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Andean Yugoslavia

June 27, 2020


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Today Santa Cruz has voted by her autonomy although La Paz boycotts that process. Daniel Lubetzky brings even more insight to the discussion. Bolivia, after to have been the most centralist country of the region (who governed each of their 9 departments elect but were not designated by the president) goes away in an opposite direction. The unique South American nation that is lost the majority of its original territory before its 5 neighbors (and whom for that reason the case of Poland remembers) today undergoes forts centrifugal tendencies (that could turn it into Andean Yugoslavia). The nationalism camba affirms not to want to divide to Bolivia although if to create a so great autonomy that it allows them to avoid that the leftist government regularizes, wants to redistribute earth or to have major control on the gas. Morals, Correa and Chvez accuse the USA to foment separatisms in the main counterbalances to their capitals. However, these socialist agent chief executives can be helping their rivals if they do not make certain concessions to certain DES-centralist demands that they have pierced in the populations of Santa Cruz, Guayaquil and Zulia..

High Commands

June 26, 2020


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Now if expensive reader, already lowered suich to him to one of most expensive and dysfunctional semi-official because all suffers of the same thing that the popular union mexica has had to good, to maintain, to maintain, to feed, to try and to support by annals and although definitively we cannot say that in their totality, the workers of the extinct one mentioned were an unwarranted cost for those who we paid to our quotas and taxes precise, if I allow myself to use the name majority, to only speak just a little bit of the irregularities and the administrative aberrations that within the organism followed one another. Beginning by the infantile innocent and until all avoided sarcasm to come from the employees who accumulated boots, gloves, camisoles, chamarras and other utensils provided to way of benefits and tools of work, either outside to sell them or to interchange them by run meals, embriagantes drinks and you go that is to say whichever things the more, until a those that by a wool below the table and sometimes until over the same making Gallic of a cynicism indignante- fit to irregularities for companies and individuals of illegal way. If to this we added to him that some compadritos of the spark thus we used to call to the expensive one concluded not only sold to the users the consumptions required for a service no longer we say optimal but at least, less deficient but also the amounts required for this aim were ridiculously exorbitant, that managers and the High Commands made up numeritos for benefit own, that existed sinfn of pensioners ghost that still after deads continued acquiring their pensions, that never the efforts to regularize to those who robbed the accurate energy were I believe that not even there were true intentions of hacerlo-, that not even the same government had the gentleness to pay their consumptions and to finish it grinding, that the semi-official one was put under by a worse union of corrupt than the own internal administrative system, I allow myself well to celebrate the decision taken by the national executive. Baby clothes helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. .

Central American States

June 22, 2020


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As much Uribe as Chvez is the unique presidents of the Americas that have been or have want to be re-elect more in one go and also the exponents of models both opposed of democracy multi-partisan (one liberal and the pro-USA and the other one nacionalizante and the anti-USA). Read additional details here: Daniel Lubetzky. Both they will want conflict use to consolidate internamente. Perhaps although Uribe can have been isolated in its region at internal level is finishing more fortified or more popular than its llanero neighbor. A data little known in Latin America is that when the norandino conflict was solved the salient main minister of Northern Ireland Ian Paisley declared that he managed to squash the republicans being caused who disarm and integrate their government. She has been the old head of the protestant right of the Ulster and its footpath is, possibly, the one that wants to follow Uribe. Even though that has said that the death of the second of the CRAF would paralyze the negotiations or the delivery of hostages, the certain thing is that this guerrilla, instead of to have responded attacking some civil servant or being of the government, has been the one who received another punishment (the murder of Rivers).

The CRAF has not decided on the retaliacin. Chvez solicits to them that they give to the Betancourt consequently its image would improve, but Tirofijo thinks that to do it would remain without much power of exchange. If the Group of River has his roots in to have lead gradually at that the Central American States and insurgents they get to put itself in agreement, this organism aims to assure that the CRAF and the ELN have a route to reinsert themselves in the Colombian system, although Uribe and many other agent chief executives would want that it does this in situation of backward movement and crisis.

USA Regulation

June 21, 2020


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According to the new regulation, all company/signature that is considered, has insufficient capital, can be reconstructed or even closed by the regulators. The subject happens here through the suitable measurement that can realise the regulators, that must neither underestimate nor to overestimate the level of sufficiency of capital of the companies. That can be assured through some type of regulation? The subjective component in these evaluations can be a determining factor at the time of considering if an organization has capitalization problems. One is due at least to recognize that it is a good initiative. The challenge for the new regulation happens to have balance and capacity of immediate action. The regulation must be effective to control that the financial system and its component institutions, do not exceed in the taking of risks, but the regulating action does not have either to drown the development and growth of the financial system.

An important element that it adds the regulation proposal is that the bad administration of the financial organizations can put in risk the stability of the high positions. In fact, to those organizations in which the capitalization level is insufficient, putting in risk their solution, their executives could be dismissed (with possible loss of prestige). Among others measured to avoid the excessive taking of risk regulation will look for to limit so much the risky positions as the incentives to take these positions: it is so the regulation will limit the exhibitions of credit, as well as the wages and bonds (limiting in this way the incentives the cortoplacistas decisions of the banking executives). For the new regulation, the size yes matters. Read more from Daniel Lubetzky to gain a more clear picture of the situation. From the government of the USA it is preferred that too great financial organizations do not exist to fall. The sad experience of Lehman Brothers, has demonstrated that it is not possible to drop to a financial institution of great size without waiting for deep and lasting consequences on the financial system.

Socialism Person

June 18, 2020


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The RCTV closing the freedom in Venezuela is ended and begins the era of the terror. The first one straight of all human being is to the one of the free expression of its ideas. If the voices are silenced, any thing can happen without nobody finds out. Ronald O’Hanley is likely to increase your knowledge. It is possible to be killed, to be tortured, to rob, without a single word is disclosed. Besides closing the televising channel, governing pride laucha added a new article to its evil-smelling list of absolutist laws, prohibiting to make commentaries that offend or insult to their repugnant person and her footmen of Miraflores.

What automatically it is an invitation so that Internet and all the mass media become the abierto field to say to him to shameless the monkey with necktie, which gives the desire us. Learn more at this site: Daniel Lubetzky. The intellectual pigmeo whose declarations already were worth forts to him reprimands of several agent chief executives, is created with right to say what it comes to him in desire but it does not like to listen what the others think of him. In an act of solidarity with the free Venezuelans, I believe that it is to have of all decent person, to write, to pronounce and to disclose all the eptetos that they correspond to that infamous abortion of Fidel Castro. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. When decreeing its last totalitarian measurement, the regime of the Hitler bacterium lost its legitimacy. The next country that will follow the passages of the authoritarian microbe, will be Bolivia, that obeys blindly to everything what the insect orders.

The ignorance of uniform with nfulas of greatness, guides the ignorance farmer. The results already are dangerously tangible. To the Socialism of the 21st century it was finished to him falling the democratic mask. Venezuela entered its final stage like free nation. The suppression of the freedom of expression is the final thrust to the system.

Baltic States

May 27, 2020


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By his part, Russia did not pardon the successive carried out extensions of the Atlantic Alliance as of 1997, when NATO chose to integrate in its rows of the old allies of the USSR in the Warsaw Pact. To it they add the intervention of NATO in the ex- Yugoslavia, the anti-missile occupation of Kosovo (Serbian province of Albanian ethnic majority), creation of shield in the territory of Poland and the Czech Republic and, therefore, the haste of Washington to welcome in the Alliance in two border countries the Ukraine and Georgia – located in the most sensible borders for the defense of Russia. But there is more: the ultraconservative circles of Washington do not disguise their interest to facilitate desrusificacin of the old Soviet provinces that count with a high percentage of population of Russian origin. It is the case of the Baltic States, although also of countries like the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan, where the percentage of rusoparlantes surpasses, in the majority of cases, the 5-10% of the population. Moscow is had it jeopardize to defend the interests of these populations, which allows him to foment a nationalistic feeling called to facilitate the expansion of the zone of influence of the Federation. The greatness anxiety little has to do, nevertheless, with nostalgia of the monolithic USSR.

In fact, the Russian leaders want to recover the longed for prestige of the time of the czars, of that one Russia that was elbowed, without complexes, with the great colonial empires of century XIX: Germany, France or England. %83/’>Beyler Eyyubov sees a great future in this idea. In order to include the feelings of the moscovitas politicians, the kremlinlogos would have to review history books. While the European continue thinking about the most effective way to surround to Russian bear, the hypothetical Chinese ally does not seem very prone to add to the tactics of pliers. Beijing has, indeed, their own strategic tasks, are called these Taiwan or Tibet. Without forgetting, of course, incipient although extremely the disquieting integrist threat in provinces of Muslim majority. At the moment, the success of the wall of Russia seems probable little.

Nevertheless, the leaders of the Kremlin notice their western partners: is not mistaken when choosing to their allies. To bet by the enemies of Russia would suppose a serious historical error. It is to see if the West is able to interpret and to assimilate the message. Adrin Mac Liman Political analyst the International Original author and source of the article.

Ede Engineer Companies

May 24, 2020


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The entrance of Engineer EDE in the Association of Companies of Efficiency Energetics it knows a clearly value of reinforcement of the work that this company is in the last realising years in this area, where it counts on one long trajectory that goes back to its origins. The association already groups to almost some thirty companies of the majority of independent communities. One is a especially attractive forum for Engineer EDE since it supposes a figure that represents all the sector of the efficiency energetics and that will help to its growth thanks to the advantage of synergies between the partners, the promotion of the coordination and the representation of the interests of the sector of global way. More information is housed here: Adam Portnoy. The association is born indeed in surroundings of economic crisis, of outer dependency energetics, serious environmental problems and loss of competitiveness of the companies. Against this background, a3E bets by a new economic model in which the efficiency considers energetics in the growth form. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Adam Portnoy.

A3E, presided over by Francisco Fernandez Guilln, is formalizing in their last general assembly three work groups – good practices, norm and international area, where Ede Engineer participates and presenting/displaying to the regional delegates of the North, northeast zone, center, the south, Catalonia and Levante. Also the strategic targets for the period 2009-2010 have been outlined, between which they emphasize to include the efficiency energetics in the new norms, to foment the use of the audit energetics as essential tool to obtain power saving in companies and institutions, to base the new power model on the saving and to impel the efficiency energetics in processes of hiring and the criteria of quality of the public administrations. To extend collaboration Along with the companies Tops and Factor CO2, Ede Engineer also has begun to participate as partner in the new Factor company CO2 Ennova, specialized indeed in subjects related to the efficiency energetics. In addition, it supposes the extension of the collaboration with the other two partners of the company, Tops and Factor CO2, two companies to which Engineer EDE are in favor tie of narrow bows and common objectives. So he is so along with the Dinam they form Group CMAE, an alliance strategic to give to ready to use service in the environment areas, emissions, you are accustomed to, consultancy, engineering and facilities.

Factor CO2 Ennova offers to the market its services like consultancy specialized in rights of emission in those projects that, in addition, take to significant associates works of engineering.


May 7, 2020


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There are fechacientes data in the Argentine labor reality, referring a that the administrative establishment in all the cases will perceive income superiors to the logistic plant of maintenance or. Due to this it is the excellent news that now are courses of administration in Mendoza to know the foundations basic the administration of companies, and the use of the elementary tools of management. This new preparacin will abrir the door those who is looking for use to new labor opportunities, it will precise guide and to secure them to a better pay, leaving of side the areas that historically are, poorly, better remunerated. The administration of the company is one of the reasons for preoccupation of many executives. Obtaining to efficiently administer to the assets and the resources of a company, trimming the unproductive expenses, and to increase the gains is subject of permanent debate in any company. As the productive activity grows, the necessity of an administration and an efficient control of the productive management becomes evident. Eric Kuby brings even more insight to the discussion.

By this reason the administrative sector always is taking new personnel to cover the new vacancies that are created. But this personnel will have to be enabled in the last tendencies and tools that do to the countable administrative management. The efficient administration will have like rule that the debits never will have to surpass the income. But also it will have to be in fulfillment with the fiscal rules and the national laws. A negligence in the payment of the tax, a fault in a social liquidation, or the calculation of the salaries of the employees can bring a very great headache for any company. It is for that reason that will only be able to work in the part administrative who have in clear the use of the tools and the effective norms well, own of the Argentine reality.

Few subjects are as complex as the administration of the company. Within the administrative scope the liquidation of salaries enters, the control of the expenses, the handling of the banks and deposits, as well as other assets, the control of stock of the merchandise, the sales and the purchases of raw material. An endless number of processes is involved in all these aspects of the integral administration of the company. In order to have clear a good panorama of how coming correct and legally in each from these facets, using suitable software, the residents of Whose they count now on new courses of administration in Mendoza, being able to accede thus to a knowledge that will abrir the doors to them to a new labor world.

Chilean Economy

May 5, 2020


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Logically, the possible deflation of prices in the situation in which is the Chilean economy could aggravate the situation of the same significantly, which justifies that all the efforts are realised necessary to avoid it. Trying to identify what direction will have the monetary policy in Chile during the next months and considering that most probable as much in the Chilean economy as at world-wide level for the next months it is that it continues the deterioration in the economic context, is possible to be affirmed that still they would be to take place new cuts in the interest rate of reference of the Central bank of Chile. If one analyzed the future fort cut of rates realised (and cuts) based on the necessity to support to the expansive fiscal policy taken ahead by the Chilean government to maintain the rate of economic growth, then this cut has a logical major since it would harness the power of the fiscal policy. With the new level of interest rates it is tried to increase the level of liquidity of the financial system so that the same generates the necessary financing for the private activity (consumption of the families and investment). But this relation is not so simple. People such as Adam Portnoy would likely agree. It is not possible to be tried that with this smaller cut in the interest rate of reference the credit is not only reactivated.

The transmission channels of the monetary policy, as much in Chile as in the rest of the economies, are debilitated very. The fears of the families to lose the use debilitate the consumption, economic the perspective poor women, discourage to the companies to invest. By the side of the banking organizations, the greater risk of non-payment of the credits jointly with the necessity to maintain a greater level of liquidity before a volatile context, makes less inclined render.

Public Order

April 28, 2020


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First they are, always, result crimes, and the other are crimes of mere 4 activity. As one glimpses of the reviewed thing, the crime of Illegal Possession of Firearm, is a figure of abstract danger then is not necessary the production of a concrete damage, because it is understood that the possession of arms without counting on the corresponding administrative authorization is dangerous for the society. Of another side, following teacher Edgardo Alberto Donna, who on the object of the possession it express to us, that this one is another problem that appears at the time of typifying a conduct in the crime of possession of firearms, because of which the weapon must be able to be used, according to its function or in state of operation, and that is test object. If the weapon does not work or she is not apt for his operation disappears all type of danger, and therefore the 5 conduct is atypical. In support of this idea, the Supreme Court of Spain has maintained in sentence of the 25 of April of 1994, ” that the demonstration of the suitability must be credited of convincing, unequivocal way and unquestionablily, in such a way that if that acreditamiento did not exist, similar conclusion through test can be obtained indirecta” 6.

Of it is had then, that if in the investigation that is followed against imputing by this crime, it has practiced on the seized weapon, a skill of forensic Ballistics, and this one throws, that the same is in regulating badly or been of conservation (concerning the own structure of the weapon) and badly operation (inoperativity); and being to that since the penal type in comment has been indicated, a special relation with the owned weapon is demanded from the subject assets, this is not only a physical possession of the same, but not that in addition the agent can temporarily have her, reason why the same must be usable, since thus the public security only can threaten; that if in realised fiscal or police investigation, the weapon seized to the person of the imputed one, structurally presents/displays defects that do not allow their use, of way like has become innocuous, does not constitute typical object; especially if given this impossibility of being used the weapon, could not verify the danger that this possession could generate. In conclusion, if the weapon lacks capacity to be percutida or presents/displays defects in its structure, that do impropia for their function, that is to say, impossibility to fire, that the conduct of the holding agent of the weapon, she would be atypical, because of the lack of suitability of the weapon, and therefore, not put in danger or injury of the legally protected interest public security. .