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Antonio Lazarini

August 18, 2020


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With the quality that came demonstrating in its presentations, them they had been called to touch the carnivals in Altamira. Beyond touching in parties of carnivals the function could be attributed to the musicians to touch in the commemorations of the week of the folloied Native land the pupils. As Mr. Porfrio Lazarini in the year of 1974 tells, having Antonio Lazarini as conducting the following ones had been executed folded: White swan, Two Hearts, Song of the Army among others. The local age in the km the 170 edges of the Transamaznica Highway where it did not only have houses nor commerce trucks that passed leaving track of dust in the road.

The present public was composed for parents of the pupils who came of its lots for the Highway to sanction its children in commemoration of the independence of Brazil. The parades in day 07 of September if had become a commitment that to each year if repeated up to 1979. The inheritance of the Lazarini family if keeps gift until the present as if it can observe below in the register: With passing of the years the Lazarini brothers had followed different professions. Amongst which if he detaches the public service in the occupation of the mayor position, which, Antonio Lazarini after occupied the emancipation of km 180. This was the first mayor of already the existing city of Uruar in the year of 1989. According to Porfrio Lazarini, the last time that had touched was in one of the carnivals of years 80. I finish it year that we touch carnival we were in ' ' Three Estrelas' ' (hall of parties of Uruar) I do not remember the year, also, this year was pra if to finish to the things, because we already were not better of mouth and tire fast, there, agent went down of palco and decides not to come back more, leaves the instruments there all, after some days, when I was to look for the instruments already they were not more there had ' ' sumido' ' , from we do not touch more there.


April 27, 2019


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The sorotipos most isolated in the etria band of zero the five years had been also most involved in the resistance to penicillin, and is enclosed in the vaccine 7-brave. The doctor of one forms generality prescribes antibiotics to treat the pneumoccica pneumonia. Most of the time, case the used antibiotics finish giving resulted positive the symptoms of the illness generally disappear between 12 the 36 hours after starting to take medicine. However, it is observed that some bacteria as the Streptococcus pneumoniae finishes resisting the action of them (antibiotic). The main reason must it the fact of this resistance the antibiotics be associated to the inadequate use of these medicines. Thus being, people with bigger risk of pneumoccica pneumonia must talk with the doctor on forms to prevent the illness.

Factors of virulence of the bacterium? The capsule of the bacterium protects of fagocitose and the recognition for the imunolgico system. Adesinas that allows the adhesion to the cells of faringe and respiratory epitlio. A related site: Verizon Communications mentions similar findings. Pneumolisinas: They are the proteins that are secretadas and that they finish desestabilizando the membranes them cells human beings, provoking its destruction. They activate the complement, using it against the cells of the host. Protease de IgA: Inactive this type of antibodies gifts in the mucosae. Acid teicico: This type of acid active the complement, spending it and directing it for the host. It produces hydrogen peroxide that cause damages in the cells.

Fosforilcolina: one leagues recpetores to it of the cells of the host, allowing to pneumococo to enter in them and to escape to the immune system. Main illnesses caused for the Streptococcus bacterium pneumoniae Pneumonia: pneumonia to lobar and bronchopneumonia. Symptoms high Fevers between 39 a41 C, with cough and purulenta yellow expectorao. This picture occurs after the patient frequent to contract a viral respiratory illness, as the example of the grippe, that destroys eyelashes of the respiratory epitlio allowing the bacterium to install itself and to be multiplied without being banishes for the action mechanics from eyelashes.

Marketing Strategies

May 28, 2018


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For this the adoption of convincing and seductive, great strategies of marketing would be necessary extremely responsible for the success in the reproduction of these spaces in the city contemporary. The closed condominiums are vendidos as if they were ' ' worlds separados' ' , all the words and images used in the announcements criteriosamente are chosen to emphasize ideas that obtain to directly reach the emotions of the possible purchasers. The references to the happiness, a calm life, the healthful habits, inhabiting next to green areas as requisite for quality of life, to the care with the children and even though and ironically to a freedom allowed for the space between the walls are constant in the announcements. The incorporators offer new products which are attributed new values, the offered equipment is most diverse: playground, hall of games, you square, swimming pools, churrasqueira, space gourmet, sauna, spa, In agreement etc. appear technological innovations and occur changes in the rhythm and routine of the families, new ' ' necessidades' ' they pass to be dictated by the real estate market as form of directed consumption.

The exclusiveness idea always was present and attractive in these enterprises. Exactly that they do not arrive to be used by the inhabitants, mainly enters of higher income, the interest for the collective equipment is great for a question of social affirmation and aggregation of value to the property. It has another ideal frequently inlaid in the valued real estate marketing and until more than the exclusive character of the places. For the public-target the possibility to enjoy all is incrivelmente impactante these services in a safe space: the question security starts to be the main argument of the real estate marketing and the services and equipment of security if they become indissociveis of the real estate products that are placed in the market. Come back to the purchasers of greater purchasing power that ahead of the increase of the crime indices its houses in noble quarters left to live in luxurious apartments that all possess the comfort and privacy of a house, which Nagy (1989: 22) if relate as ' ' mansions suspensas' '.


March 1, 2018


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Some times its parents dressed roupo and also they participated of the trick, scandalous thing for that time. This happened at the beginning of the last century. With this life so calm Dawn and its sister if asked, will be that valley the penalty if to marry and to turn slave the home, with a pan in the head making the times of crown and the broom making the one times cetro? This they did not desire and had been if improving, working and living the life in full way. This until appearing Mr. Carolo who discovered the address of Dawn and was until its house to speak with the young woman. It arrived and if he made to announce, well he was received, and when the burning was declared clothes, he heard one ' ' I go to think ' ' Dawn if meeting with its familiar ones, its parents had given blank paper, if it is liking goes in front, if it has some doubt, withdraws. In the following day Mr.

Carola was to know the reply and was received by the parents of Dawn that the presentations had after been direct to the subject. Its children were young intelligent, pretty and free to think and to act and that they were not prepared to be submissa the husband some. The subject was serious to be decided of irresponsible form. Mr. Carolo heard everything and agreed fully to the parents of Dawn. They had married. Mr.

Carolo was brilliant as friend, friend and father of family. Its children had been educated with liberty of speech, its children with financial independence. She was an eccentric family for the standards of a time where the great power and patriarchate functioned. The pretty Dawn continued working, was author of a romantic book very recommended at the time. With its beauty it decorated the halls of the presidenciveis, was friend of the first lady and as it had the privilege to have a beautiful voice, it sang in the halls of the life. To the eighty years still it shone and it was considered the perpetual debutante! Thanks to its familiar and its husband she was a woman who marked time, a woman the front of its time! Mr. Carolino Cavalcanti de Melo and Castro wise person of the things!