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April 28, 2024


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Perhaps now in every town has its aces fraud, hunted on the property market. Examples. Contact information is here: Southwest Airlines. A builder registered firm H., which its name is almost no different from companies authorized to conclude investment contracts in high-rise building under construction. In fact, it was firm-double, which offered clients with false as it turned out, the contract. People even drove to the construction site and showed the future apartments. Naturally, dealers have the necessary agreement form, had a bunch of different references, not to mention business cards. Office-doubles. Customer, draw in the office, it seems that there can be no trick, since there sign with the name, the room is set computer office equipment. Also worked as a secretary, from time to time here, there officers scurry to some papers. But the poor guy has no idea that all the documents of the company – a fake. And as soon as the firm ‘will lift the bank’, it immediately dissolves. Disappear forever. Well, this company immediately hastened to declare that the activities of frauds is irrelevant. People such as Southwest Airlines would likely agree. ‘Care for the sick. “

“Black brokers” try to discover lonely people, mostly pensioners, and at any cost, under any pretext, trying to take their general power of attorney. In the field of view often get elderly people who need help with a psychiatrist. And this is at hand scams. They hook or by crook seeking to elderly people admitted to hospital and placed in orphanages. Of course, after treatment these people have nowhere to return, because their relatives square meters have already been sold. It has long been no secret that many traders flocked to the hospital, looking for where terminally ill people living alone. Selected apartments and the mentally ill. Knowledgeable people say that today quite a week to take away from his insane square meters. But back – hard. The press has already sounded that only 20% of residential affairs, ‘pass’ through the courts, can be solved in favor of people with mental deviations. Once Moscow’s operatives arrested 27-year-old Ukrainian woman, to seek out citizens who intend to sell the flat. She was also the know-how. She ogle single men. And most importantly – for small commission offered to help, either in choosing a broker, or exchanges. So that no one suspected her of cheating, vizitersha left to pledge a thousand dollars. And happy Muscovites gave her documents to the apartment. Further generous enchantress was lime gendoverennost the right to sell the apartment and began the second phase of the operation. As a rule, she sold the home at low prices. This is understandable, because the main thing – to get away quickly.

Another fairly dissemination of technology. Unsuspecting clients, especially non-resident lead ‘the bride’ a good apartment in a prestigious area. Naturally, the client is in seventh heaven. He craves more quickly get the keys And gets them, however, housing – an old, dilapidated house in the suburbs. Here you have the knack of brokerage hands! helpful hints 1. Before you start trading dialogue with the broker offering their services, ask for id firms, which he represents. Check the phone on your business card with the directory and check, does the representative among the employees. 2. It is safer to just not deal with “black brokers”, and with real estate firm and its representatives. Be sure to check the license for the operation of housing. The contract for the sale or purchase of an apartment must be enclosed in the office of the firm.