Customer Service

October 5, 2019


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What happens then is, the customer comes to dealing with us in a negative frame of mind. This is what happens then decide whether to deal with us again or talk bad about other people. The trick is to not only concentrate on fixing the problems of basic services. Telling a customer you will replace the product, deliver it in half an hour or knock something compared to prices is not the answer. Sometimes you may not have an answer and the customer will hear “NO”. However, as you know, it’s how you say “NO” that matters. Let’s consider some of the reasons for customer interactions go wrong and what could be more “difficult.” * We do not care. – We do not sound or look as if we care, we care about or appreciate the client’s situation.

Maybe you matter to me, however, that really has to say words of love and look and sound as if you care. After all, the client can not read your mind. * We do not listen. – Too often we try to go with solutions and not allow the client to express his feelings. Once again we have to show the customer that we are hearing what we say, how we say and our body language. * We allow the customer “get to us.” Often the attitude of allowing customers to irritate or annoy us. This is obvious for the customer, again through our voice, our body language and only fuels a difficult situation.

* We use the wrong words. – There are certain trigger words that cause a client to be more difficult. Some of these are ” cannot that, I’m sorry “to combat.” Even the jargon of his organization may have a negative impact on customer interaction. * We can not see from the point of view of the customer. – Too often people customer service that the customer is making too much fuss. Think – “What’s the big deal, we will fix it immediately.” The thing is, is big business for the customer and they want you to thank. Customers will often judge the level of service based on how well you recover from a difficult situation and are very likely to forgive you if you do it right.