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October 25, 2015


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A collective work of all society in the ambient education, the projects of conscientious citizenship and process of recycling becomes necessary. The benefit will be of all. To permanently integrate action of support of the environment to all the pertaining to school banks, in all the phases of the academic life, will be able to assist in the brainstorming for sad present reality. Today in Brazil they are more than 63% of the Brazilian cities that still destine the urban residues in common lixes to the opened sky, projecting a under employment net that feeds some hundreds of thousand of people who survive of the remaining portions found in these garbage deposits. Practical inadequate of handling and disrespect to the Human being that searchs some changed, also with many children victims of this process. However, they still exist in the cities that count on adequate sanitary aterros destination of residues of inadequate form provoked by the lack of: municipal fiscalization, citizenship, respect to next and the other people’s life, in these places with educative campaigns and fines such problems could only be brightened up. The question of the garbage is of emergencial character, as well as the hair entope the thin one of the sink of the bathroom, the garbage entope culverts, contaminates rivers and is poluindo the oceans.

Real cases of packings exist that had covered thousand of kilometers, beyond harming the sea life, are contaminating a rich source of feeding and balance of the planet. The necessary Man to take conscience of the ecological disaster that he is provoking or the consequences of this disharmony will affect all the Humanity. One of the effect of the stored garbage of incorrect form is the provoked floods and sanitary problems. Necessary the urban collection of residues of logistic strategies adjusted front to occured torrential rains in determined times of the year. Of the garbage it is possible to remove energy, seasoning and some cases the recycling arrives 97% of the residues. Exactly industrial toxic residues can be changedded almost into raw material for the cement in ovens of co-processing to a temperature of 2,000 Celsius degrees.

To give correct destination generates job, to invest in an ample mesh of modern aterros, with alternatives of credit of carbon, generation of energy and practical adjusted sanitary, will be able to create a million of jobs more than indirect right-handers and in Brazil in the long stated period. Although the initial investments, the proper system is sustainable in the time. The changes of the conscience in the society will define the new professional occupations of a dispute for the integrated knowledge, that influence in the processes of transformation of practical the social inaqualities in more sustainable humanists and. The garbage has solution and the integrated strategical planning will be able to assist the viabilizao of projects, exactly that they are created in public and private contract system, of which, all the society can be benefited. These are small commentaries of thousand of existing solutions in the world, but they are necessary class actions and individual to find a solution that benefits you and the environment, at the same time where it assists in the improvement of the quality of life of the society.