Leysse Leon

December 21, 2023


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That is why we believe it should apply liability. It is unacceptable that the damage can be regarded as claimed in re ipsa Leysse Leon, because it would create a real operator, disconnected from reality. The injury must be proved, for example, the publication of so-called "sensitive data" on the creed or political conviction or illness of an individual can severely affect your privacy, but in other cases, when you are putting advertising purposes ( a lawyer who advertises his religion to win customers in a defined area) or specific blogs associations or political groups, or for payment of the foundations that fight against certain diseases, for which the criterion of sensitive data would also be questioned, and the damage in re ipsa, by the mere fact of being a personality right , disappears. The right to have protection from PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AS THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY: We challenge the view that automatically inferred from control of personal data with the right to privacy, due to the intervention of the Spanish doctrine and legislation. We believe that the protection of personal data is a superior development of the right to privacy, so it has to be a necessary referent but, as we noted earlier, also protects other duties, such as honor and reputation (commercial ), following the ruling of the Constitutional Court reviewed before. With regard to informational self-determination, Leysse Leon, noted that there is a "right of personality" in Germany, but " component "or" realization "or" subdivision "of the general right of personality", in any case, is something that is real foundation, as Germanic constitutional jurisprudence, the general right of personality.