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Internet Explorer

August 7, 2020


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The above is referring to the code, with respect to the content of a website, i.e. What is printed on screen visitors, keywords should also be placed, but avoiding abuse of them, because this is a the actions that do not like many search engines. One of the most effective methods of placing keywords in a Web, is between the tags H1, H2, H3 etc. For example, if our website contains games, can place as title: free games. By placing Links or links within our site, should not forget, put in the text of the link, more keywords, and if images as links are used to navigate the Web, we can not forget place these keywords and up a short description within the tag using the ALT command, for example. Develop pages for the majorities, is not a good option in Internet, the fact that your using Internet Explorer, does not imply that everyone use it, it is good to remember that other browsers such as Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox, are taking strength in recent times, by which our website must be fully compatible with these. It is necessary to make us (doing multiple tests) that all our Web is navigable in a Browser that has disabled animations in Flash and/or Javascript applications, in case of not being it, can deploy another navigation system, which we must locate it between the tags or as applicable, without forgetting that the code located on these labels must be more simple possible and if you canPure HTML. It’s believed that toddler clothing sees a great future in this idea. Without any doubt, one of the most important aspects to achieve position yourself in the first places of the searches on the Internet, is to get the largest number of Web pages linked to yours.

And it will still be much better, if he is achieved to place keywords of your website within those links. Think of new methods to get links to your website, this is essential. Finds pages of your competitors and investigates those who have given a link exchange. Assistance within this work can be also, google tools, enter and at the search box write: link:, without quotation marks and replacing the URL for one of your competitors, the result will be; all Web pages that contain a link to the page. Passionate you with your website. Speaks of it in forums, send it by e-mail to your acquaintances, upload it on search engines, reviews what google considers SPAM and avoids falling into this, since being placed on blacklists from google is something that – I assure you – no webmaster would like to. Without place to doubt, Google is the largest search engine to level world, if we are in first place in google searches, surely have a sure success, even that, we are not indexed in other search engines.

Don’t want to say this, that we must not give us high nowhere else than in Google, but if I want to remembrar the importance of this search engine. Another important thing that should be mentioned about google, is that it does not give second chances, if you break something that this search engine considers as illegal (at least for your system) will be removed from your pages completely and for life, so it must be very careful with the handling that we will give our campaign of increase in visits. Eng.

New Year

July 23, 2020


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The undying myth of the society game “Happy harvest” is preparing for the new year. For the year 2012 not only the big companies have prepared himself well, so also the companies in the gaming industry. Many Socialgames were different events for the new year. Also the classic Socialgame “Happy harvest” has organized the event “Multicolored farm” recently and now there is a festive mood. Tony Tony Chopper, Doraemon, Pikachu and teddy bear came to the farm and contribute to this wonderful scene, to celebrate the new year with all players! The event with the motto cosplay from happy harvest”tells the story of four classic cartoon characters: Tony Tony Chopper, Doraemon, Pikachu and teddy bear. Doraemon is landed by a journey through time on the farm, he’s looking for the charge just for food. Recently Fish and Chips Babies sought to clarify these questions. It is your task to produce a few Dorayaki to him, as a reward you can get his mysterious bag. Invite your friends to open the bag.

Then you’ll get Tony Tony Chopper. Because you Tony Tony Chopper protected from the pirates did, he gives you the treasures of pirates. Including the teddy bear is the sweetest honey, who constantly wants to eat honey from the can of course. Open the can of honey with friends, then you get a Pikachu and his summon ball. Open it, and more gifts waiting for you! The game “Happy harvest” was developed by the best Socialgame publishers in Asia, ELEX techology, and published.

This game is Portuguese, German, already in 14 international platforms in more than 10 languages such as English, Dutch, Thai, etc. In Germany, the game on Meinvz has nearly 600,000 registered users. It has become already a nichtzufehlende leisure activity for the players. Do you want to celebrate the new year together with Tony Tony Chopper, Teddy bear, Doraemon, Pikachu? Will you want to again experience the joy of childhood? Come and look over at “Happy harvest”. Official website: game-link: (Shams) (Facebook)

The Mummy Online – The Mummy As A Browser Game

November 22, 2018


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New action-adventure with the Mummy, is a game for the browser. The game forge Bigpoint wants to publish a new title in the coming autumn. The speech is the Mummy online, an action-packed game, what suitable to be published to the film series “The Mummy”. This, Bigpoint laid the foundations for a sophisticated and graphically rich browser game for a long time. The work on the “Mummy online” is already known since the first press release in June 2010. Initially it had speculated about a publication in the fall of 2010, but now the date on the autumn 2011 has been moved. This is likely do not diminish the quality of the game, because as the latest techniques can be used for browser games.

At the Mummy online you will expect an action-RPG MMOG with adventure elements as players. The game is inspired as mentioned by the same name film series. The action takes place in the Egypt of the early 20th century, has more to do than with the last parts with the first film the movies. Players will find themselves in many familiar places and seeing the many key figures who appear in the film, back in the game. First screenshots of the game anyway, leaving a solid impression.

At Bigpoint you should have collected already have much experience with the existing browser games, therefore you can expect a lot technically and hope for a thoughtful implementation. E Scott Mead recognizes the significance of this. The development itself is carried out according to Bigpoint von Schell games. The Mummy online is the unity 3D engine to run me and allow so appealing 3D graphics without software client directly in the browser. Therefore, only a corresponding plugin for the used Web browser is required. Sometimes, this so-called unity Web Player plugin is available for both Mac and Windows platforms. In the future you might consider using is new games with such graphics with WebGL and HTML5 to develop quite neutral and totally independent. Because this new technology is still in its infancy, the unity is a good choice for technology Been game implementation.

Social Security

March 28, 2018


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Obligations of the self-employed either industrial, merchant, or professional, the individual entrepreneur is obliged to contribute to Social security through the special scheme for self-employed workers. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has firm opinions on the matter. Certain liberal professions is exempted from the payment of this quotation, when his college or professional association guarantee this health care coverage through an agreement with the Social Security. The Social security contribution is set according to bases that the Ministry of finance publishes each year. The worker must pay a monthly fee, amount which varies according to the chosen basis. Thus, the higher the basis, more will increase the quota, which will also affect the volume of coverage that offers Social Security sickness, incapacity for work and retirement.

If you decide by the form of limited company, there are basically 2 options; 1 Constitute oneself the limited company. 2 Buy a previously formed limited partnership; There are several companies and professional firms of lawyers and economists specialising in the sale of companies already formed: for example: each of the above options has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on our particular needs, amount of available time and desire, opt for one or the other option: but broadly speaking, will be always more economical to directly incorporate the company, but on the other hand, buy it now constituted has a number of important advantages that we will detail later. Option 1; Constitute ourselves the society: in such a case, these are the steps we need to take: 1.-request before the Central mercantile registry, the corporate name, (requested 3 names), after 15 days of waiting, there are 2 possibilities:-the Central mercantile registry accepts one of the three denomination that Ud has requested. -the Central mercantile registry denied the 3 requested designations. Such granting or denial will arrive you is: * by certified mail * IM * mail c.o.d. * consult the central mercantile registration page: 2.-deposit of the Social Capital in a Bank (legal minimum required 3.006,00, ) and such capital contribution certificate request, contributing to the Bank the certificate sent by the Central mercantile registry in order to open a company account in Constitution.

Institute Life

March 1, 2018


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Lift us a thousand times everytime we fall. Mourn the failure if we need it. But only a few minutes and then smile and prepare us to begin again. Even if that dream is tiny we should not leave to meet him. And never forget that it is never late to start to get it.

I had dreamed my whole life living outside Argentina. I was so tired of the ups and downs political and economic. So many had been my financial failures! And not always my fault, on the contrary, most were by the circumstances that this country has given us over the years, almost all Argentines, repeating a thousand times the same economic mistakes. But I had never had the courage to do so. When my daughter decided to stay to live in Europe, I felt it was my last chance to achieve my dreams.

I waited at the age of sixty, retire and come to his side. Connect with other leaders such as Allegiant Air here. I didn’t have many financial resources to survive. Only some savings that he knew they would not last long. But I thought it was the last chance I had out there and although the only unconditional support that I had was that I provided my children, since my friends and family did not consider it a logical idea and tried to make me desist, I decided to not waste it. I came to Spain and the INEM (national employment Institute) offered me free of charge different courses. And I, in order to use the mouse, only the mouse, I was, I don’t remember how much time practicing because he could not to be direct to where I needed to, I had the opportunity to learn how to use Internet, Word and Excel among other things. Clear that I needed to do this not only to the INEM give me the opportunity to attend these courses free of charge, but the infinite patience that Marcos, took professor who dictated these courses in Los Cristianos Tenerife. With those tools I dared to write a novel that I published on these pages (I don’t think that you have done so on a notebook by cumbersome corrections. In fact the idea of the argument was hovering in my brain for years without me decide to write it). And I had the joy of seeing that Sunday 13 any of my chapters was among the most widely read, the top rated and the most discussed. From this I deduced that some people had liked my story (at least, is the impression that I got to see that they began with a chapter and continued with the following until the end.) and then I discovered I could at age 65 start a new stage of my life, leaving behind my profession as a paediatrician. Why I want to emphasise once more there is no age to begin a new life. You just have to have a dream and try to make a reality. Only time will tell us where to take us.

Mexico City Mayor

February 12, 2018


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There is no need for merchants to feel displaced and which threaten to cancel their taxes. Ideally, the Mexico City Mayor and members of the KANAK agenden a meeting to settle the misunderstanding, as simple as that. They celebrate cambiosMientras which President Felipe Calderon reported that the functions of the Secretariat of tourism will become the Secretariat of economy, whereas the Secretariat of agrarian reform shall be in the hands of the Secretariat of Social Development (Sedesol) and Sagarpa, established that the Ministry of the public service will be replaced by a federal Comptroller, it depends directly on the President.The measures proposed to Congress would generate income to help poor Mexicans to palliate the effects of the global economic crisis. In a nutshell, these changes they would generate a significant budgetary savings for 2010, and that could increase in 2011 once you complete the process of restructuring of the Federal Government. In sum, in the 2010 savings would be generated up to $ 180 billion.Regarding changes to SAGARPA, PEMEX and PGR, the Pan Deputy Angel Castro Mata believed that decision could be due to that officials had already completed its cycle in the secretariats and agencies where they were. We hope that the decisions he took (President Calderon) persons appointed, are the most suitable.

Hopefully fall well into the mood of the people.From his point of view, delegated Federal in Nayarit have met well with work, but will be a matter of the new Secretaries if they ratify them so that they continue to the front to the delegations. And in relation to the disappearance of secretariats, the local legislator said that the prospects are good, because the financial burden will be reduced and that is one of the objectives of the new reforms administrativas.Comparto with Angel Castro the idea of federal entities should follow the same model of the Federation. Apart from the cuts that have already must give priority to further reductions in its governance structure.

Browser Games – Why Online Games Are So Popular?

January 12, 2015


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Free browser games – a trend that enjoys increasing popularity. First, we should clarify the question what are browser games at all. Browser games are games, clean using the Internet browser, or even Web browser called, can be played. The most popular Web browsers are Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Browser games work on almost any Internet browser. Exceptions can be older Internet browser or exotic. Unlike store-bought games, the demands on the hardware of the computer are vanishingly small. May be some techniques, the plug-ins are required, applied such as Flash or Java.

There are distinctions between server-side and client-side browser games. On the client side means that the files needed to play on the PC be downloaded and executed. The plug-ins, Web techniques, that must install the Web browser may include the client-side browser games. In this case, the Internet connection must not always necessarily be maintained. When the server-side Browser games, but already. In this case, the server provides all the necessary functions. Generally getting an Internet connection is required to play the game.

The browser is located on a server of a provider of that offers the online game online. You register there and can get started immediately. The registration process is generally easily and quickly. For this, only a valid E-Mail address and a fixed password is required. Then you can start directly. Simply log in with the own data and off you go. First, you will normally welcomes and led with a tutorial (introduction help) in the browser. Here, you learned the basic principles and the focal points of the game and can try out, how does the browser game. Controlled, as in other games also, partly via keyboard and mouse. Still, it should be mentioned that there are browser games in 2D and 3D. The latter still not so long there. 3D browser games is much more interesting. Moreover, the entitlement of the players in terms of browser games is also increased. This is enabled by the defined standard WebGL. WebGL allows access to OpenGL without additional plugins. Why are browser games so popular? The question is easily answered. Browser games are daily non-stop online and can always be played. There is no time pressure. In the most browser games, one suffers, as long as it is not offline, so in the game, no disadvantage or damage. There is also no updates needed and download any patches need to be loaded. Browser games are playable on any PC. The online game is always accessible and playable. Whether before or after work, lunch or evening snack, play always and everywhere, just that is the reason why browser games are so popular. There is no time frame, it should be. Browser games can be played according to your mood. If you want for example in the rankings to the top must deal inevitably something more with the browser game. The tutorial (introduction) is mostly very simple and provides the basis to understand the game and ensures a fast and uncomplicated entry. A great advantage of browser games is that they are free of charge. This is one of the main reasons why so many players use free browser games. The offer has increased greatly in recent years. Can be found in every genre browser games, it was fantasy, adventure, skill, platforming n’run, business simulation, auto racing, and what else is there. It is incredible how many browser games there already and there is still no end in sight. Daniel St


September 26, 2013


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Get small jobs independent, but do not even say that these next to leave the company. You do not give away your work if you’re good at something, you have to charge for this. We know how exciting it is to make our first Freelance jobs and that they are sometimes made to friends or known, but as independent professional or not, you should give you all the possible value to your work, and form this habit from the start helps to create a healthy and high self-esteem professional of our capabilities. No values your work by how much or little that will cost you, but by the final result of your inspiration and ability. Organizes an impressive portfolio definitely is the first task to perform. We must sort, classify and highlight those jobs more important and representative of our style and ability.

A portfolio sorted by project type allows to make quicker, more accurate and stunning exhibitions to our potential clients and allows to expose the variety of assignments of the we are able. Avoids the temptation of investing more at the beginning you don’t obsessions by making excessive preparations in equipment, furniture and other supplies, remember that you must be prepared to optimize the use of your financial resources, buy only essential items to properly develop your service without falling into temptations impulsive and without purpose practical in work that you develop. A mattress financial (savings) will give us the necessary tranquility to inspire us and to optimally develop our first projects as a Freelance full time, because we will keep away from us that anxiety that arises when we begin to see that our financial liquidity is low. Perfect your English do not settle with the knowledge of technical English that you possess, you must schedule a curriculum that takes you to its learning and mastery in the medium term.

The Following

September 8, 2013


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A not satisfactory employment: you know that not you want to but you do nothing to fix it. A couple inconvenient: someone with whom you have a lousy relationship, but tolerate fear to stay alone, to change or to confront him. Talk with someone who treats you in a way that bothers you. Wear the clothes to the laundry Do review your car Clutter on your desktop Develop your financial report Write the pending report frequently those things that you have pending, they worry you so much that they prevent that you focus on your job properly and will force you to invest additional time worrying by everything there is to do, by dates of maturity, or to resolve what is complicated not be cared for in a timely manner. How to solve the concern is not a method to solve outstanding things to change I propose the following: 1. Define what you have is pending.

2 Identifies the action specific you must do to fix it. 3 Define a maximum date that you agree to do so. 4. Launch the defined action. Ntas tools I invite you to use a 3 column format, the first record that you uncomfortable, the second action that you must perform to solve it and in the third, the date in which you agree to resolve it, to make an inventory of what steals your energy, download your concerns there and undertake actions to change your life.

Use blades that are necessary, write down clearly what you have pending, not to use phrases such as pay services or make calls employs best: pay the water bill or call John to discuss the twentieth issue when you’ve completed the inventory, check that you can solve immediately and get it. See if there is anything that you can delegate and delegate it, finally revises which of the outstanding things require actions further, in that case what should be the appropriate action. Finally define a realistic date in which you commit to fix it. Use this form to record the new things that arise and can not respond immediately, periodically review, eliminates the things that are already resolved and those who have left have importance, adjusts the dates that you have pending and acts to resolve them.