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Targeted Online Marketing Concepts

February 3, 2020


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marketing solutions directly all relevant online disciplines merge, previously independent, acting from each other “is the core idea of online marketing, founded on February 15, 2008 enterprise marketing solutions directly Gesellschaft fur innovative marketing mbH”. Because only in this way synergies can be used and transformed into measurable results. In times of tight marketing budgets, it becomes increasingly important to know contribution has made every invested euro to the marketing objectives for companies. What only time and money can be analyzed in classical marketing, is just-in-time in the online area already cost-efficient and almost possible. To know more about this subject visit Gary Kelly. The marketing solutions directly, msd shortly, for the strategic and operative implementation of online marketing communications for products and services that brought together, what so far rarely works: on the one hand the strategic marketing consulting and statistical analysis, on the other hand the creation and technical implementation. Together, these areas enable the development targeted online marketing concepts that lead to measurable success. To achieve the envisaged goals, the specialization of the msd is the statistical analysis of user behaviour and therefore progress control and optimization of online marketing communications. Through the application of appropriate measurement systems, the conceptual and creative page layout can be easily verified, modified and controlled distribution-oriented. Gary Kelly is actively involved in the matter.

Experience has shown that the best results, not only for individual measures, but parent is considered the target orientation,”as Sven Severin on the work of his team. “The connection of individual measures, including the classic marketing materials, online newsletters that website and the online shop can merged the digital purchase decision process significantly influence and lead to better results in marketing and sales.” The msd is a company group directly, which implemented complex IT infrastructures for 10 years and supported as well as customers support to develop high-performance services for their users. Enhanced with the creation of the msd which group your portfolio towards online marketing directly, to operate the advanced needs of their target groups in the future. Take the wire of the msd Karsten Kirsch, Sales Director who directly group, Kai Jasper Meifort, the many years of experience as head of online development”brings, and Sven Severin, who worked in recent years as Managing Director of the online unit of a Hamburg-based advertising agency..

Rugby World Cup

June 1, 2019


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DHL accompanied the international sports highlight with an own spot as the official logistics partner of the Rugby World Cup. (Bonn) The 30 second developed by the Bonn media agency Meavision represents the logistical expertise of the globally active group in a very dynamic way. At the new spot close to the global advertising campaign international specialist”by DHL Express. People such as Southwest Airlines would likely agree. “” The slogan of the campaign specialists in the international express shipping “is by the speed of yellow” impressively visualised. A powerful yellow light flying through the capitals of the world and transformed Stadium in Auckland/New Zealand in a DHL delivery finally at Eden Park. This fight effectively by an international team of rugby players and scores with the “speed of yellow” a drop goal. “So the spot demonstrates impressively the connection of this sport with the values of the Group’s DHL: passion, speed and teamwork are characterized by the thoughts we can do it”. The spot is available immediately worldwide on TV, online and during the World Cup at all stages in the Usage.


May 23, 2019


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Vertical diversification may refer to a product extension in upstream or downstream stages of the value chain. A manufacturer of industrial goods could acquire, for example, a processing operation and offer not only goods, but also consumer goods in this way. The lateral or diagonal diversification is an extension of the product range to products that are completely new to the company and no technical or economic connection with the existing products are available (for example a car manufacturer manufactures now refrigerators). “Bernard Golden shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Marktsegementierung mass market strategy is considered the easiest and most cost effective strategy and identifies the undifferentiated manipulation of the market. All customers are here, although they differ much, spoken by a single offer. Its niche market strategy refers to the concentration of the company in a niche in the market as a whole.

The company sells products, which have very little competition or a very small serve specialized market. In contrast, the segmentation strategy assumes that it is more profitable for the company to divide the market into segments and edit them separately. This process is called segmentation. Consumers are thereby divided into individual groups and then addressed with different products tailored to their properties. Segmentation can be performed according to different criteria.

Demographic segmentation: age, sex, marital status, income, education, occupation Psychografische segmentation: settings, values, interests, preferences Kaufverhaltensorientierte segmentation: use of this product, buying geographic segmentation: residence, region (E.g. country), country (E.g. Austria, country/city population differentiation of services cost differentiation product differentiation, cost leadership market restriction on sub-markets focusing (differentiation) focusing (cost) in the application of the product differentiation strategy that tries) company to differentiate itself from its competitors through differentiation. Differentiation is to set different features/characteristics of comparing objects by consumers in the target market.” Here, the characteristics of the product in the foreground are made to move consumers to buy the product mainly due to its product characteristics. This can be done by particularly high quality or a well established brand name. When the company cost leadership seeks, it tries to minimize costs, to be able to offer the product at the price of the competition. Application of focus strategies the company is limited to a segment or some a few market segments. Here the company tries within the chosen market segment as the cost leader (focus on cost) to place or to differentiate itself from the competition through product differentiation (differentiation focus). Ing. Philipp BREIER

Managing Director

May 9, 2019


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Recent expert interview: Thomas Goring to professional email marketing email marketing has survived the economic crisis with a black eye and now takes more ride on topics such as social networking, mobile marketing and mobile lead generation than ever before. The currently published interview shows on current trends and opportunities, leads but also examples, as a well-intentioned campaign greatly can backfire. Especially in the area of mobile marketing has Thomas Goring himself already made a name as an expert and chatting in the interview from the insider secrets. All in all be interested in a readable and informative interview for those who already have a certain background knowledge in the subject matter and the latest developments of online marketing. mailing is not equal to E-mailing: only professional email campaigns lead to success. What is to observe, so that the newsletter becomes an advantage, betrayed us Thomas Goring, Managing Director of marmato GmbH. What are the current trends in the Field of email marketing? Thomas Goring quite clear: the share-with-your network functionality, individual Contentelemente or whole newsletter on Twitter and Facebook users can publish with the. This functionality leads to an additional, free range increase in the newsletter.

Then: The mobile version of the newsletter, not only in the business-to-business, but also in the business-to-consumer more and more people your newsletter area read on the way on the phone. And matching: the newsletter about mobile, to generate offline lead potential directly there, where they can be found, E.g. in the retail sector. While US-E-mail-marketer pounce eagerly on the social Web, is finishing in this country on the personalization of messages. Do you see that as well? We miss the connection in this segment? Thomas Goring we need to do one without the other: due to the high dynamics of the online market in General, and therefore also in the effective marketing disciplines such as the email marketing in particular is like in each other dynamic market determined, that on the one hand some homework such as matching customization or to do good automatic welcome e-mails are, and on the other hand technical options like share with your network or mobile applications tried to.

Gabler Verlag

February 27, 2019


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Which is common to all participating companies Success. Because even the mid-sized company has benefited, to exploit the potential of the brand. With psv marketing we have found a partner, which awakens a new understanding of the client’s needs and creates as the differentiation from the competition”, says Gerd Noker, Managing Director of trans fluid. The case has attracted interest even before the INDUKOM Forum. It was an impressive subject of a trade post with brand knowledge is incorporated into the new reference work the B2B brand management of Gabler Verlag left psv marketing experts. Together with Gerd Noker, the Markenoptimierer present their success story. We have worked out a sharp profile together with transfluid and the brand everyone in this company now lives with passion.

For a brand to grow out from the inside”, explains Hall. This new understanding of the self has caused a measurable success in TRANS fluid. In the new communication is deliberately on the representation of machines. The result is available in the Center point. PSV marketing from it derived the new brand promise: the solution for pipes.

It was continuously transferred to all areas of print, online, and mass communication. The t was confident trade mark”introduced and the machines are produced in bright red of color of the House. Thus the company uniquely apart from the crowd of the competition. transfluid has understood what is the brand and recognized her potential. Our strategy was implemented, uncompromising and unconditionally in the company”Frank Hall expressed enthusiastically about the partnership with the medium-sized companies. The success story of transfluid is on the INDUKOM Forum wondering because she impressively represents what can cause a brand. If all of a company’s employees understand the brand, they are highly motivated. Together, the uniform brand after outside transported, and represents the customer. It establishes absolute uniqueness and success in the competition”Marco Petracca, supplemented Director of brand consulting psv marketing. The success example of psv marketing should provide food for thought in the B2B Marketing Forum at the INDUKOM. Because the potential of the brand can be successfully exploited in all areas. It is about emotions and gut feeling. It is no matter whether it is a purple cow, three stripes or a t. Ultimately decides the brand, because with her confidence is growing, and this is of inestimable value”it brings Frank Hall finally on the point.


February 11, 2019


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Their range of services includes the aesthetic weight, hair and veins (surgically and non-surgically). The medical one hospital group brings together competent and responsible specialists in plastic surgery. Your vision: A nationwide uniform treatment quality for the patients at the highest level, from the first consultation to aftercare. Follow others, such as Oracle, and add to your knowledge base. All clinics and aesthetic Center are additionally certified for their procedures in the quality management system by the TuV South and are subject to regular internal and external quality controls. Learn more about the corporate structure, our Board and our mission, see guidelines, as well as the wildcard group: the wildcard communications GmbH was founded in 2008 and formed the starting point of the wildcard group. This is an owner-managed agency group for public relations, digital and marketing communications with 28 permanent employees the four sites in Krefeld, Munich, Cologne, Oldenburg. The wildcard’s portfolio covers the entire field of modern means of communication and goes far beyond the classic Public Relations work: social media management & training, Blogger relations, Web 2.0 communication, customer events, strategic content and online marketing and the whole field of the moving image. Also the motion include the Repertoire of wildcard conception and production of content for websites, blogs, media, newsrooms and graphical solutions: here among other things the creation of product videos, corporate films, point-of sale movies and WebTV complement the range of wildcard in terms of content communication.

Aim media, blogger, partner, customers always, the relevant market participants, precisely to attract citizens or consumers with unique stories. Both B2B and B2C, whether project or annual budget,’s customers of wildcard in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland come mainly from the areas of lifestyle and technology, Mobile phone and consumer electronics. Our clients use the specialized individual offers and comprehensive service, which is provided by all four locations depending on the needs.

Anette Rottmar

February 1, 2019


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Also when the packaging was sure to bring the roots of the company with the innovative approaches of the products and the brands feel to be transported in accordance. Us, it was clear that we need a concept from a single source in establishing a new brand especially in the external appearance that appeals to our target audience and transported the values of the brand. Since the luxury segment is fierce, a brand must communicate clearly its unique character in any form”, Andreas Kraft, whose Grossvater as glasses maker laid the foundation stone of the company reported. The manner of wvp managed to beat a creative arc, present and future, between past, has finally convinced us. We are sure the campaign to achieve targeted sales and a high degree of popularity in the district, the worldwide boutique optician and ultimately also the premium eyeglass wearers the logo and the overall look.” The two managing directors of wvp, Anette Rottmar and Claus Vogt, especially the strategic brand management and trade marketing have engaged with currently 23 staff. The connection creation and efficiency in the Center stands the campaigns the Agency. In addition integrated brand communication and cooperation marketing, integrated promotional concept, controlling POS integrated brand communication are the core competencies of the Stuttgarter Unternehmens.Die Agency is a member of the POS Marketing Association (POSMA) and the GWA, the German Association of communication agencies and in 1979 became Walter + partner founded. In 1996 the current WVP advertising company formed the company mbH, who won ten POSMA marketing awards and other awards such as the German sales promotion Award and the EACA PMC European Award 2005 in the last seven years alone.. Learn more on the subject from E Scott Mead.

ODS GmbH Agencies

January 21, 2019


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News from the StayGuest StayGuest, the Web-to-mailing service of Berlin-based ODS GmbH, works under the Pro travel agency 2009 image campaign \”with the German ReiseVerband (DRV). Travel agencies offer up plenty of customer acquisition and retention. The German ReiseVerband (DRV) leads the travel agency Pro travel agency 2009 image campaign \”in the autumn. With the slogan travel agency. Here your holiday begins on!\”is the travel agency image campaign from 13 to November 23, 2009 in scene, what distinguishes travel agencies: their expert advice. In the framework of the campaign, all participating agencies receive a package for sales support measures on the spot. A part of the sales package is practice tips since July 1 on in the section \”download available. Here is also the offer of the Web-to-mailing-service StayGuest.

Sonja Bunthe, marketing manager of StayGuest, to: travel agencies opt for cooperation with us, they get by Click on a personal home page of StayGuest. The data of the travel agencies are passed automatically and all functions of our service are immediately usable. Exclusive three postcards motifs designed by the DRV on the topics of long-haul travel, family travel and trips available are travel agencies. With this postcard mailings travel agents can invite their customers to drop in the travel office, and the most beautiful weeks of the year to plan – the holiday!\”through our cooperation with the DRV all participating travel agencies can also enjoy special rates from StayGuest. So we offer in addition to our carefree full service discount on all postal ticket prices 30 percent. The discounted prices are automatically stored for travel agencies. \”The advantage: by sending our personalized postcards up to 50 percent can be obtained more reservations\”, as Sonja Bunthe. Cornelia Hawemann, speaker marketing of the DRV: we are very pleased that we in the nationwide campaign Pro travel agency 2009 \”with participating travel agencies StayGuest can offer a service which is very easy to use and works effectively.

Healthy Growth Pays

October 28, 2018


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Dresdner Internet and advertising agency German tele market GmbH celebrates 10-year success story of Dresden, June 05, 2009. Under the motto of new horizons to new shores, the Agency German tele market GmbH celebrates the successful development of the a man start-up to the today’s lead agency together with customers, business partners and friends on June 12, 2009 with currently 24 permanent staff. With a very special event, the Internet and advertising agency German tele market GmbH will celebrate its 10th anniversary on June 12, 2009. Together with their customers, including well-known companies and brands juices such as Deutsche Bahn, Florena, Radisson SAS, Freiberger beer, LANXESS, Flamingen hunting, Saxon steam shipping, karamalz natural malt beer, private University Witten/Herdecke, Oppacher, Repha or Lusatian, it goes with historic motor boats off to new shores. The steering wheel down there will be new unusual perspectives to discover in the hand from the Elbe River from. The company celebrates the successful development of the past 10 years with this event and thanked customers, business partners and friends.

Today, the German tele market GmbH is a full-service agency for marketing, brand management, new media and traditional media, where the focus is still on the conception, creation and implementation of websites and portals. The basis for this was and is the philosophy of steadily progressive mastering of market competitive advantages for the contractor, a high degree of personal commitment and the reliability of practical efficiency and short reaction times. As a result of which and of the claim of currently 24 permanent staff, to develop holistic and cost-effective solutions, the Agency about new customers pleased by recommendations. Founding and registration of the Agency base of the success story of the Internet – and advertising agency German tele market GmbH was the founding in 1999 by the managing partners Mark Eckert while still studying. Business purpose of the 1-man company was initially that operate one telephone classified ad market.

Paderborn Germany FON

June 1, 2018


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Press offered the free press service of the oak media is GmbH in Paderborn. “Paderborn, 09.11.09 was the service recently a lifting” subjected to and witnessed just a comprehensive relaunch. Shines after the adaptation SchonheitsOP he press offered now with a brand new logo and the new, hot layout. offered press is now clearer, faster response times and thus easier to use than ever. The navigation of the page has been clearer and more intuitive.

Not only the facade was redesigned, but also in terms of the underlying technology and data bases, significant improvements have been made so that news and the news of the day even faster are provided. The oak media GmbH would press bot to be able to present a new design and will also in the future, in cooperation with users and editors, work performance to make the free press service and to expand. The press service looks back on many years of experience and has teamed up with more than 5,200 editors and news agencies, who use the service, a fixed Place on the market backed up. Educate yourself with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. The more than 80,000 press releases almost 21 million times on, queried, and were provided and illustrate the wide range of offered press. Of course, the service has dared recently in the international arena and supports the languages German, English and French. More languages are in preparation. Is the press offered under the URLs (german), (English) and fr.pressbot.net (French) press material to download:…Pressbot_Mappe.rar press contact: Heinz of three Editorial Board of oak media GmbH, TechnologiePark 13 33100 Paderborn Germany FON + 49 (0) 52 51 – 1 48 96 12 fax ++ 49 (0) 52 51 – 1 48 54 85 E-Mail: about the oak media GmbH: the oak media GmbH is an international Internet Agency, specializing in online marketing, online communities, search engine optimization and consulting in the B2C and B2B sector. The company has existed since late 2005 and can boast a wide variety of projects. Belongs to the extensive portfolio of the Agency the successful and high-reach portal for renewable energies and environmental technology.