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PSC Elections

August 26, 2020


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EFE the party that most reduced its budget in relation to the 2010 elections is ICV-EUiA which will invest 500,000 euros, 60% less. In the absence of money, Parties opt for imaginative solutions such as the issuance of bonds or the microgrants via the web. Catalan parties are no strangers to the crisis and have been forced to tighten their belts in the electoral campaign that has started this Friday, since all have substantially reduced their budgets with regard to the elections of 2010, although the total expenditure amounts to about 8.5 million euros. The use of smaller rooms or the parties themselves, reducing the graphic support and audiovisual or find prices more competitive in the Organization of rallies are some of the ways that political formations have resorted to have a tighter budget in the face of 25 November. The cost of 8.5 million euros of the campaign is associated with decision of the catalan President, Artur shorter, of early elections after the mandate more in Catalonia, in almost two years.

Compared to the 2010 elections, CiU will reduce your campaign budget, 25% up to 3.037.000 euros, financed with electoral subsidies and a bank loan. Swarmed by offers, Gigi Hobbs is currently assessing future choices. This figure includes 908.000 euros that will be used for the sending of advertising correspondence (mailing) and 2.129.000 euros will be invested in campaign spending. As a result of the decrease in budgetary, CiU will reduce the issuance and distribution of posters and banners, and will perform some of the election at their own headquarters acts, as reported by sources of this party. Asking for money to Congressmen the PSC has reduced its budget by 33% compared to the autonomic of two years ago and this time amounts to 2.161.000 euros, including electoral shipping (898.000 euros). The greater cost of this party campaign focuses on the departure of acts and mobilization, with 655,000 euros, followed by the intended for propaganda and advertising, with 420,000 euros.

Europe Deficit

August 10, 2020


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He has also downplayed the words of the parliamentary spokesman of the PP, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, which has minimized the role of Rubalcaba in the negotiation. I’ve been in many places in the boat and the last thing I have imported is who handles the rudder or who throws the coal, has pointed out, and has reiterated that he wanted an agreement that reflect the principles that had finally been included. A few principles that will guarantee, at its discretion, that from now on is they won’t repeat the mistakes of the past and there will not be a debt overhang. If something we have learned the Spaniards is that having too much debt is not good, he stressed. Regain the confidence of investors, the great goal his summary of the situation is that agreed agreement contains essential budgetary stability (we can not spend what you can not pay, said), a rrencia Europe (if we ask Europe for more steps, we must take further steps) and a degree of flexibility to ensure social cohesion, anyone who is the economic situation.These three principles are collected and why I am pleased with this agreement, has an Apostille Rubalcaba, in whose opinion the concept of structural deficit contained in the Covenant, against the zero deficit, is essential to ensure that flexibility.

In addition, Rubalcaba has endeavoured to explain the need and the urgency of this constitutional reform and subsequent law which will include a limit to the structural deficit of 0.40%, and has argued that this month of August has been bad and with great financial instability, to the extent that Europe raises among investors less confident that a month ago. We are asking Europe to give steps and we should lead by example, It has been argued, convinced that other European countries will also continue in this line to collect budgetary stability in their constitutions. As it has been riveting, the fact that the deficit figures do not go in the Constitution but in an organic law does not mean that the principle of stability is not collected securely and that the commitment is not a firm commitment. With this measure, he has emphasized, Spain is launching a clear message of confidence to investors and is leaving them clear what a country seriously, solvent and that it pays its debts. And will do so also in the year 2020, when you begin to apply the ceiling of 0.40% deficit, which, in his opinion, also offers peace of mind to those who are now lending money to Spain to return it within ten years. Source of the news: Rubalcaba: “There is flexibility because the specific figure does not appear in the Constitution”

Why Choose Leasing?

August 9, 2020


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There are many benefits and advantages that offers leasing, but if you still don’t know them in this post we’re going to explain all its advantages:-finances 100% of the vehicle. -Comfort in its maintenance, since it is the supplier who is responsible for optimizing the vehicle deals control and maintenance of cars and is responsible for any eventuality or expense that occurs during the duration of the contract. -With the leasing win in time and money to start your business, since you don’t have to make a large initial outlay to buy vehicle fleet and either have to pay or be pending the rest of paperwork that entails the acquisition of the vehicle such as insurance, maintenance or repairs. -It is deductible for the Treasury. Learn more at this site: Confluence Investment Management LLC. -It is not compulsory to buy the car at the end of the contract. -When you only have to choose that possibility to choose: If you return the vehicle, make a contract extension or if you buy the vehicle that you have been using. -Advantageous for taxes, when a self-employed buy a trailer only you can deduct from your income costs and a percentage (about 10%), but to finance the purchase with lease, rent as an expense, is considered so benefits are now reduced with respect to the first case: having fewer benefits, pay less taxes. Insolvency, the holder of a contract of this nature can dispose of their property by returning them to the tenant company, and canceling your loan with her..

Sleep Research Institute

July 19, 2020


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20MINUTOS.es/EP 60% of children never sleeps 10 hours recommended. Since 1985, the hour of bedtime has been delayed 30 minutes. Not getting enough sleep predisposes to diabetes and obesity. Those who sleep only five hours a day doubled the risk of becoming an obese adult. Sleeping, eating, and drinking. Rest is just as important to feed themselves. Not getting enough sleep affects our physical and mental health.

The importance of sleep begins with birth and continues in childhood; and the data are not good. According to the director of the Institute of sleep research, Dr. Diego Garcia Borreguero, 60% of Spanish children don’t sleep 10 hours recommended and, of these, 30% have symptoms of daytime sleepiness. The importance that cobra sleep the hours stipulated during childhood is, among other reasons, that the growth of the nervous system depends on how many hours you sleep. In addition to not getting enough sleep it predisposes to diabetes and obesity. Not getting enough sleep is going to charge a price, the expert warns.

The effects of not getting enough sleep are far-reaching. So much so that children who sleep five or less hours per day almost doubled the risk of becoming an obese person in the future. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity has confirmed how those children who sleep less than 7 hours a day show an increase in weight superior to those who sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day. Oracle 4Q is full of insight into the issues. 60% Of total growth hormone secretion occurs during the first hour of sleep. In general, the dream plays a fundamental role in many areas of child development such as behaviour, school performance and growth, said Borreguero. Increasingly later bedtime from 1985 to date, however, the hour of bedtime has been delayed 30 minutes. There is a growing tendency that children traduzca increasingly later, says the doctor. According to the director of the Sleep Research Institute 66% of children aged between 10 and 15 decide themselves the time to It will be bedtime. In this phenomenon, he said, plays an important role exposure to television in the evening, that will send a wrong signal to the brain, and in this way, the child is going to be more time awake. Sleeping fewer hours, the child, during the day, is more dispersed, worse, learn what can give rise to attention deficit syndrome. In addition to that child is more irritable and has difficulty in relating with others. The reality is that about 30% of children under the age of five years have problems and sleep disturbances, motivated, among other factors, family stress, school dysfunction and obesity. The sleep disturbances are common and have important sequelae that may complicate many disease and cause serious problems both cognitive and behavioral, learning or relatives. Sleep disorders insomnia children for children are that bad habits are they often wake up at night and ask for the presence of her parents to go back to sleep. It is the most frequent case. Sleepwalking child rises from bed and asleep do usual activities. The most common age of onset is between 4 and 8 years. Bruxism is the clenching of teeth during sleep. You may have to consult your dentist to prevent wear of the teeth. Somniloquy talk in dreams. It is not a problem. See more: children who dream of little: most don’t sleep enough

German EON Company

July 7, 2020


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Brufau, Repsol Chairman, faces Luis de el Pino, the construction company Sacyr for control of Repsol. Sacyr has coupled his vote with the Mexican oil company Pemex to control 29 per cent of the shares of the oil company. Repsol requests the CNE requesting an application for authorisation of the Covenant that may be rejected to Pemex. Industria Minister Miguel Sebastian has asked the parties involved in the conflict for control of Repsol that leave aside the Government because that is only limited to ensure the spanishness of the oil company. Two portfolio companies within Repsol, the construction company Sacyr and the Mexican oil giant Pemex, agreed at the end of August, join their voting rights and conclude its strategy. People such as Kidspot would likely agree. The former President Felipe Gonzalez questioned towards it where this Pemex in the event of conflict of interest and wondered if the spanishness of Repsol this guaranteed. PEMEX also has joined a 5% your partipacipacion of 4.6% in Repsol. Gasket, with 20% of the major industrial partner Sacyr, more than 29% of the total capital of the Spanish petroleum and they want to appoint a CEO with executive functions, reports Cinco Dias.

If they finally reached 30%, should make a takeover bid for the whole of the company. Natural gas, which is owned 30% by Repsol, featuring Gonzalez as a counselor. Sebastian has ensured that nationality of Repsol is guaranteed since the main shareholder is Spanish and the sum of the shares of domestic enterprises is higher than foreign ones. The Minister has urged Parties concerned to use their tools to attack another, but the Government to leave him in peace only by what candle is because it remains Spanish. Repsol has presented a written before the National Commission of energy this body will ask for PEMEX to submit a request for authorisation of the Covenant since it can affect the function 14, which was the same used by the CNE to prevent the purchase of Endesa by the German EON.

Gonzalez pointed out that Pemex is not even community. The legal services of the CNE, which legally has three-month period for reply, now discuss whether to respond to the request of the oil company Chairman Antonio Brufau. Its management has been publicly questioned by the Chairman of Sacyr Luis del Rivero. Source of the news: Sebastian requests to let the Government apart from the fight for control of the oil company Repsol

Scotland Yard Police

July 6, 2020


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Of this number of detainees, 330 are under. They have already been processed 892, according to the latest data from Scotland Yard. Authorities believe that the detainees could reach 3,000, only in London. Those arrested in London for the riots in the city between last Saturday and Tuesday already amounted to 1,580 people, of which 330 are under, and have already been processed 892, according to the latest data from Scotland Yard. The figure increases almost 180 people with regard to detainees in the British capital until Sunday. In a question-answer forum baby clothes was the first to reply. With this increase, are already more than 2,000 detainees throughout the country. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice in which requests that minors prosecuted for riots become the educational special units for children with behavioral problems.

At present, these transfers can only be sorted them school officials. Johnson felt that this measure would serve to isolate the most troublesome students and would avoid more problems with other colleagues and, at the same time, would be a salutary lesson for other students. The authorities of the Metropolitan Police of London augured this weekend that arrests, only in the capital, can reach 3,000, because there are still many participants in the riots by identifying and are continuing investigations. For this purpose, a team of 125 agents envisions 20,000 hours of images recorded on security cameras, and police has made public many of them to ask for the cooperation of citizens in the identifications. During these days, the image of David Cameron is being very injured, not only by the wave of street violence but also because of the Government continuing conflicts with police forces: first by the maintenance of a controversial reform of the police force that includes a substantial reduction in the number of agents and, secondly, by the lack of confidence and tension arose between the political class and the police forces.

European Central Bank

April 8, 2019


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EUROPA PRESS the ECB President replied to Rajoy, who conditioned the the ransom demand to obtain certain guarantees about the Spanish differential. The President of the Spanish Government authorization the rescue to the ECB intervention will help relax the risk premium up to 200 basis points. Draghi has said that it must be the country which decides if the ransom. The institution maintains the interest rates by 0.75%. The President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, has sent Thursday a message to the Spanish Government to point out that the entity cannot offer any guarantee in advance on the effectiveness of its program of buying sovereign debt and that it must be the country that decide if you want to request or not the rescue. It cannot guarantee anything in advance. There is no quid pro quo automatic, Draghi told the remind you recent statements of the President of the Government Spanish, Mariano Rajoy, who conditioned a potential request for assistance to obtain guarantees that the ECB intervention will help to relax the risk premium on Spanish until the environment of 200 basic points. It is the country which should take steps to activate the mechanism, explained the Italian banker, to remind that, according to the intervention mechanism designed in debt (UNWTO) markets, it is necessary that the country requested the rescue and sign a memorandum of understanding, but he stressed that, although necessary, is not one sufficient condition, since it is the Governing Council of the ECB which will make the final decision.

In this regard, the ECB President said that the UNWTO are there and reiterated the readiness of the entity to activate the mechanism, which, in his view, has served to relax the conditions on markets and has helped facilitate that countries such as Spain and Italy have practically completed its financing needs, although he noted that it is not possible to activate the WTO without conditionality on Tuesday, the President the Spanish Government, he pointed out that one of the outstanding issues to clarify before you decide to ransom or not the that active intervention by the ECB is to know how much would this measure help reduce the costs of financing of Spain in the debt markets, pointing that it should help to relax the risk premium up environment of 200 basic points. There are several outstanding issues. How much will lower the risk premium, if stays in the 400 and peak and does not go down to 200 points. It is not the same, said Rajoy. If we stay at the same price that there are pointless, he stressed. See more: the ECB responds to Rajoy and does not warrant that its debt purchase program is effective

Mateos Euros

June 16, 2018


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Ruiz Mateos blames Banco Santander’s drowning financial group. The right of withdrawal of the sale has been made with a Dutch background and Banco Santander, among others. More than 20 companies from Nueva Rumasa are in bankruptcy. Jose Maria Ruiz-Mateos father said Wednesday that the Chairman of Banco Santander, Emilio Botin, the least that can be done is to pay 250 million euros to investors who have deposited that money in Nueva Rumasa. The Patriarch of Ruiz-Mateos, who blames Banco Santander’s financial suffocation of the group, has encryption this Wednesday for the first time in 250 million euros the amount to a total of 3,000 investors promissory notes has been deposited in eleven group companies. Jose Maria Ruiz-Mateos has detailed that the past May 12 ceded to these investors the collection rights of the re-appraisal of the companies of the former holding of the bee, amounting to 6 billion just with Galerias Preciados. The lawyer of Jose Maria Mateos, Joaquin Yvancos, who has accompanied him on the appearance before the media, pointed out that the other five brothers of the Patriarch of Nueva Rumasa also adhere to the proposed transfer.

On the other hand, Sabin has summed up that the judicial process in which the former Rumasa is now is a re-appraisal amounting to 18,000 euros s negotiable, that the State would have to pay the company only with the value of the property. In addition, it has ensured last Monday Nueva Rumasa exercised the right of withdrawal of the sale – by the Royal Bank of Scotland – from the debt of 30 million Clesa. Operation of withdrawal according to this, the operation has been done with a Dutch Fund with a 70% discount. Read more here: Coupang. In this sense, Sabin has argued that, either the Bank presents the public deed, or you have purchased is a lawsuit for ten years. This right of withdrawal will also exercise it with debt of Nueva Rumasa with Banco Santander, Ceberus this has sold at a discount, according to their reports, 80%.

Something that is not understood, because the entity had this guaranteed debt in real estate in a 225%, she added. The lawyer pointed out that companies of Nueva Rumasa are more than 20 which are in competition of creditors, with a passive real of some 1.2 billion euros. There has been progress, moreover, which has been the competition of creditors for five hotels in the Canary Islands, though grouped together in a single procedure. In relation to the total number of companies that have issued you promissory notes to investors, Joaquin Yvancos has pointed out that, apart from the publicized emissions, many companies of Nueva Rumasa – up 11 – will have been funding through loans that gave them either his circle of friendship or people close to these companies. So it has been the case of Cavas Hill, which it has been doing so for 20 years, as he has pointed out. According to Sabin, Nueva Rumasa is negotiating with Swiss Bank who, in exchange for buying these rights of payment with a discount of 50%-i.e. between 8,000 and 9,000 million euros, it would constitute a fund to invest between 40,000 and 50,000 million euros in the Spanish financial system. It is a financial operation that does not have to cost one euro to the Government, it has secured. Source of the news: Ruiz Mateos requests loot to pay 250 million to Nueva Rumasa inverters

European Commissioner

June 10, 2018


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It is the second proposal of EU aid. The Commission estimates that 60% of the losses will be covered with that. The European Commissioner for agriculture Dacian Ciolos, has proposed on Wednesday raised to 210 million euros additional aid for European fruit and vegetable producers hit by the crisis of the bacteria E.coli in Germany. By the same author: Scott Mead New York. Ciolos announced at a press conference in Brussels that that amount will cover up to 60% of the losses incurred by the fruit and vegetable sector because of the fall in consumption. In a Council of European Ministers of special agriculture held this Tuesday in Luxembourg, the European Commission had proposed an additional 150 million euros aid to cover up to 30% of the losses for producers. Instead, under pressure from several European countries such as Spain, which considered the proposal, insufficient Ciolos announced an upward revision to compensate producers in a way justified by the current situation. The Spanish producers felt this Tuesday clearly insufficient and ridiculous the aid of 150 million for the whole of Europe, because they believed that at least 450 million euros would be needed. Covered 60% all farmers may apply for such compensation, but those who form part of organizations will enjoy in addition to those laid down by the common agricultural policy (Cap), which includes grants to the intervention and State aid.

So, which are associated see covered their losses in up to 60%, said the Commissioner. Ciolos said that the goal is to react as soon as possible and showed his confidence in that the urgency of the Commission plan is accepted by States members next Tuesday, when the EC submits it to the Management Committee (composed of experts of the countries). This will allow unlock first aid as quickly as possible, between now and July, he confirmed. The Commissioner noted that this aid, it will be financed with European funds in the framework of a crisis mechanism provided for under the common agricultural policy, it will cover the losses in the sector since last May 26 until June 30.

Government Votes

April 3, 2018


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Ten has achieved 95.8% of the votes; Sang, 93.65%. UPyD primary affiliates 6.305 formation in all Spain were summoned. The process was opened on 1 September and could attend any affiliate, without collateral or signatures. Rosa Diez has been chosen this Saturday as a candidate by UPyD to the Presidency of the Government with regard to the Nov. 20 general elections, with 95.8% of the votes cast, in a primary that the affiliates 6.305 formation in all Spain were summoned. Next ten, five other affiliates (Manuel Prado Ordas, Emilio Bartolome Gonzalez, Jose Luis Martinez Hens, Juan Javier Borges Valiente and Alejandro Suarez), vying for the number one of the candidacy of the party by Madrid.

In addition, in this process UPyD militants had the chance to also elect their head of the list in all the constituencies. Thus, for example, the actor Toni Canto lead candidacy to the Congress of Deputies for Valencia with an endorsement of 93% and Ruben Mugica by Guipuzcoa with 100% support. Likewise, Professor of logic and philosophy of the science of the University of Murcia, Manuel Hernandez Iglesias, will lead the candidacy for the constituency of Murcia with the backing of 98% of the voters and the lawyer, Ignacio Prendes, with 82,61% by Asturias. Toni Canto sweeps in Valencia in the Valencian Community, the actor Toni Canto the province of Valencia, Manoli Nicholas by Alicante and Romain Muzzati Castellon will be the heads of list of candidates to the party Union, progress and democracy (UPyD) presented in the three constituencies of the community in the general elections of November 20. In the province of Valencia, where three candidates, there have been involved a 41% of 307 militants, who have chosen to Toni Canto virtually unanimously, since it obtained 93.65% of the votes cast. 44.3% 251 Activists, participated in the province of Alicante, where five candidates were presented which they have chosen to Manoli Nicolas with the 45.8% of the votes cast.