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Individual Industralist

December 30, 2018


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Once seizure the great decision, arrives the hour to begin the task. Preprate to begin the most exciting trip of your life. In the next days and weeks you are going to have to take many decisions, almost all important and some hardly reversible. In this article we are going to speak on the legal form that will assume your new company. Although it sounds rimbombante, really is not for as much. Nevertheless, equivocarte now, can cost to rectify much in the future. There are three factors keys to consider at the time of choosing that type of society you are going to create. But the important thing is the responsibility subject.

From the beginning it is necessary to understand that the best idea into the hands of but the qualified one, can not come out well. A turn in the market, an unexpected innovation or a personal crisis can star your new initiative (thank heavens that I am so optimistic). If it happened, that would happen? Who would assume the responsibilities in front of workers, creditors and clients? It is not an insignificant question. For that reason they exist multiple legal forms to set up a company. Secondly, you must consider the complexity of the management.

All company has the obligation to fulfill the public property, the social security and sinfn of constant bureaucratic steps. It’s believed that E Scott Mead sees a great future in this idea. Based on the legal form that you choose you will assume obligations majors or minors. And last, important fiscal factors can exist that they affect your decision. In Spain, each fiscal regime can be conditional to the chosen legal form. The Individual Industralist the form simplest and fast to enter (as to put the big toe in the swimming pool) in the world of the businesses he is like individual industralist. This usually is called to be independent. And as she indicates the word well, these people are single. Legally any separation between its enterprise life and its private life does not exist.


December 9, 2018


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Another effort is east seminary, You are motivated to learn, I to share knowledge. Swerdlik, it said " The people with a high necessity of profit enjoy when taking the responsibility from his acciones" since when obtaining their objectives are acquiring more and more responsibilities that are turned into satisfactions for them. 1. Social motivation. The social surroundings, the laws, the religion, the customs and all those acts imposed to the individual, influence the human conduct, is a series of feelings that govern our conditions against the situations; these were modified when passing the time by our relatives, friendly, professors, pairs and generally people who modeled the formation of our present being, deriving itself in the agreement of our conduct apprehended against the circumstances. It’s believed that Edward Scott Mead sees a great future in this idea. These reasons can be: Of social surroundings: It is consequence of the needs required by our biological organism, the effect to belong to a group. Of emotional surroundings: It is developed as we were developed within a cultural group.

2. Motivation by profit – It is an impulse to overcome challenges, to advance and to grow. The people oriented towards the personal profits look for the triumph. &quot does not experience one; thirst of dinero" particularly hard, although it can acquire wealth in his effort to reach the triumph. It works thanks to its desire to overcome obstacles, to reach goals and to be useful to otros.3. Motivation by competition is an impulse to carry out a work of great quality. The people who follow this motivation make an effort to obtain a great dominion of their work and professional growth.

This he is the real spirit of the competition, and is the impulse that moves to surpass the other people, to reach every time I put but broad and in theory difficult to obtain. 4. Motivation by done afiliacinEstamos to establish personal relations, against this Lahey says that " Motivation by affiliation is: the necessity to be with other people and to have relations personales".


November 12, 2018


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The consequent one raises of the barrel of crude forces, us to all to contribute in the financing of the hostilities, the multinationals that spill succulent sums to the coffers of the countries of first world to that they belong, alleviates the pressure on his devaluated currencies, all the Central banks of the world without concerning their degree of development, also leave to the rescue of the American currency, if the dollar of devaluates, stagger their economies and the competitiveness of its exportable products vanishes. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. In the middle of this climate of uncertainty they arise the restauradores, the guarantors of universal La Paz, those that self-proclaim defenders of the human rights, and demand that the war is declared, to defend the values of the democracy, to save the life of the right ones that suffer by the badnesses of the international terrorism, is necessary to bomb its cities to them, to destroy its terrorist homes, his wifves and their children, futures like its parents. Like at the outset, we asked ourselves They return the dominant nations to vindicate the surpassed times of colonialism? In the middle of all these manifestations of absurd behavior of " homo sapiens" we must add another Rep to him it to our necklace, the touching component, without a doubt we are sensible creatures to stories of you foretell, with toads that become good looking princes and pure maids and chaste that are taken to the altar in vehicles thrown by beautiful horses, while the town goes forming multitudes to its step and is happy and eats partridges, for always in its imposing palaces Then, to mitigate the tensions, that are like the bread ours of every day, the economic crisis of the great majority of the countries of Europe, the high level of unemployment it raises, it of the prices the consumption, the violence, the deportations to undocumented people, the deads in the battlefields and follows and it follows Hallelujah! We have a Real Wedding, " Habemus Papa" they marry Guillermo and Catherine, after eight long years of loving coexistence, there am a brief summary of so transcendental event here: " Prince Guillermo and Kate Middleton gave yes in a glamorosa and traditional wedding realque passed in the millenarian abbey of Westminster, before the eyes of the entire world. .

Constitution One

October 22, 2018


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In such sense, for conformity of the sectors of centroizquierda, and I believe that of all, it must announce that one will essentially be saved what is of saveable in the salient government, his social preoccupations. Everything within the respect to the Constitution and the laws, everything within the State of Right, but one that will have to become social, with all the implications of justice that carries. What it is demanded is a glance over the political misery in which been we have sunk. A pragmatic exposition to face the situation of lamentable deterioration in which we will be, but one loaded of ideas of transformation and construction of the future. The third option it must have an ample efficient and effective provision of ideas that allows to delineate a real exit. It is obvious that we must ahead have the results of the 26 of September to have with perfect clarity the analysis of the elements.

For example: as soon as the pro-government dissidence managed to erode to bureaucracy or which were the final results of the alliance of traditional parties. Not without observing, that those results are hardly watched reason for without they are constituted in fundamental element for the construction of the third option, without denying the importance of which the MUD and the PPT obtain what we will be able to denominate an acceptable voting repaid in an acceptable number of members of an assembly, because it can form a parliamentary base for the government conformation, if it is the case and we arrived at the 2012. However, the experience of all the countries where it has appeared one third option indicates the necessity of an insurgent leader that it defies. That challenge begins generally with a low percentage and on its consistency an instantaneous growth depends and quick, as it demonstrates the case to it of Antanas Mockus in Colombia, in fact one alliance of the four better mayors than has had that country and who were able to radically transform the cities that governed, to which is to add a total fatigue of the polarization. The challenging leader of the status is necessary quo, one del that comprises the government, but also the traditional opposition.

Where he is that leader? Nick Clegg happened in three weeks of absolute stranger to central personage of the political life. We are not British, is certain, but what I consider it is that it can be a until now nonfavorite personage in the cover of means. Certainly, after the 26 of September he will be all ready one for the challenge of the third option. The scene will be ready for that incarnates a new leadership collectively. original Author and source of the article.

Second Hand

April 17, 2018


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Step 2: It decides WHEN each debt will be paid. Tip: It establishes periods shorter than simply " the total divided by the payment mnimo" so that it inspires to pay more express to you. &quot writes; paid el" and the date next to each debt in your list. Step 3: It realises a table (in Excel or paper) with the total of the owed amount. A way easy to do this is to draw 13 columns and 13 or more rows. The first column will say " Pagada&quot debt; and the twelve following columns the months, of January to December, listings in the part superior of the table.

Step 4: The total of your debt at the end of the first column writes. Soon it writes amounts of debt of down upwards in that same column so that the amount is smaller every month until finishing in zero in the part superior. Every month, after paying the stipulated amount, colors the new balance as the debt is falling. It places the table in a place where you can see it frequently. Connect with other leaders such as Larry Ellison here. Step 5: Any extra money that is an unforeseen circumstance that you " it falls of cielo" , you use it to diminish the payment of the debt more quickly, thus are only 10 dollars. For example, a return of taxes, a commission, an advantage, a given back money, etc.

Step 6: A useful advice is deshacerte of all the things in your garage or your storage room. He sees crossing your house and deshazte of that pile of things that you are not using and vndelas. You can sell things in Internet, for example in EBay, Free trade or Second Hand, or take the things personally to some warehouse of transaction of used things. And the money that you obtain, aplcalo also to accelerate the payment of the debt. You are going away to feel brilliant when you put order and are paying your debts faster! Original author and source of the article.

UNI Union

April 3, 2018


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The 14 of past January fulfilled 1er. Year of existence SINTRATELMEX and although not development an official commemoration, the workers and the workers affiliates celebrated of heart by the profits secured in this first year. Within the secured profits it is the restoration of 7 workers dismissed, the failure to favor in first instance for the restoration of another one and the process in course of 5 union workers but also dismissed for being. The failure to favor as far as the legality of the union since the company, not satisfied with the dismissal with several workers and the persecution which the union was put under, decided to demand the legality and to ask for the liquidation of the union. In addition during the first year, the organization consolidated like the union of the telecommunications but young of Colombia and in continuous growth. The union already counts on affiliates in several cities of the country which have been satisfied sectional committees and. The development and maintenance of the union have not been easy, since it has had to face difficulties economic due to the expensive judicial processes that it has had to confront, it has lived in constant confrontation with the company to defend the rights of the workers, each one of the affiliates has undergone economic problems by the decision of the company to change the contractual conditions unilaterally, to sink them in one gets worse substantial of the income and in addition they have had ideological confrontations within the organization, as a result of the lack of union experience.


February 23, 2018


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All we agree in which we lived in an accelerated world, the cities, the traffic, the financial problems and labor, the problems of the day to day, all of them do that, our organism accumulates tension, which we called stress. But that is stress? Few include/understand what is the true danger that hides after this word. The immense majority does not know that, stress is much more that the tension that hides after the annoyances that we felt in the back. When a person feels the tense back, which in fact this happening, although we think that, could have been a bad position or even that we have taken cold, which in fact happens is that our likeable vegetative nervous system, which arrives at all our body through the spine, this on being excited. This causes that our organism begins to just produce and to pump an excess of adrenalin, that is a hormone that takes place in the adrenal glands, located upon the kidneys. When this happens, the adrenalin modifies the state of our organism, the veins and the arteries are compressed, which denominates blood vessel constriction, which increases the tension arterial, and that cause that, the amount of blood, nutrients and I oxygenate that it arrives at the organs and the brain, falls, this is just like to say that, all the organs of our body is or is as if they were holding the breathing, – imagines it. When arriving less nutrients at the brain, this, make worse their yield, thus get to disconnect certain zones of him by security, zones that are vital for our daily life, this produces that we among others suffer things, a low yield labor, lost of memory, that we commit errors, that we undergo confusions, which can get to have fatal consequences to the steering wheel of an automobile, etc. .

Military Industrial Complex

February 23, 2018


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Paul Craig Roberts (who was in the past member of the directive staff of the Department of the Treasure of the United States and publisher of Wall Street Journal) published the 20 of March a titled text the collapse of the American power where he describes the decisive characteristics of the integral declination of the United States (1), the 27 of March The Economist titled Waiting for arnagedon to article referred to the irresistible tide of bankruptcies North American industralists. The 14 of March The Intelligencer titled Expert international foretell the collapse of the North American economy where it among others picked up the opinions of Bernard Connelly of Bank AIG and of Martin Wolf, columnista of Financial Times. The 3 of April Peter Morici in a note appeared in Counterpunch indicated that is impossible to deny that the economy (American) it has entered a recession whose unpredictable depth and duration are (2). As a conclusion the 14 of Financial Times April published article of Richard Haass, president of the Council of Outer Relations of the United States where it indicated that the single-pole era, period without precedents of American dominion, has finished. Read more from Southwest Airlines to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Hard two decades, a little more a moment in historical terms. Of course, the factors are many that have entailed to this situation, nevertheless we pause in which is very significant and as it indicates Beinstein to it, the mitalirizacin and the state decay, on the matter it contributes, Another phenomenon to take into account is the long ascending march of the Military Industrial Complex, area of convergence between the State, the industry and the science that went away expanding from mid years 1930 crossing republican democratic governments and, real or imaginary wars, periods of global calm or high voltage. Some authors, among them Chalmers Johnson, consider that military expenses have been the dynamic center of the North American economy from World War II to the eurasiticas wars of the Bush-Cheney administration happening through Korea, Vietnam, the War of Galaxias and Kosovo. .

Great Plague

February 22, 2018


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Seville, Spain, are considered the artistic, cultural and financial capital of the south of Spain. The people who inhabit this beautiful and historical city are called Sevillians (men) or Sevillan (women). Although Seville is located far from the coast, only continues being 20 feet on the level of the sea. Sometimes it was an important seaport. In fact, explorer Hernando de Magallanes has the boats who used to give the return to the world from Seville.

Also it was the receiver of much of the silver brought from the New World. Due to the brought wealth of America, Seville attracted a quite great population in centuries 16 and 17, making it the biggest city of Spain until around 1649 when the Great Plague of Seville struck. Although the city fell in importance in terms of population and economy, continues being valued like an artistic center of the baroque one. Seville is today the home of many places of tourist interest. Its cathedral was constructed between years 1401 and 1519. It is greater gothic and medieval cathedral in the world, elaboradamente decorated and with a little gold. It is crowned by the most famous statue of the city, the Giraldilla, symbol of the faith. Located in front of the cathedral it is the Palace, an old palace morisco that took more than 500 years to be constructed.

Their lands include beautiful gardens in a mixture of styles Moors, Andalusians and Christians. In the river this the Tower of Gold, a watchtower constructed by the Almohade dynasty. A defensive barrier in the river was used as to chain a heavy chain of its base through river to stop boats that traveled that way. With so many wonderful things that to see, it is no wonder Seville is a magnet for the tourist activity. Luckyly, there are many options of lodging for the tourists of Seville, including the inns, hotels and apartments.

Latin America

February 12, 2018


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If the cycle of cuts of rates in EE.UU has brought him to Latin America a loss of its external competitiveness and a greater rate of inflation What will happen of now in more since it seems that the same has finalized? Clearly this possible brake in the cut policy of rates of the EDF will be beneficial not only for Latin America but it will be it at global level. This change of policy will help to clear pressure on the ascending tendency of the international prices of the commodities. And surely when at the beginning of the ascending cycle in the rates is given rise (cycle that very hardly begin before year end), it will still more contribute to alleviate the inflationary pressures to world-wide level. Gary Kelly may not feel the same. Then, by the inflationary front, the possible change of trajectory of the policy of rates in the EE.UU will be beneficial for the region, but It will pass the same with the competitiveness of the currencies of the region? I believe that it is probable that yes, and as the crisis prevails moves away and the international markets return to the calm will find in Latin America a region that has managed to surpass with minimum costs the crisis and counts more in addition on two countries than they enjoy the privilege of being investment degree (profit reached about Brazil and Peru) and one more than it is on the verge of being it (Colombia). These factors plus the potential of growth and stability that are demonstrating the majority of the countries of the region (safe, clearly, certain exceptions), will be a magnet of the external capitals, which will increase the pressure on the types of change.