Financial Form

April 20, 2011


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His negative impact, however, can occur in conditions of overproduction. Particularly noticeable is the impact of inflation. New means of payment by entering credit into circulation, enhance, and without of overweight money needed for treatment. Credit regardless of their social side performs the functions of regulation of the total cash flow, redistribution of funds to conditions for their subsequent return, the accumulation of temporary surplus funds. What is a 'loan for the development of small business'? Classification of loan is traditionally taken to implement for several basic features, the most important of which include categories lender and borrower, as well as the form in which it is given credit loan.

On this basis, we can distinguish the following forms of credit. 1. Bank loan. One the most common forms of credit relations in the economy, the object of which appears in the transfer of loan funds directly. Available exclusively to specialized credit and financial institutions licensed to carry out such operations from the central bank. In the borrower may make only legal persons, the instrument of credit is a credit relationship contract or loan agreement. Income on this form of the loan comes in the form of interest on loans, the rate is determined by agreement of the parties taking into account the average rate of bids for a given period and specific circumstances lending.

2. Commercial credit. One of the earliest forms of credit relations in the economy, spawned a paper circulation and thus actively contributing to the development of non-cash turnover, has practical expression in the financial and economic relations between entities in the form of sales of products or services with deferred payment.