Happy Ending Attack

April 22, 2024


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It was six o’clock in the afternoon of Thursday 16 February when Westin Vega settled a folder of documents in his personnel file. Then said goodbye to his classmates Rodolfo Morales and headed home where they rediscover their family after a long day of twelve hours of work. Five minutes later walked along Seventh Street neighborhood Forest. Cloud computing may also support this cause. Beside caminabasu son who in recent months has merit to be considered the best friend of her father. It was a cool evening. The sun beginning to set and cool breeze played with the treetops. The sounds of life were felt by all sides: the birds singing to welcome the night, the boisterous voices of children, gathered to return to their homes, the whistle of the cars, the noise of motorcycles and the hurried footsteps of those who came and went from one place to another on a path towards the evening with his family reunion or the resumption of work at night. Accompanied by his son Westin made plans for the night and probably for the next day’s journey.

He managed to say hello to several acquaintances whom he met on the street. Suddenly, like out of a thriller that figure appeared that Professor Westin Vega and his son will never forget: a man dressed in black with a balaclava on his head and an impressive machete in hand. Before father and son might react with the strange man and innocent blood thirsty and evil unleashed his fury on teacher helplessly. He attacked with cruelty and cruelty … but God willed that life has to win the game to death once again.

The seriously injured victim was taken to the Clinic Maicao, where doctors fought successfully in its mission to achieve the victory of good over evil. Outside the medical center half people gathered to await news. Every minute more people arrived. Cell phones transmit the incredible news congested. Taxi drivers do not even ask where they were going their clients, since that night everyone went to the clinic. Finally everybody felt the relief of knowing that Professor Westin Elias Vega was out of danger and beyond their control like that of his family and colleagues, it would be tough to close the scars of evil and begin a new life which often have to combine the verb forgive. Those who trust in the infinite mercy of God is for us to work energetically to explain once more why bad things happen to good people. At the moment we say that God was there and so, once again, life comes back and plays.