March 1, 2018


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Some times its parents dressed roupo and also they participated of the trick, scandalous thing for that time. This happened at the beginning of the last century. With this life so calm Dawn and its sister if asked, will be that valley the penalty if to marry and to turn slave the home, with a pan in the head making the times of crown and the broom making the one times cetro? This they did not desire and had been if improving, working and living the life in full way. This until appearing Mr. Carolo who discovered the address of Dawn and was until its house to speak with the young woman. It arrived and if he made to announce, well he was received, and when the burning was declared clothes, he heard one ' ' I go to think ' ' Dawn if meeting with its familiar ones, its parents had given blank paper, if it is liking goes in front, if it has some doubt, withdraws. In the following day Mr.

Carola was to know the reply and was received by the parents of Dawn that the presentations had after been direct to the subject. Its children were young intelligent, pretty and free to think and to act and that they were not prepared to be submissa the husband some. The subject was serious to be decided of irresponsible form. Mr. Carolo heard everything and agreed fully to the parents of Dawn. They had married. Mr.

Carolo was brilliant as friend, friend and father of family. Its children had been educated with liberty of speech, its children with financial independence. She was an eccentric family for the standards of a time where the great power and patriarchate functioned. The pretty Dawn continued working, was author of a romantic book very recommended at the time. With its beauty it decorated the halls of the presidenciveis, was friend of the first lady and as it had the privilege to have a beautiful voice, it sang in the halls of the life. To the eighty years still it shone and it was considered the perpetual debutante! Thanks to its familiar and its husband she was a woman who marked time, a woman the front of its time! Mr. Carolino Cavalcanti de Melo and Castro wise person of the things!