The Heart

August 24, 2020


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In the present you arrive at small before room another great door that takes to another room the perfect place for an ambush, you examine the place where you are empty suitcases, are of specialized equipment probably night vision, doubtless are good preparations than the other, in equipment that left you see something that can serve you, lights of flare, takings pair of them, now you must to enter, has man died in floor reason why you see seems that suicidal, it takings as shield and you begin to run towards the door, when you hit this is abre totally, immediately the bodyguards begin to shoot, who idiot I do not work before and it did not work now, nevertheless when having the lenses of night vision its firings are more effective, one of the firings gives in the right arm, immediately loose the body you takings one flare and you ignite it strips to the air and wheels far from her, now they no longer can verte, the wound in your arm does to your weaker blow, but it even is sufficiently hard to kill them to all, one by one all fall on your feet in a moment have been assassinated by your sword, but it even lacks your objective is not no of them, it listening is hidden in closet, you walk until this you abres and it, is mirndote there you can see the fear in its eyes, it does not beg you by its life as the other although would not matter it did if it, only watches to you fixedly, takings your sword and you nail asegurndote to transfer the heart to him now your mission is complete while the body this on your feet bleeding you return to remember has spent almost a month since your father went away and not yet one has communicated with you neither with your mother, it and the other women or is very worried, on the following day one of them makes a frightful discovery in a newspaper the photo of your father and the one about the other men assassinated by the army, in the newspaper she says that your father and the other men were important members of the guerrilla and that they were planning a great attack in the capital, your father has died now after as much holding you cry to just as your mother, with happening of the days the things are put worse, your mother and your they are thrown to the street, although she attempt to work seriously ill, your knows that she is by the lost sadness of having your father, are in the street at night and is raining, embrace you it very hard to warm up it you remember what your father said the day to you that went away and you say to him to your mother: – " mother I you cuidare" As you were not going to do it, you had promised your father, rain finally had stopped and the night it became day with the exit of the sun, you even embraced your mother you separate a little stops to give him good morning but what you see leaves you terrified, it is dead, died in your arms and you did not make anything to help, salts him running of there and later you cry, continuous crying until she does not have but tears in your body now these no longer only you live but either you do not die, after many days your instincts seize of you, the day becomes night and you are hungry so you rob food, but they discover to you and they go to atraparte your you use few forces that you must to flee, causing destructions by all the place which causes that more people persecute to you, at the outset are many but you do not let yourself catch so they are gotten tired and they go away, every time are less now are only six or seven those that they persecute to you, they are armed and not render the fatigue in the end wins to you they catch and you in an impasse, are very annoying and all have a machete in the hand, the one that seems the leader approaches and it says to you: – " damn rat you have had all night giving to us returned, not only I am going to cut the hands to you, if not that to cut the legs to you so that you cannot flee &quot again; Watch you it at the face you recognize and it immediately is the man who a few months ago back your safe father, you remember its face of gratefulness of that day very different which she has then, another one from the men approaches and she says to you: – " you do not have reasons to live, you do not matter to him to anybody, in this world if cuidarte by same you cannot simply you do not deserve vivir" Your nonbeams not at all only the sights, the leader approach, but then a small shout is listened to of one of the men who persecuted the one that was but far from you, all to you turn around to see it while he falls dead and you can see a man, in its hand has something seems a machete but he is longer and it seems to shine, of the men shouts to him: – " what happens to you you are crazy! " But the mysterious man did not say anything I rush envelope they at a great speed and with his shining one I kill he arms them one by one until only I am the man who was going to cut the legs to you, when this man saw this loosen his weapon and I kneel down began to cry requesting mercy saying that he wanted to return to see his children, the mysterious man unemployment in front of him I rise its weapon and of to a single I kill it blow, now the man walks towards you, it sights to the eyes, its hand approaches and extends dicindote with a smile in its face: – " you would like to come with me " The noise of helicopters landing in brings you to the roof of return, apparently have arrived the reinforcements, sights to your objective that lies dead on your feet and you say to him: – " a little takes you do not create it, but even so it is necessary to give them bienvenida" You tighten the handle of your sword, the wound in your arm hurts more and more but not yet you have finished, you send yourself to run towards the encounter of your enemies. . 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