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August 7, 2020


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The above is referring to the code, with respect to the content of a website, i.e. What is printed on screen visitors, keywords should also be placed, but avoiding abuse of them, because this is a the actions that do not like many search engines. One of the most effective methods of placing keywords in a Web, is between the tags H1, H2, H3 etc. For example, if our website contains games, can place as title: free games. By placing Links or links within our site, should not forget, put in the text of the link, more keywords, and if images as links are used to navigate the Web, we can not forget place these keywords and up a short description within the tag using the ALT command, for example. Develop pages for the majorities, is not a good option in Internet, the fact that your using Internet Explorer, does not imply that everyone use it, it is good to remember that other browsers such as Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox, are taking strength in recent times, by which our website must be fully compatible with these. It is necessary to make us (doing multiple tests) that all our Web is navigable in a Browser that has disabled animations in Flash and/or Javascript applications, in case of not being it, can deploy another navigation system, which we must locate it between the tags or as applicable, without forgetting that the code located on these labels must be more simple possible and if you canPure HTML. It’s believed that toddler clothing sees a great future in this idea. Without any doubt, one of the most important aspects to achieve position yourself in the first places of the searches on the Internet, is to get the largest number of Web pages linked to yours.

And it will still be much better, if he is achieved to place keywords of your website within those links. Think of new methods to get links to your website, this is essential. Finds pages of your competitors and investigates those who have given a link exchange. Assistance within this work can be also, google tools, enter and at the search box write: link:, without quotation marks and replacing the URL for one of your competitors, the result will be; all Web pages that contain a link to the page. Passionate you with your website. Speaks of it in forums, send it by e-mail to your acquaintances, upload it on search engines, reviews what google considers SPAM and avoids falling into this, since being placed on blacklists from google is something that – I assure you – no webmaster would like to. Without place to doubt, Google is the largest search engine to level world, if we are in first place in google searches, surely have a sure success, even that, we are not indexed in other search engines.

Don’t want to say this, that we must not give us high nowhere else than in Google, but if I want to remembrar the importance of this search engine. Another important thing that should be mentioned about google, is that it does not give second chances, if you break something that this search engine considers as illegal (at least for your system) will be removed from your pages completely and for life, so it must be very careful with the handling that we will give our campaign of increase in visits. Eng.