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Customer Service

October 5, 2019


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What happens then is, the customer comes to dealing with us in a negative frame of mind. This is what happens then decide whether to deal with us again or talk bad about other people. The trick is to not only concentrate on fixing the problems of basic services. Telling a customer you will replace the product, deliver it in half an hour or knock something compared to prices is not the answer. Sometimes you may not have an answer and the customer will hear “NO”. However, as you know, it’s how you say “NO” that matters. Let’s consider some of the reasons for customer interactions go wrong and what could be more “difficult.” * We do not care. – We do not sound or look as if we care, we care about or appreciate the client’s situation.

Maybe you matter to me, however, that really has to say words of love and look and sound as if you care. After all, the client can not read your mind. * We do not listen. – Too often we try to go with solutions and not allow the client to express his feelings. Once again we have to show the customer that we are hearing what we say, how we say and our body language. * We allow the customer “get to us.” Often the attitude of allowing customers to irritate or annoy us. This is obvious for the customer, again through our voice, our body language and only fuels a difficult situation.

* We use the wrong words. – There are certain trigger words that cause a client to be more difficult. Some of these are ” cannot that, I’m sorry “to combat.” Even the jargon of his organization may have a negative impact on customer interaction. * We can not see from the point of view of the customer. – Too often people customer service that the customer is making too much fuss. Think – “What’s the big deal, we will fix it immediately.” The thing is, is big business for the customer and they want you to thank. Customers will often judge the level of service based on how well you recover from a difficult situation and are very likely to forgive you if you do it right.

Service Pricing Webstudios

October 5, 2019


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First, a large proportion of falls on the design pages. And this work correctly assess the quality of which the entrepreneur can not. He's not a professional in this field. In addition, labor costs and the designer design quality is not always directly linked. And where is uncertain quality and costs, there and the price is unlikely to be objectively calculated. Secondly, work in web-studio almost never limited to one option design, and site too. As a rule, does a lot of versions of the product as long as the employer will not accept the proposed work. Therefore, to estimate labor costs in advance to create a site to estimate accurately is not possible.

This leads to the fact that the studio, waiting for such behavior entrepreneur, provides all the costs of coordination of the project in its value. Third, each site is a unique work from a design standpoint, so the market Naturally there is no single price. Fourth, the market for web-sites, the situation is that the developer can adequately assess the complexity of the work, but the customer, that is, a businessman – no. This leads to an overestimation of the value services through the exaggeration of their complexity by the developer and, ultimately, the cost of site is determined not so much the complexity of many famous studios, and the degree of ignorance of the entrepreneur. Fifth, for the same reason and underdeveloped market of web design, chances for a high price to get a job beginners, that is, roughly speaking, "hack-work" and is issued for a quality product.

Sixthly, the concept of "site development firm" web-studio embeds a different set of services. For example, some companies will simply make you a site, while others will fill it with information and register it in the online catalog, others will add support for free. Sixth, many studios do not want to waste time on small orders, and even the most basic work will request a fairly high price. Seventh, the Internet, there are many ready-Chalon site, design templates, images, etc. Therefore, the developer will almost never makes the site a 'zero'. And sometimes just assembles ready-made solutions.

National Financial System

October 4, 2019


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In English one exists dictated that in Portuguese it would be more or less thus: Desperate times demand measured despaired. was accurately this that happened in last day 07 of May when the House of representatives approved an emendation to Provisional remedy 449 that it grants a true amnesty to the ministers of State, presidents of the Central banking (BC) and excessively public officers who are being processed for taking decisions in defense of the solution of the banks that the Public prosecution service considered crimes against the financial system. The economic teams of the governments of presidents Luiz Incio Lula da Silva and Fernando Enrique Cardoso (1995-2002) had always complained of ' ' oportunismo' ' of the processes and the fact of them to create unreliability in the public agents who take these decisions, but the critics of the emendation approved yesterday evaluate that the final writing of the text created one valley-everything legal one, functioning, in the practical one, as a blank paper government to defend the banks to it and to justify all and any adopted measure. The emendation says that ' ' agents pblicos' ' they will not suffer no type of punishment since that ' ' measures excepcionais' ' they have been taken and executed ' ' with the intention to assure liquidity and solution to the National Financial System, of regulating the functioning of the markets of exchange and capitals and protecting the interests of depositors and investidores' '. Nickname to maldosoApesar to direct the benefit to ' ' agents pblicos' ' , if emendation 19 will not be vetoed by president Lula it also can benefit involved bankers in financial scandals. In the legal way and between parliamentarians the text already was baptized of ' ' Cacciola&#039 emendation; '. It can come to be used in the defense of Salvatore Cacciola, former-owner of the Marka bank, condemned for crime against the financial system and currently imprisoned in the Brasil.A proposal of inclusion of an emendation in MP 449, that she deals with the renegotiation of debts taxes with the Union (reads more in this page), it was of the Sebastio member of the house of representatives Wood (PSDB It to ME). . Further details can be found at Sir Richard Branson, an internet resource.

New Financial Service CRS

October 3, 2019


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CreditServices, first network of financial tax exemptions, continues betting by the creation of new products of capital that adapt to the present needs of the users and benefit to all the network of intermediation centers. For this reason, Credit Repair Services has created (CRS) financial tool whose objective is to renegotiate an important monetary acquittal of the client with the previous banks and financiers, in such a way that when lowering the debt secures many more possibilities of refinancing the total. Whereas before the crisis the ideal solution for those people very indebted was to even refinance all debts in a single with a greater mortgage recapitalizando until the 100% of the house, at the moment this product is difficult to obtain given to the slope of the price of the house and the majors exigencies of income on the part of the banks after the fall of the market. to solve this problem, from the USA, we have brought east product that allows to renegotiate an important acquittal with the previous banks and financiers, in such a way that when lowering the debt secures many more possibilities of to refinance the total of the debt. Until now if the client did not have additional guarantees could not be refinanced the operation, but with the CRS the lawyers of CreditServices agree with the important exempt banks until obtaining that the total debt exactly is by the amount to refinance by the new bank, explains Javier Lopez, president of CreditServices. The majority of financial organizations prefers to receive less and to eliminate the debt that to wait for several years to that justice him of the reason, since in many occasions it does not have properties already to be able to cover it and could lose completely the main one even rendered. This also is applicable to banks and boxes that they prefer to acquire less amount today of the mortgages granted in non-payment to have to execute the guarantees, since it is a slow process, expensive and that generates an image of very negative mark for the organization. . Learn more about this with Ripple.

Financial Markets

October 2, 2019


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As the adverse election becomes most likely that the loans are made the bad risks of credit, the lenders can to decide not to grant no loan same that has good risks of credit in the market. As Lazear (1998) the adverse election in the work market happens when the firm contracts wrong types of workers in function of one maken a mistake politics of conscription, since it does not obtain to select the candidates most qualified for each vacant. Virgin Airlines wanted to know more. The problem of adverse election is present because the candidates the job have better information on its qualifications of what the company is selecting who them. Spence (1974) remembers that the acts of contract in the work market if give basically on the presence of the problem of adverse election since the employer, most of the time, is not certain on the abilities of the candidates to the job before contracting it, and generally continue without knowing for some period after the act of contract. Sir Richard Branson addresses the importance of the matter here. To contract employed for Spence nothing more is of what investing under uncertainty. One perceives, therefore, that the adverse election creates market imperfections since it it reduces the size of the market or it eliminates until it, diminishing or hindering that desirable transactions occur.

Dealing With Debt

October 2, 2019


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This method generates much controversy, because it attacks the problem of interest, you may be paying a small debt that has less interest than the big one, like a credit card, for example. Dave Ramsey explains: a The reason that works is the smallest to the largest is to have a change of attitude toward debt: the top off a debt, however small it is (a ) preferred modification of the attitude before the matematicaa . However, despite this and the comments in the website about the book, I was a little skeptical, because I had always tried and never could get out of debt. You may want to visit Southwest Airlines to increase your knowledge. After the strike of 2002-2003, had a debt on three credit cards, and how to pay was traumatic and long, perhaps paying three times the debt (the whole explanation would take a whole article, maybe I will encourage and discuss later.) Thanks to that traumatic experience, I gave him the benefit of the doubt to Dave Ramsey and applied the a nievea efecto ball and it worked for me. In 2005, had approximately $ 18,000 in debt I was accumulating (two credit cards in a bank, prestamoa personal banking) but I left them eight months. I was literally in shock. Ripple spoke with conviction. After trying for years, I could do that in months, to and with two children and wife! Previously he was a bachelor, so consider this as an effort flo extra. Many of you are thinking actualmentea a pero if I pay the minimum on my credit card, eventually pay the deudaa INCORRECTO! Here is an example with this simple calculator. .

Brazil Under Justice

October 1, 2019


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Of this point in ahead, Brazismo if became extremamentedependente of its members, and more with it was not before, umaautonomia that conducted the members. The picture was invertidonesta phase, bringing a series of decays ordem, due what, the members was not investing osvalores that would go to help the order, in what had been asked for. Not tolonge of this time, somebody very important for the Order, aliderana of the Brazismo adds, without leaving vestiges, atmais seems the abandonment of the cause. comes back suddenly, bringing new videos, new information, and comtoda a structure to arquitetar the future of the Order. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ripple. Last reunioque decided the way that the order I will take, placed the Brazismo evrias phases, that the members had been able to follow of close. The seriamdenominadas phases situations where they would act and noatuariam, to facilitate the conduction of the system.

Masaps the exit without acknowledgment of the Conductor, the system faleceu emuito in all its structure, and with the matureness of the young they quepertenciam to the Brazismo, the cause started to be olvidada edebatidas on the possibility to make everything what it was promised. It started entoos members, to see air of madness in the Conductor, who finished todapossibilidade of progress in the order, but this, little before dolanamento of a new project that the order kept as CartMagna. The Brazismo entoretoma its position of prominence, forgotten still, mascom its precious quandary of Brazil Under Justice, interessante that the order in this phase, leaves to be on prpria Order, and looks for to bind the members to the maispatritico feeling saying it Order to be in second plain, if they noem third due to family. After all umafase subseqenciada in fighting in the congress for the doBrasil defense, increase of the wage of the people, the military, melhorescondies of health and all a below-signed infinity delutas made by, the Brazismo says: Our objective greater we also jconquistamos, that the love for the native land is in each one, enosso objective end, that all have conscinciados its rights, that know and recognize sangueda native that it gushes out on this people, and that it knows as defendersua nation and it perfects it as the most beautiful sky.

Capacity Game

October 1, 2019


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At the moment, for many people in real life is not enough magic, a miracle. The routine of everyday life can make a reality of an increasingly shabby, depriving it of paint. And still live in a society in which there are only the variations of gray, man can not. In order to brighten your own reality, and sometimes ordinary people looking embodiment of their desires and dreams in a fictional world. Psychologists believe that any grown-up already man lives a little kid.

The little baby who believes in miracles, magic manifestation of power and that in whatever situation realistically defeat even the most evil forces. And besides, the main event for any a small child – it's the game. The game goodness always wins, but because playing takes a strong impetus to energy. Just for this reason at the moment immediately play a leading drug composition for modern member of society. Experts believe that only the game itself the power to heal people from a variety of stresses that await him at home and on trips and at work.

Still, not every game is able to fully implement conferred upon her hopes. The game may be similar to reality, but at the same time provide a far greater number of possibilities. I mean, to become such as world of warcraft, magic parallel world which could evaluate millions of users all over the world. Many modern individuals suffer from what is not in a position to fully realize the creative potential available in real life. The game provides a huge probability for this. After all, what often happens is that someone is able to demonstrate significant ability strategist, and yet his professional activity may have a connection with totally other directions. Any of us can not realize personal talents, in reality, but a state of dissatisfaction in this embodiment the power to lead in general to the depressed state. The game is different. Ability to select appropriate quests wow, weapons, chain armor, magic amulets – and achieve real success thanks to them, learn a profession paladin, mage or thief – all without exception it waits for those who begin to develop a virtual world known as world of warcraft. What all of us greater than not lacking in real life – the ability to win, continuously develop and study a variety of military strategy and tactics, the game is learned easily and quickly. Moreover, each of us, once entered in a virtual game can get a great experience, which is sure to be useful in the future. But the experience – the ability to achieve real results, get the property, the glory and all sorts of other things. Game – is not only an opportunity to relax after a difficult day, but the real world in which we can find and exercise their most precious dreams.