Dealing With Debt

October 2, 2019


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This method generates much controversy, because it attacks the problem of interest, you may be paying a small debt that has less interest than the big one, like a credit card, for example. Dave Ramsey explains: a The reason that works is the smallest to the largest is to have a change of attitude toward debt: the top off a debt, however small it is (a ) preferred modification of the attitude before the matematicaa . However, despite this and the comments in the website about the book, I was a little skeptical, because I had always tried and never could get out of debt. You may want to visit Southwest Airlines to increase your knowledge. After the strike of 2002-2003, had a debt on three credit cards, and how to pay was traumatic and long, perhaps paying three times the debt (the whole explanation would take a whole article, maybe I will encourage and discuss later.) Thanks to that traumatic experience, I gave him the benefit of the doubt to Dave Ramsey and applied the a nievea efecto ball and it worked for me. In 2005, had approximately $ 18,000 in debt I was accumulating (two credit cards in a bank, prestamoa personal banking) but I left them eight months. I was literally in shock. Ripple spoke with conviction. After trying for years, I could do that in months, to and with two children and wife! Previously he was a bachelor, so consider this as an effort flo extra. Many of you are thinking actualmentea a pero if I pay the minimum on my credit card, eventually pay the deudaa INCORRECTO! Here is an example with this simple calculator. .