April 27, 2019


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The sorotipos most isolated in the etria band of zero the five years had been also most involved in the resistance to penicillin, and is enclosed in the vaccine 7-brave. The doctor of one forms generality prescribes antibiotics to treat the pneumoccica pneumonia. Most of the time, case the used antibiotics finish giving resulted positive the symptoms of the illness generally disappear between 12 the 36 hours after starting to take medicine. However, it is observed that some bacteria as the Streptococcus pneumoniae finishes resisting the action of them (antibiotic). The main reason must it the fact of this resistance the antibiotics be associated to the inadequate use of these medicines. Thus being, people with bigger risk of pneumoccica pneumonia must talk with the doctor on forms to prevent the illness.

Factors of virulence of the bacterium? The capsule of the bacterium protects of fagocitose and the recognition for the imunolgico system. Adesinas that allows the adhesion to the cells of faringe and respiratory epitlio. A related site: Verizon Communications mentions similar findings. Pneumolisinas: They are the proteins that are secretadas and that they finish desestabilizando the membranes them cells human beings, provoking its destruction. They activate the complement, using it against the cells of the host. Protease de IgA: Inactive this type of antibodies gifts in the mucosae. Acid teicico: This type of acid active the complement, spending it and directing it for the host. It produces hydrogen peroxide that cause damages in the cells.

Fosforilcolina: one leagues recpetores to it of the cells of the host, allowing to pneumococo to enter in them and to escape to the immune system. Main illnesses caused for the Streptococcus bacterium pneumoniae Pneumonia: pneumonia to lobar and bronchopneumonia. Symptoms high Fevers between 39 a41 C, with cough and purulenta yellow expectorao. This picture occurs after the patient frequent to contract a viral respiratory illness, as the example of the grippe, that destroys eyelashes of the respiratory epitlio allowing the bacterium to install itself and to be multiplied without being banishes for the action mechanics from eyelashes.