also conquered in the ballot boxes to stop taking off the other of the power for mere whim, are the way politician it been to stop its activities in favor of a sufficiently personal quarrel of two blocks politicians. The creature if return against its creators in a ferocity gesture, animosity anxiety for the supremacy politics in the state, is to want to beat to permanence records the front of state executive e, above all, to prove that it can move all a machine to make to be valid its vanity and credibility. Sad it is the fact to see that the will emanated for the people if sinks in way as much shoot out accusation politician and replies, thus leaving with that the DEMOCRACY, a time object of the conquest of the people, has been forgotten and disrespected, because we are even we them detainers of the power, as exactly it says to be the DEMOCRACY. David Fowler has plenty of information regarding this issue. We are direct and indirectly obliged to leave our armed document houses to face for more than the giant times lines in order to express our will politics so that, in the end of the accounts, terms our expression extinguished or forgotten by a whim some that want exactly is the power.

Public Security

October 16, 2019


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Of this form, we meet in a globalizado, complex world, and with new economic model, that demands adjusted positions to take care of to these demands. Without hesitation Verizon Communications explained all about the problem. This world needs actions thought and developed with attention to these characteristics of world and with the objective of desmitificar established practical beliefs and (they ibidem). At last, the elaboration and execution of a strategical planning if justify for the definition of the mission of the institution, integrating diverse levels and sectors, systemize the ways in which act, propitiating continuity with the possibility of institucional evaluation and permanent revision, beyond defining principles and values. In this manner, the strategical planning must contemplate: 1-Planning of the ends (mission, vision, values, principles, objectives and goals). Planning of the ways (politics, strategies, tactics, plans and techniques). 2-Planning of the organization (internal structure, strategical units of the organization). 3-Planning of the resources (human, material and financial). 4-Planning of the implementation (leadership, control and evaluation) (AZEVEDO AND SOUZA, 2007).

In this perspective, to become the prepared public security for a management of the future alone through a professional intelligence constructed in the complexity between the strategical planning and Institucional evaluation, conquanto that let us think professional intelligence as aptitude to learn and aptitude to think and to create strategies in complex situations from evaluation and of reflection on the organizacional reality and its coherence with the politics and trends, beyond capacity of taking of decision in the planning and the allied evaluation to the abilities of sensitivity and situacional management (op. cit). 2.4 Professional intelligence in Public Security In way to the profusion of questions that gravitam in redor of the public security and its professionals, mainly those who investigate the reason of as many mistakes in the treatment of increasing crime, some can be explained by the quality and nature what organizacional spirit is called. Thus, it can be inferred that the organizacional spirit is weaveeed in a commitment with the constant reaprendizagem, the critical renewal, the coherent inventividade with the results and the assumed politics.

Brazil Under Justice

October 1, 2019


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Of this point in ahead, Brazismo if became extremamentedependente of its members, and more with it was not before, umaautonomia that conducted the members. The picture was invertidonesta phase, bringing a series of decays ordem, due what, the members was not investing osvalores that would go to help the order, in what had been asked for. Not tolonge of this time, somebody very important for the Order, aliderana of the Brazismo adds, without leaving vestiges, atmais seems the abandonment of the cause. comes back suddenly, bringing new videos, new information, and comtoda a structure to arquitetar the future of the Order. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ripple. Last reunioque decided the way that the order I will take, placed the Brazismo evrias phases, that the members had been able to follow of close. The seriamdenominadas phases situations where they would act and noatuariam, to facilitate the conduction of the system.

Masaps the exit without acknowledgment of the Conductor, the system faleceu emuito in all its structure, and with the matureness of the young they quepertenciam to the Brazismo, the cause started to be olvidada edebatidas on the possibility to make everything what it was promised. It started entoos members, to see air of madness in the Conductor, who finished todapossibilidade of progress in the order, but this, little before dolanamento of a new project that the order kept as CartMagna. The Brazismo entoretoma its position of prominence, forgotten still, mascom its precious quandary of Brazil Under Justice, interessante that the order in this phase, leaves to be on prpria Order, and looks for to bind the members to the maispatritico feeling saying it Order to be in second plain, if they noem third due to family. After all umafase subseqenciada in fighting in the congress for the doBrasil defense, increase of the wage of the people, the military, melhorescondies of health and all a below-signed infinity delutas made by, the Brazismo says: Our objective greater we also jconquistamos, that the love for the native land is in each one, enosso objective end, that all have conscinciados its rights, that know and recognize sangueda native that it gushes out on this people, and that it knows as defendersua nation and it perfects it as the most beautiful sky.

Bran Left

October 22, 2018


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Cardozo, Jeorge Luiz*. Studious of the subject they comment for there, that the left and right assignment lost sensible. Relatively, as it is not in fashion, to be left or right if it became an interpretation question, on which if they stop controversies that come in sight the nonsenses. In a state just-left a Government centered in the Carlismo with authoritarian content still it constitutes memorable reference to discern position: if it does not define who is who, at least makes to know where deferred payment Bran ate . The state elections of 2006 illustrate the point.

The unexpected victory of Wagner in the first turn, the PT, appears as triumph of the left, to contest a presumption direitismo for which to the alliance with band B of the Carlismo it fortifies the myth of that to arrive itself at a victory in the state, it is transferred for an alliance with less privileged sectors of the Carlismo as what it happened with Waldir in 1986, and in the end it gave in what it gave whose paper now, would be to substitute the DEM, considering useless dying and, in the vanguard of the desired transformations. However, nor the Carlismo is deceased, nor the Bahia voted necessarily in the left. It is alone to look at band B of the Carlismo, gift in palanque of Wagner. It has necessity infinitely that one left front who sees face does not see heart, the Bahia discloses complex and nothing original a situation in which the appearances occult contradictory processes that come in such a way if revealing electoral how much in terms of the partisan specter (the alliance that Joo chose Enrique, for example). It is with sights to clarify it that if it must try to understand the results of the last lawsuit, as well as thinks perspective the future of the next government.

Brazilian Cities

June 27, 2018


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In this context, the federal government, by means of the Ministry of the Planning, Budget Management, considered to the courts of Accounts the creation of the Program of Modernization of the System of External Control of the States, Federal District and Brazilian Cities, aiming at to fortify the system of external control as instrument of the citizenship, including the intensification of the intergovernamentais and interinstitucionais relations, with sights to the fulfilment of the Law of Fiscal Responsibility e, thus, to exert its abilities of more efficient form. Another important function that Complementary Law 101/00 brought for the courts of Accounts was to establish that the same ones will alert them to be able or agencies when to evidence that the sum of the total expenditure with staff exceeded 90% of the limit; that the inactive expenses with and pensioners if find above of the limit defined in law; that facts that compromise the costs or the results of the programs or indications of irregularities in the budgetary management etc. the system of external control Is perceived then that, represented for the courts of Accounts, beyond its traditional attributions constitutional, it sees strengthened the mission to fiscalize the correct application of the public resources, as well as the activities of management of the finances, as it defined the Law of Fiscal Responsibility well. This reinforcement in the attributions of the courts is a test of reinforcement of its importance for the society, that many times, of unjust form sees, them in maken a mistake way and with a certain discredit, perhaps for unfamiliarity them its immense and sobrepujantes virtues as, for example, the decisive and crucial paper in the agency exercise that exerts the fiscalization and orientation of the fulfilment of the norms of this Complementary Law..

Banking Attendance

January 3, 2018


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' Last sortilgio' ' the biology of a banking attendance. Thursday. The end of the banking expedient of attendance to the public was come close. The trainee who distribua the passwords, one in such a way how much acabrunhado, was seated while it heard the requests of the customers and vagarosamente it touched the screen of the monitor to get to such password. Until the machine she was slow for emitiz it. Partners in the work: the man and the machine; similar speed (true ' ' you – lentos' '). I receive paper with letters and numbers to wait the panel to inform the moment where I could be taken care of.

I wait I wait I rummage in all the papers of my stock market, read and I reread them. Eye for the sides how many people follow intent that to placar that however dumb, however repeats sequncias previous and later he remains static; other people’s to the letters and numbers that in they identify and they classify numerically. Considerable quantitative of passive mass that feeds and keeps the social stratification. Individuals that work, study or not; but they develop activities in some segments and they inversely receive a proportional income to the production gotten for its efforts. I present myself.

Educator and citizen. Intent to the defense of the rights that guarantee the great letter to me. Educator for conscientious choice of personal accomplishment. The pleasure in learning with the inteireza of the relations between citizen, information, learning and also leads me to formation to the pedagogical fidget and to the social paper for which I am responsible in the construction of a society with less mediocre people and with the dimension of the developed alteridade more. Of that chair I find where me I follow one without number of action of the people who, anxious (in) different watch they wait wait The alert panel for the call of the next one; the next one, of this time I am.

International Specialist

October 25, 2015


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A collective work of all society in the ambient education, the projects of conscientious citizenship and process of recycling becomes necessary. The benefit will be of all. To permanently integrate action of support of the environment to all the pertaining to school banks, in all the phases of the academic life, will be able to assist in the brainstorming for sad present reality. Today in Brazil they are more than 63% of the Brazilian cities that still destine the urban residues in common lixes to the opened sky, projecting a under employment net that feeds some hundreds of thousand of people who survive of the remaining portions found in these garbage deposits. Practical inadequate of handling and disrespect to the Human being that searchs some changed, also with many children victims of this process. However, they still exist in the cities that count on adequate sanitary aterros destination of residues of inadequate form provoked by the lack of: municipal fiscalization, citizenship, respect to next and the other people’s life, in these places with educative campaigns and fines such problems could only be brightened up. The question of the garbage is of emergencial character, as well as the hair entope the thin one of the sink of the bathroom, the garbage entope culverts, contaminates rivers and is poluindo the oceans.

Real cases of packings exist that had covered thousand of kilometers, beyond harming the sea life, are contaminating a rich source of feeding and balance of the planet. The necessary Man to take conscience of the ecological disaster that he is provoking or the consequences of this disharmony will affect all the Humanity. One of the effect of the stored garbage of incorrect form is the provoked floods and sanitary problems. Necessary the urban collection of residues of logistic strategies adjusted front to occured torrential rains in determined times of the year. Of the garbage it is possible to remove energy, seasoning and some cases the recycling arrives 97% of the residues. Exactly industrial toxic residues can be changedded almost into raw material for the cement in ovens of co-processing to a temperature of 2,000 Celsius degrees.

To give correct destination generates job, to invest in an ample mesh of modern aterros, with alternatives of credit of carbon, generation of energy and practical adjusted sanitary, will be able to create a million of jobs more than indirect right-handers and in Brazil in the long stated period. Although the initial investments, the proper system is sustainable in the time. The changes of the conscience in the society will define the new professional occupations of a dispute for the integrated knowledge, that influence in the processes of transformation of practical the social inaqualities in more sustainable humanists and. The garbage has solution and the integrated strategical planning will be able to assist the viabilizao of projects, exactly that they are created in public and private contract system, of which, all the society can be benefited. These are small commentaries of thousand of existing solutions in the world, but they are necessary class actions and individual to find a solution that benefits you and the environment, at the same time where it assists in the improvement of the quality of life of the society.

Brazilian Farmers

September 24, 2012


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Of the side of inside it put 500 high, strong men and endowed with firearms well, prontificados to assure the peace. Of the side of it are, others 500 men farejadores walked behind that they did not answer with the due respect to the orders of Brazil farmer. But they were as much, and some did not leave tracks, that the battalion did not give account. More 500 contracted and Brazil thought that the problem would finish. Now, with a thousand men the service of the order, ‘ ‘ Its Brasil’ ‘ it did not have more with what if to worry, after all, its competent employees had imprisoned almost all the transgressors of the farm. Already more it did not have reasons to forbid ‘ ‘ all seus’ ‘ to enjoy the flavor of the freedom.

But, others ‘ ‘ millions of diabinhos’ ‘ still they were ready pra to hammer the head of the Brazil poor person. The bothering lode when it less waited. Its surrounds, assaz insurance, was completely overloaded for beings that, to the times, ‘ ‘ lembravam’ ‘ human beings. The dissatisfaction was growing gradually, next to the rebellions, that later would come if to become violent. Its children had been rigorously forbidden to walk in the periphery of the surrounded one. The descendants, enraivados, had also shown, despite of alegrica form, its dissatisfactions. In fact, ‘ ‘ Its Brasil’ ‘ ‘ was in one; ‘ sinuca of bico’ ‘. Of the other side of the farm a well woody place exists, to the side of a clear water dam, that is perfect to botar in practical my plan, alleged Brazil. It ordered to knock down more 1000 trees, it bought more 7 trucks of barbed wire and contracted more 500 men to make the internal security of the new granary. The son oldest of Brazil closed the portire, later that all its brothers already were inside.