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Finance Ministry

October 28, 2015


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And it's almost $ 40 billion. was extremely polite in the estimates when concluded: "These figures government debt and, most importantly, the dynamics, it is not even critical, and on the verge on the brink of disaster." Interestingly, the Chamber also found a whopping registry in budget revenues. Judging by articulated earlier version of the Finance Ministry, the failure of budget revenues was within 11.8% or 30 billion uah. However, new evidence suggests that there was an attempt to manipulate the figures to present them in the best possible light during the campaign. In particular, revenues were listed as 14 billion usd.

received from the imf, the overpayment of tax is actually two months at the rate another 14 billion uah and non-return of vat to 23 bln. Thus, "Difference in views" was not less than 45%. On the background of the said statistics already sounded quite logical ad head of the Accounting Chamber of technical default of Finance of Ukraine. The difference is money available in disposal of the Treasury as of 1 January this year, and its current liabilities amounted to almost 24 billion usd ($ 3 billion) at this time the gap has become even greater. The main reasons that led to a situation affairs in the public finance system, according to were improper lending of the national operator in the energy market – the company "Naftogaz Ukraine", as well as gross violations of the procedure pension funding. Given these data, the application of international rating agency Fitch, confirmed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) that in 2010 Ukraine will gdp growth of 3% looks like yet another feeble attempt to sugarcoat reality. .

Global American Syndicate

May 17, 2014


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2. Buy / rent a bank guarantee. Given: the same borrower, who, even after the situation with the consultant has not lost faith in humanity and is still looking for money. And also some agent who assures that may sell or lease the Borrower bank guarantee first-class bank, under which he would later in another first-class bank to get a loan. I truly marvel at the purity and integrity of those who believe in the possibility of the scheme. I'll try to explain on the fingers for people far from the banking terminology.

Imagine that Vasey is 100 rubles. To him comes Peter and says, 'Give me the $ 100 rent for a month, and I you for it pay 10 rubles. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. pursues this goal as well. " About the same and the meaning of the sentence on rent a bank guarantee. Wherefore remember once and for all: neither rent nor buy a bank guarantee is impossible, even if you are at the same time will refer to the jurisdiction of the Burkina Faso. Your bank guarantee is no different from the procedure for processing the loan. And the money is sent in a lease / purchase of the bank guarantee will you spent just wasted. 3. Funding through the provision of securities of certain financial institutions.

Given: a fairly impoverished, but have not yet lost hope of the Borrower, as well as a lender who is willing to fund our borrower. Here are just a loan not ready to give cash, but what some particular securities. In Russia, as far as I can tell, the plan worked most actively structure of Global American Syndicate (GAS, it also United American Fund). Credited (and after you paid to them by a bunch of commissions for the examination of applications for the preparation of opinions, etc.) with their own bills, cash that was impossible. But the requirement to pay interest to borrowers came with an enviable regularity. In this case, the fantasy of so-called creditors is generally unlimited. Personally, I caught the eye of a masterpiece: a bill Bank Simanis & Son, where as the location of the bank were given the geographic coordinates of some islands in Oceania.

Olympic Games

April 20, 2011


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We have the same right to broadcast the Olympics are two federal channel, and one private – ntv +. Value of the rights to broadcast the Olympic Games in Sochi is still unknown, but some experts suggest that the amount will be exceed 1 mlr. $ Planning to get from Sochi Olympics $ 125 million on the sale of tickets the organizers probably did not make mistakes, it is only the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games the most expensive tickets in Beijing will cost around 637 dollars, and the cheapest about $ 25. If we look at history, we, as a rule, each successive Olympic Games are more expensive earlier. At the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 was initially planned to spend $ 5.5 billion, with time the figure exceeded the mark of $ 7 billion in his time at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, planned to spend as no more than 4,5 billion dollars, but now the minimum strap costs have risen to 9.5 billion dollars. Special place recently in articles by the cost of the Olympics is safe: only the additional costs of the 2012 London in this part will be approximately $ 500 million. And this is not an isolated example, tensions in the world makes its own orders: in 1998 in Nagano, almost six thousand police officers guarded the order in Sydney, two years later engaged in the protection of over 25 thousand people. Safety Games in Salt Lake City cost $ 400 million in public order and security then included not only the army and security services, but also forest rangers.

Financial Form

April 20, 2011


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His negative impact, however, can occur in conditions of overproduction. Particularly noticeable is the impact of inflation. New means of payment by entering credit into circulation, enhance, and without of overweight money needed for treatment. Credit regardless of their social side performs the functions of regulation of the total cash flow, redistribution of funds to conditions for their subsequent return, the accumulation of temporary surplus funds. What is a 'loan for the development of small business'? Classification of loan is traditionally taken to implement for several basic features, the most important of which include categories lender and borrower, as well as the form in which it is given credit loan.

On this basis, we can distinguish the following forms of credit. 1. Bank loan. One the most common forms of credit relations in the economy, the object of which appears in the transfer of loan funds directly. Available exclusively to specialized credit and financial institutions licensed to carry out such operations from the central bank. In the borrower may make only legal persons, the instrument of credit is a credit relationship contract or loan agreement. Income on this form of the loan comes in the form of interest on loans, the rate is determined by agreement of the parties taking into account the average rate of bids for a given period and specific circumstances lending.

2. Commercial credit. One of the earliest forms of credit relations in the economy, spawned a paper circulation and thus actively contributing to the development of non-cash turnover, has practical expression in the financial and economic relations between entities in the form of sales of products or services with deferred payment.

The Borrower

April 19, 2011


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It turns out that as long as credit to the customer's application simply someone did not reach his hands. and client for a long time telling "scary tales" about the bank's security service. The borrower may also not be good for weeks carrying the bank the documents, without which further work will not go, and when will – immediately sit down to the manager for his neck and will be with tenacity to ask the question: When? All this happens all the time (even in the showroom, where the next table sits a number of banks), as a rule, for one reason. Client communicates with a person who works is not very long and expectations, the manager is left alone with a whole pack of different services that will make the maximum so as not to give credit to the man who can not return it. Right? Yes, but that desire quickly turns into verbalism, when the client is perceived as falling or not falling under strictly defined framework of the borrower, who somehow decided that deserves credit.

Round of the third – the unfulfilled promises. From the bank passes the crown series attacks: "Yes, the credit committee has passed, all is well, that's just you need from the surety, be sure to Kiev registration and official income of not less than $ 2000. And a down payment instead of 10% and 20%. " From such strikes the borrower, staggers, goes to Teach corner to rest. At this moment a customer desire to receive long-awaited car is replaced by a desire to see a white towel in the ring.

Profitable Contribution

April 16, 2011


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First, you need to decide for what we could do with metal deposits. Imagine if the investor thinks that the goal to gain the maximum funds from investing surplus funds in precious metals, then, apparently, should be put on the precious metals with the highest resistance rates. In this case, however, need to recognize the need to monitor the market quotations of precious metals, as well as its defining components. This will allow to minimize the risk of loss in case of collapse in world prices for the chosen metal contribution. Other aspects affecting the decision are the interest rate of the metal deposit and the conditions of the bank when opening and maintenance of metal deposits.

Currently, however, banks are interested in attracting such investments, so the conditions are usually the most suitable for investors is when you open the metal deposits. Metal deposits and Earn revenue contributor to metal deposits is composed of two elements: the interest that accrues on the amount of bank deposit of the metal and increase the price of precious metals in the world. For those who wants to be a successful investor and make a profit, there are metal deposits. If the course has changed the value of precious metals on the day following the opening of the metal deposit, the term can be even on the same day to collect the funds with the same interest generated by the price change. From Russian banks, metal deposits, Sberbank and offers several other banks.

China Europe

April 6, 2011


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Negative impact on the economic situation has, and low saving rate ** in the U.S. was only 0.4%, which is the lowest in the world (for comparison: in the uk – 2,9%, in Japan – 3.1% in Italy – 6,8%, Germany – 10,9%, France – 12.7%, China – 24%, while in India – 28%). Household spending, which in the past 15 years, steadily increasing and in 2007 reached 9.7 trillion dollars (70% of U.S. GDP) in the third quarter of 2008, suffered the largest drop since 1980 year. Evaluating all the above, we can conclude that the U.S.

is gradually losing the role of locomotive of world economy and has come finest hour in Europe and the single European currency, which was put into circulation in 1999 What now happening with the economy the major European countries? Europe also had a recession since the pace of eurozone economic growth could not but affect the stagnation of the U.S. economy, which is the world's largest consumer of goods and services, and lack of liquidity. Purchasing power of populations in most eu countries has been steadily falling, a decline in consumer activity causes serious harm to both the service and financial sector, becoming an additional obstacle to European economies. According to economists, the imf, the direct losses of the banking system of Europe from the financial crisis was 123 billion dollars "We believe that the loss of large European banks on derivatives will be comparable with losses of U.S. banks ", – said Neven Mates.

Tournament Popularity

March 7, 2011


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A separate and very weighty component of the index of popularity of tournament – is the emergence of new participants, which in February was just four! Two robots, acting under the label, Dron, presented Yuri Chebotarev – known practitioner and theorist of mechanical trading systems, the author of a series of books and publications about robots on the Russian stock market. His system Dron1 works exclusively on the micex stock market, and Dron2 – on market forts. Introduced a new member and one of the "veterans" competition – the company Capital-IT. Speaking about the new trading robot Capital-IT Spreader, spokesman Yuri said: "This robot is a high return, which has a scheme decision solutions are very similar to that used in the arbitration robot Capital-IT Arbitrage. Its main difference – it does not hedge its position of "spot-futures on the micex, trading is conducted only at the site forts.

The absence of hedge multiplies risk strategy, but even more – profitability. Robots Arbitrage and Spreader occupy two distinct niches. Arbitrage – a risk-free low-income trading, Spreader – profitable. At the maximum risk return Spreader robot can reach 8% per day (However, there is a chance to get a significant loss). Another party – the shopping robot Tbot, created the company itcs. Robot specializes in active trading on the micex stock market. Of the robot in the company itcs told us the following: "The fast growing Russian stock market has attracted the attention of many investors, before that gave preference to bank deposits or deposit" under his pillow, "but, having followed him even a little time, it becomes it is clear that in order to succeed, you must constantly be "on the ball and monitor a portfolio. Newcomer even more difficult – how to identify entry and exit points for stocks, at what point to record profits in which – loss? Another important factor is the tension that sometimes spoil the mood and suggests the commission of improper actions, often leading to losses.

The optimal solution for many investors is mechanical trading system (MTS), otherwise – a robot. Trading robot TBot – this is quite a complex system that constantly monitors the portfolio of a dozen liquid stocks, independently determine the correct moment for buy / sell, enter into transactions – in short, doing everything the same as the professional manager. However, not subject to emotions, not asking for salary and does not go away on vacation, does not make mistakes in arithmetic and builds hundreds of plots for the day. Risk management system enables even if erroneous assumption (which is done, the ideal is not the case) to reduce losses to a minimum, and the change almost all settings – customize "under him." Thus, the robot TBot manage your capital, at the same time saves your time, which will agree, you can spend the best way, and nerve cells, which, incidentally, are not restored. " Friends and colleagues! We are open to new ideas and suggestions! If You want to share with us their ideas and experiences, or join a discussion with the creators of trading systems – welcome to our forum (authorization by the forum administrator if for some reason you unable to login, please kindly contact us at). Contest trading robots continues on the site! We look forward to new members!