The Borrower

April 19, 2011


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It turns out that as long as credit to the customer's application simply someone did not reach his hands. and client for a long time telling "scary tales" about the bank's security service. The borrower may also not be good for weeks carrying the bank the documents, without which further work will not go, and when will – immediately sit down to the manager for his neck and will be with tenacity to ask the question: When? All this happens all the time (even in the showroom, where the next table sits a number of banks), as a rule, for one reason. Client communicates with a person who works is not very long and expectations, the manager is left alone with a whole pack of different services that will make the maximum so as not to give credit to the man who can not return it. Right? Yes, but that desire quickly turns into verbalism, when the client is perceived as falling or not falling under strictly defined framework of the borrower, who somehow decided that deserves credit.

Round of the third – the unfulfilled promises. From the bank passes the crown series attacks: "Yes, the credit committee has passed, all is well, that's just you need from the surety, be sure to Kiev registration and official income of not less than $ 2000. And a down payment instead of 10% and 20%. " From such strikes the borrower, staggers, goes to Teach corner to rest. At this moment a customer desire to receive long-awaited car is replaced by a desire to see a white towel in the ring.