Bran Left

October 22, 2018


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Cardozo, Jeorge Luiz*. Studious of the subject they comment for there, that the left and right assignment lost sensible. Relatively, as it is not in fashion, to be left or right if it became an interpretation question, on which if they stop controversies that come in sight the nonsenses. In a state just-left a Government centered in the Carlismo with authoritarian content still it constitutes memorable reference to discern position: if it does not define who is who, at least makes to know where deferred payment Bran ate . The state elections of 2006 illustrate the point.

The unexpected victory of Wagner in the first turn, the PT, appears as triumph of the left, to contest a presumption direitismo for which to the alliance with band B of the Carlismo it fortifies the myth of that to arrive itself at a victory in the state, it is transferred for an alliance with less privileged sectors of the Carlismo as what it happened with Waldir in 1986, and in the end it gave in what it gave whose paper now, would be to substitute the DEM, considering useless dying and, in the vanguard of the desired transformations. However, nor the Carlismo is deceased, nor the Bahia voted necessarily in the left. It is alone to look at band B of the Carlismo, gift in palanque of Wagner. It has necessity infinitely that one left front who sees face does not see heart, the Bahia discloses complex and nothing original a situation in which the appearances occult contradictory processes that come in such a way if revealing electoral how much in terms of the partisan specter (the alliance that Joo chose Enrique, for example). It is with sights to clarify it that if it must try to understand the results of the last lawsuit, as well as thinks perspective the future of the next government.