Global American Syndicate

May 17, 2014


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2. Buy / rent a bank guarantee. Given: the same borrower, who, even after the situation with the consultant has not lost faith in humanity and is still looking for money. And also some agent who assures that may sell or lease the Borrower bank guarantee first-class bank, under which he would later in another first-class bank to get a loan. I truly marvel at the purity and integrity of those who believe in the possibility of the scheme. I'll try to explain on the fingers for people far from the banking terminology.

Imagine that Vasey is 100 rubles. To him comes Peter and says, 'Give me the $ 100 rent for a month, and I you for it pay 10 rubles. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. pursues this goal as well. " About the same and the meaning of the sentence on rent a bank guarantee. Wherefore remember once and for all: neither rent nor buy a bank guarantee is impossible, even if you are at the same time will refer to the jurisdiction of the Burkina Faso. Your bank guarantee is no different from the procedure for processing the loan. And the money is sent in a lease / purchase of the bank guarantee will you spent just wasted. 3. Funding through the provision of securities of certain financial institutions.

Given: a fairly impoverished, but have not yet lost hope of the Borrower, as well as a lender who is willing to fund our borrower. Here are just a loan not ready to give cash, but what some particular securities. In Russia, as far as I can tell, the plan worked most actively structure of Global American Syndicate (GAS, it also United American Fund). Credited (and after you paid to them by a bunch of commissions for the examination of applications for the preparation of opinions, etc.) with their own bills, cash that was impossible. But the requirement to pay interest to borrowers came with an enviable regularity. In this case, the fantasy of so-called creditors is generally unlimited. Personally, I caught the eye of a masterpiece: a bill Bank Simanis & Son, where as the location of the bank were given the geographic coordinates of some islands in Oceania.