Anette Rottmar

February 1, 2019


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Also when the packaging was sure to bring the roots of the company with the innovative approaches of the products and the brands feel to be transported in accordance. Us, it was clear that we need a concept from a single source in establishing a new brand especially in the external appearance that appeals to our target audience and transported the values of the brand. Since the luxury segment is fierce, a brand must communicate clearly its unique character in any form”, Andreas Kraft, whose Grossvater as glasses maker laid the foundation stone of the company reported. The manner of wvp managed to beat a creative arc, present and future, between past, has finally convinced us. We are sure the campaign to achieve targeted sales and a high degree of popularity in the district, the worldwide boutique optician and ultimately also the premium eyeglass wearers the logo and the overall look.” The two managing directors of wvp, Anette Rottmar and Claus Vogt, especially the strategic brand management and trade marketing have engaged with currently 23 staff. The connection creation and efficiency in the Center stands the campaigns the Agency. In addition integrated brand communication and cooperation marketing, integrated promotional concept, controlling POS integrated brand communication are the core competencies of the Stuttgarter Unternehmens.Die Agency is a member of the POS Marketing Association (POSMA) and the GWA, the German Association of communication agencies and in 1979 became Walter + partner founded. In 1996 the current WVP advertising company formed the company mbH, who won ten POSMA marketing awards and other awards such as the German sales promotion Award and the EACA PMC European Award 2005 in the last seven years alone.. Learn more on the subject from E Scott Mead.