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May 9, 2019


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Recent expert interview: Thomas Goring to professional email marketing email marketing has survived the economic crisis with a black eye and now takes more ride on topics such as social networking, mobile marketing and mobile lead generation than ever before. The currently published interview shows on current trends and opportunities, leads but also examples, as a well-intentioned campaign greatly can backfire. Especially in the area of mobile marketing has Thomas Goring himself already made a name as an expert and chatting in the interview from the insider secrets. All in all be interested in a readable and informative interview for those who already have a certain background knowledge in the subject matter and the latest developments of online marketing. mailing is not equal to E-mailing: only professional email campaigns lead to success. What is to observe, so that the newsletter becomes an advantage, betrayed us Thomas Goring, Managing Director of marmato GmbH. What are the current trends in the Field of email marketing? Thomas Goring quite clear: the share-with-your network functionality, individual Contentelemente or whole newsletter on Twitter and Facebook users can publish with the. This functionality leads to an additional, free range increase in the newsletter.

Then: The mobile version of the newsletter, not only in the business-to-business, but also in the business-to-consumer more and more people your newsletter area read on the way on the phone. And matching: the newsletter about mobile, to generate offline lead potential directly there, where they can be found, E.g. in the retail sector. While US-E-mail-marketer pounce eagerly on the social Web, is finishing in this country on the personalization of messages. Do you see that as well? We miss the connection in this segment? Thomas Goring we need to do one without the other: due to the high dynamics of the online market in General, and therefore also in the effective marketing disciplines such as the email marketing in particular is like in each other dynamic market determined, that on the one hand some homework such as matching customization or to do good automatic welcome e-mails are, and on the other hand technical options like share with your network or mobile applications tried to.