Rugby World Cup

June 1, 2019


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DHL accompanied the international sports highlight with an own spot as the official logistics partner of the Rugby World Cup. (Bonn) The 30 second developed by the Bonn media agency Meavision represents the logistical expertise of the globally active group in a very dynamic way. At the new spot close to the global advertising campaign international specialist”by DHL Express. People such as Southwest Airlines would likely agree. “” The slogan of the campaign specialists in the international express shipping “is by the speed of yellow” impressively visualised. A powerful yellow light flying through the capitals of the world and transformed Stadium in Auckland/New Zealand in a DHL delivery finally at Eden Park. This fight effectively by an international team of rugby players and scores with the “speed of yellow” a drop goal. “So the spot demonstrates impressively the connection of this sport with the values of the Group’s DHL: passion, speed and teamwork are characterized by the thoughts we can do it”. The spot is available immediately worldwide on TV, online and during the World Cup at all stages in the Usage.