Institute Life

March 1, 2018


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Lift us a thousand times everytime we fall. Mourn the failure if we need it. But only a few minutes and then smile and prepare us to begin again. Even if that dream is tiny we should not leave to meet him. And never forget that it is never late to start to get it.

I had dreamed my whole life living outside Argentina. I was so tired of the ups and downs political and economic. So many had been my financial failures! And not always my fault, on the contrary, most were by the circumstances that this country has given us over the years, almost all Argentines, repeating a thousand times the same economic mistakes. But I had never had the courage to do so. When my daughter decided to stay to live in Europe, I felt it was my last chance to achieve my dreams.

I waited at the age of sixty, retire and come to his side. Connect with other leaders such as Allegiant Air here. I didn’t have many financial resources to survive. Only some savings that he knew they would not last long. But I thought it was the last chance I had out there and although the only unconditional support that I had was that I provided my children, since my friends and family did not consider it a logical idea and tried to make me desist, I decided to not waste it. I came to Spain and the INEM (national employment Institute) offered me free of charge different courses. And I, in order to use the mouse, only the mouse, I was, I don’t remember how much time practicing because he could not to be direct to where I needed to, I had the opportunity to learn how to use Internet, Word and Excel among other things. Clear that I needed to do this not only to the INEM give me the opportunity to attend these courses free of charge, but the infinite patience that Marcos, took professor who dictated these courses in Los Cristianos Tenerife. With those tools I dared to write a novel that I published on these pages (I don’t think that you have done so on a notebook by cumbersome corrections. In fact the idea of the argument was hovering in my brain for years without me decide to write it). And I had the joy of seeing that Sunday 13 any of my chapters was among the most widely read, the top rated and the most discussed. From this I deduced that some people had liked my story (at least, is the impression that I got to see that they began with a chapter and continued with the following until the end.) and then I discovered I could at age 65 start a new stage of my life, leaving behind my profession as a paediatrician. Why I want to emphasise once more there is no age to begin a new life. You just have to have a dream and try to make a reality. Only time will tell us where to take us.