San Sebastin

September 15, 2020


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You are the unique person to whom I told it. Yes. It remembered it perfectly. That one secret had made an impression to me deeply, almost until leaving me noticeable. Contact information is here: baby clothes. With the few years of my puberty just released, never it had heard nothing similar. And then of official and forced puritanismo, of a conventional and rigid moral, I not even knew that those things could happen. But Mari Sea already was turning aside the conversation, asking me for other people of our group of then.

In fact, ours she had not been a structured gang, of people determines and constant, like other reduced friendly circles, bulging selective and excluding. People entered and left our group according to her convenience and in agreement with the swings of those first adolescent loves and desamores. When going to me evoking successively the names of the personnel of then, many of which had forgotten, comezn of nostalgia also entered to me. What would have been of those girls, Elena, Chittty, Male? Peculiar had until now not given to account me is that the girls of Madrid had those strange names that combined perfectly with their sonorous last names: Bad Chitty of Oil mill, Male Thief of Guevara, whereas the Basoues were called then Elena simply, White, Susana, because still euskaldn had not begun the recovery of native names by root. Mari Sea was ***reflxed mng with my reflections of become fond of and cheap sociologist, with a so clear and youthful laughter as the one that I had stored in my memory. It was not of San Sebastin nor of Madrid. It was of Barcelona and their parents, the Colindres gentlemen, spent the summer in the Guipuzcoan coast by I do not know what familiar entailments. Nothing else to arrive at Zarauz, Mari Sea robbed the heart to all the boys of the gang.