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July 14, 2020


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The ‘most beautiful days of the year’, the holiday, are guarded by the Germans as a treasure. Hans-Joachim Evers, Chariman of the Austrian Banking Act, explains that: outweigh the products which prove useful AIDS in the vacation In a wide range of promotional items. The luggage scale saved from high additional costs for overweight and who has not ever reached for the wrong suitcase on the baggage carousel? With an eye-catching luggage strap, this would have happened. And so the journey continues the bench towel ticket pockets or pass cases over the transparent bag for hazardous liquids in their hand luggage and the plaster or sewing kit the Sonnencap the beach game or the binoculars. All of these promotional items while the home don’t come any closer but the advertising message is close. German travel virtually all year round. And vice versa, Germany is an attractive destination for guests from abroad all the time. “Who is so the audience travel” forcefully, achieved a permanent and limitless speech of Traveler whether business or leisure, the customers and prospects can be.

“.” And the market volume is enormous: according to recent figures from the Federal Statistics Office, German start annually to 64.1 million vacation trips. 2008, there were 54.9 million guest arrivals of domestic and 15.6 million a from abroad in German hotels. “Hans-Joachim Evers: profiteers of the enthusiasm for travel” can be virtually all companies in addition to the classic travel industry (airlines, hotels and car rental companies, etc.), which strategically advertise. For marketers, it is crucial that the holiday season is positively seen as completely. That begins with the anticipation and the preparations for the holiday, will continue in the days of experience and joins the sustainable memories. All these little helpers of advertising contribute to the positive success of the trip. The breadth of customer addresses is enormous. But promotional hit two targets: high benefits and targeted communication.

The individual benefit of advertising article for the customers is even more effective broadcasting on the ensuing customer relationship from. It can work with the famous gut feeling. It is safer but, to work with an industry experienced promotional products consultant which recommends also the right branding alongside the right promotional products for the promotional effect sustainable. The risk would be that the most beautiful days of the customer to the last days of the customers otherwise,”. Elvira Tan