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New Year

July 23, 2020


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The undying myth of the society game “Happy harvest” is preparing for the new year. For the year 2012 not only the big companies have prepared himself well, so also the companies in the gaming industry. Many Socialgames were different events for the new year. Also the classic Socialgame “Happy harvest” has organized the event “Multicolored farm” recently and now there is a festive mood. Tony Tony Chopper, Doraemon, Pikachu and teddy bear came to the farm and contribute to this wonderful scene, to celebrate the new year with all players! The event with the motto cosplay from happy harvest”tells the story of four classic cartoon characters: Tony Tony Chopper, Doraemon, Pikachu and teddy bear. Doraemon is landed by a journey through time on the farm, he’s looking for the charge just for food. Recently Fish and Chips Babies sought to clarify these questions. It is your task to produce a few Dorayaki to him, as a reward you can get his mysterious bag. Invite your friends to open the bag.

Then you’ll get Tony Tony Chopper. Because you Tony Tony Chopper protected from the pirates did, he gives you the treasures of pirates. Including the teddy bear is the sweetest honey, who constantly wants to eat honey from the can of course. Open the can of honey with friends, then you get a Pikachu and his summon ball. Open it, and more gifts waiting for you! The game “Happy harvest” was developed by the best Socialgame publishers in Asia, ELEX techology, and published.

This game is Portuguese, German, already in 14 international platforms in more than 10 languages such as English, Dutch, Thai, etc. In Germany, the game on Meinvz has nearly 600,000 registered users. It has become already a nichtzufehlende leisure activity for the players. Do you want to celebrate the new year together with Tony Tony Chopper, Teddy bear, Doraemon, Pikachu? Will you want to again experience the joy of childhood? Come and look over at “Happy harvest”. Official website: game-link: (Shams) (Facebook)

The Mummy Online – The Mummy As A Browser Game

November 22, 2018


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New action-adventure with the Mummy, is a game for the browser. The game forge Bigpoint wants to publish a new title in the coming autumn. The speech is the Mummy online, an action-packed game, what suitable to be published to the film series “The Mummy”. This, Bigpoint laid the foundations for a sophisticated and graphically rich browser game for a long time. The work on the “Mummy online” is already known since the first press release in June 2010. Initially it had speculated about a publication in the fall of 2010, but now the date on the autumn 2011 has been moved. This is likely do not diminish the quality of the game, because as the latest techniques can be used for browser games.

At the Mummy online you will expect an action-RPG MMOG with adventure elements as players. The game is inspired as mentioned by the same name film series. The action takes place in the Egypt of the early 20th century, has more to do than with the last parts with the first film the movies. Players will find themselves in many familiar places and seeing the many key figures who appear in the film, back in the game. First screenshots of the game anyway, leaving a solid impression.

At Bigpoint you should have collected already have much experience with the existing browser games, therefore you can expect a lot technically and hope for a thoughtful implementation. E Scott Mead recognizes the significance of this. The development itself is carried out according to Bigpoint von Schell games. The Mummy online is the unity 3D engine to run me and allow so appealing 3D graphics without software client directly in the browser. Therefore, only a corresponding plugin for the used Web browser is required. Sometimes, this so-called unity Web Player plugin is available for both Mac and Windows platforms. In the future you might consider using is new games with such graphics with WebGL and HTML5 to develop quite neutral and totally independent. Because this new technology is still in its infancy, the unity is a good choice for technology Been game implementation.

Browser Games – Why Online Games Are So Popular?

January 12, 2015


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Free browser games – a trend that enjoys increasing popularity. First, we should clarify the question what are browser games at all. Browser games are games, clean using the Internet browser, or even Web browser called, can be played. The most popular Web browsers are Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Browser games work on almost any Internet browser. Exceptions can be older Internet browser or exotic. Unlike store-bought games, the demands on the hardware of the computer are vanishingly small. May be some techniques, the plug-ins are required, applied such as Flash or Java.

There are distinctions between server-side and client-side browser games. On the client side means that the files needed to play on the PC be downloaded and executed. The plug-ins, Web techniques, that must install the Web browser may include the client-side browser games. In this case, the Internet connection must not always necessarily be maintained. When the server-side Browser games, but already. In this case, the server provides all the necessary functions. Generally getting an Internet connection is required to play the game.

The browser is located on a server of a provider of that offers the online game online. You register there and can get started immediately. The registration process is generally easily and quickly. For this, only a valid E-Mail address and a fixed password is required. Then you can start directly. Simply log in with the own data and off you go. First, you will normally welcomes and led with a tutorial (introduction help) in the browser. Here, you learned the basic principles and the focal points of the game and can try out, how does the browser game. Controlled, as in other games also, partly via keyboard and mouse. Still, it should be mentioned that there are browser games in 2D and 3D. The latter still not so long there. 3D browser games is much more interesting. Moreover, the entitlement of the players in terms of browser games is also increased. This is enabled by the defined standard WebGL. WebGL allows access to OpenGL without additional plugins. Why are browser games so popular? The question is easily answered. Browser games are daily non-stop online and can always be played. There is no time pressure. In the most browser games, one suffers, as long as it is not offline, so in the game, no disadvantage or damage. There is also no updates needed and download any patches need to be loaded. Browser games are playable on any PC. The online game is always accessible and playable. Whether before or after work, lunch or evening snack, play always and everywhere, just that is the reason why browser games are so popular. There is no time frame, it should be. Browser games can be played according to your mood. If you want for example in the rankings to the top must deal inevitably something more with the browser game. The tutorial (introduction) is mostly very simple and provides the basis to understand the game and ensures a fast and uncomplicated entry. A great advantage of browser games is that they are free of charge. This is one of the main reasons why so many players use free browser games. The offer has increased greatly in recent years. Can be found in every genre browser games, it was fantasy, adventure, skill, platforming n’run, business simulation, auto racing, and what else is there. It is incredible how many browser games there already and there is still no end in sight. Daniel St