Marketing Strategies

May 28, 2018


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For this the adoption of convincing and seductive, great strategies of marketing would be necessary extremely responsible for the success in the reproduction of these spaces in the city contemporary. The closed condominiums are vendidos as if they were ' ' worlds separados' ' , all the words and images used in the announcements criteriosamente are chosen to emphasize ideas that obtain to directly reach the emotions of the possible purchasers. The references to the happiness, a calm life, the healthful habits, inhabiting next to green areas as requisite for quality of life, to the care with the children and even though and ironically to a freedom allowed for the space between the walls are constant in the announcements. The incorporators offer new products which are attributed new values, the offered equipment is most diverse: playground, hall of games, you square, swimming pools, churrasqueira, space gourmet, sauna, spa, In agreement etc. appear technological innovations and occur changes in the rhythm and routine of the families, new ' ' necessidades' ' they pass to be dictated by the real estate market as form of directed consumption.

The exclusiveness idea always was present and attractive in these enterprises. Exactly that they do not arrive to be used by the inhabitants, mainly enters of higher income, the interest for the collective equipment is great for a question of social affirmation and aggregation of value to the property. It has another ideal frequently inlaid in the valued real estate marketing and until more than the exclusive character of the places. For the public-target the possibility to enjoy all is incrivelmente impactante these services in a safe space: the question security starts to be the main argument of the real estate marketing and the services and equipment of security if they become indissociveis of the real estate products that are placed in the market. Come back to the purchasers of greater purchasing power that ahead of the increase of the crime indices its houses in noble quarters left to live in luxurious apartments that all possess the comfort and privacy of a house, which Nagy (1989: 22) if relate as ' ' mansions suspensas' '.