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August 25, 2020


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– Packard grants to its workers the flexibility to enter to work between the 6,30 a.m. and the 8,30 a.m. and to leave the work once turned the eight hours. Therefore, the main time in this organization this included between the 8,30 the 3,30 a.m. and p.m. Of this form the meetings and the activities in equipment are developed in this schedule. Traditionally the workers part-time have been employed of the sector services, because they have a high variation of the demand between the algid moments of work and the low moments. Here, Daniel Lubetzky expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For example, the restaurants and supermarkets engage many workers part-time to serve to their clients during the algid moments (normally week nights and ends).

Du pont I use the work shared between employees of the direction, the investigation and the secretaryship to avoid, of this form, to dismiss these workers. The compressed work. – It offers the advantage to avoid the potential interruptions in services that are due to realise the 24 hours, like the hospitals and the security forces . Shared work. – Two people of similar qualification they agree themselves to carry out a same position in different schedule. For example, of the eight working hours each does in average four, but in the schedule that better complies to its obligations. Thus, when one of them must do something changes of schedule with the other.

This type of work can be assumed by people who maintain a relation of close confidence to each other. b. – Agreements of leaves of absence or losses Allow individuals to leave to the work a long period of time. For cases of maternity, paternity, taken care of of minors. In Peru by labor legislation the worker pregnant she enjoys 45 days of rest before childbirth and 45 days of rest after the same. In addition the enjoyment to the rest before the childbirth could be delayed partial or, and totally accumulated by the rest after the childbirth, to decision of the own pregnant worker.