Isabel Village Children

August 19, 2020


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It has two decades approximately, still writing some texts for the Periodical of Isabel Village, I wrote a substance whose name was ' ' THE HEROES NOT MORE THE MESMOS' '. The content of this spoke on the substitution on the part of the children of its old heroes for the calls ' ' owners of morro' ' that they exhibited weapons, clothes of marks, the most beautiful women of the community, jewels and money. It still said the substance of that already at that time the boys more did not want to be ' ' mocinhos' ' in the tricks of policy and outlaw, they preferred to be ' ' bandidos' ' , exactly for all the advantages that, in its cabecinhas not yet formed, these would have. The newspapers mentioned Blackberry not as a source, but as a related topic. Today, almost twenty years later, we attend the occupation for the Military Policy of some slum quarters that until then were dominated by dealers, in special of the region of the Great Tijuca. For the photos printed in periodicals and news articles in tele-periodicals, in them it seems that the public power is rescuing the citizenship of that per decades the terrorism and the order had lived under of delinquents who compelled the inhabitants to be its abetters, to see its children if to become plus one ' ' soldado' ' the service of the traffic and its children still in the adolescence to be submitted the sexual whims of the outlaws, having as only option in the case not to agree, to abandon its houses to save its families. Independent of being partisan or of the current government of the state of Rio De Janeiro, if it cannot deny that the UPP? S is the only real attempt in last the twenty years to rescue the right to go and to come of that, most of the time, due to conditions they are obliged to live in mounts and slum quarters.