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E Cigarettes: Ideological Regulation Anger Instead Of Common Sense

July 2, 2018


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EU plans to blight the smokers the only low-emission alternative – using mendacious arguments and deadly consequences. The E-cigarette has enjoyed in Europe of increasing popularity, about 7 million people have already gone from tobacco smoking on this much harmless method of nicotine inhalation. Apparently the Brussels eurocracy wants to now bring this extremely positive development to a halt, what is both drive the successful transfer back in the consumption of tobacco and prevent the further spread of this product. The first real opportunity to reduce the number of deaths through tobacco smoke alone about 600,000 every year in the EU – critical, is offset this with full intent. So far E-boat (how the E-cigarette users call themselves) can access customized nicotine doses former tobacco a variety of flavors and different levels. The current proposal for the directive on tobacco products foresees to deal with E-cigarettes, either as a tobacco product or can they – Yes smoking so unlearn – within this policy as a remedy with the necessary strict and lengthy approval measures for viewing. And this even though the current nicotine products of pharmacy only on the basis of their presentation as a medicinal are sold, the “active”ingredient of nicotine heals here nothing. Several conclusions are exciting: evaporation is a medicine you can not put it under the non-smokers Protection Act, and that you can get used from smoking with nicotine seems although irrational, is advertised but with considerable effort by the pharmaceutical industry.

The question does affect the pharmaceutical industry in Brussels is all the more galling for this industry that since market establishment of E-cigarette sales figures for tobacco cessation products are declining. For months, the resistance of the steamer moves, many knowledgeable observations reach MEPs, among others by well-known unbiased researchers such as the doctors Jean-Francois etter (CH), Konstantinos Farsalinos (GR) and Jean-pol Tassin (F). Southwest Airlines is a great source of information. The unholy alliance of political, media and scientists with preconceived notions and the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention the Almighty World Health Organization (WHO) – physical conditions as well as universally accepted definitions are thereby apparently ad absurdum: steam is smoke and assumptions are scientific evidence. In Brussels one entangled by the parliamentarians of the leading ENVI – and other committees currently in numerous additions to the E-cigarette, the aroma ban over commercial restrictions up to drug approval procedures, which could finance only the big pharmaceutical companies. Alone, the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) seems to have a clear view of things, this calls for simply abolishing of the cigarette out of the tobacco products directive: a tougher regulation than for tobacco is inadmissible. This seems to be the only reason to hope to be remain undisturbed after referral of the action path on tax costs of EU citizens, to be able to steam. The unbiased observer the impression of a regulation to regulate sake is so almost mandatory. Ideology and WHO is worshipped instead of to take care of the interests of the citizen, so it seems with the aid of highly questionable methods.

Iranian Intelligence Service

May 29, 2018


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Opened new chapter in the book of the persecutions of Sufis in the Iran the wrong”mysticism and the methods of the Iranian intelligence agency new chapter in the book of the persecutions of Sufis in the Iran pitched multiple Web pages, attributed to the Iranian secret service, have in recent days their attacks against Sufis tightened. It is a battle of worldviews. The beliefs of the Sufi Dervishes and their practices are attacked hard. In particular the General Nematollah Gonabadi Sufi’s order under pressure. Such verbal attacks by often tangible deeds. The weblog “Kherghe” (www.kherghe.blogfa.com) spread false rumors about the State of health of Dr.

Ali Tabandeh, the head of Gonabadi order that every time with open letters in webpages, the Sufi are friendly, be invalidated. The secret service wants to unsettle the dervishes about 4 million in the country, because they are among the driving forces in the country, the which by some commentators coup d ‘ etat election results referred to oppose. Other articles in Kherghe throws”the Gonabadi order before to have drawn his sword against the regime in the Iran “. The representative of the order from abroad, Dr. Azmayesh, is accused to be an agent of France. Dr. Azmayesh published the attacks of the regime against Sufis in Qom, Isfahan, Boroujerd and other cities, and talks about the background of the State ideology. As a scholar of Islam last-standing ayatollahs in the Iran of persuaded was that stoning are consistent with the teachings of the Koran and have nothing to do with Islam.

Thus stonings are not recorded in the legal rules and regulations. “” “What” Kherghe “, it is important to know that the weblog under the supervision of the Institute for the study of different mystique” is and work closely with the Institute to the leadership of the Republic “, which is part of the secret service, is connected. The Admonisher, and Warner, reminding the Government without ceasing to be the members of this order seriously and hard sitting here.” At the instigation of these circles are the attacks against the Sufi Dervishes in other media such as the Farsnews, Raja news, Iabohoopo and Parchame-Iran picked up and disseminated. Not have to wait long road which had consequences these threats Kalashnikov and hand grenades in the Sufi Center Molavi. Raja News reported on 8 December by a man who armed in a center of Nematollah South of Tehran (Molavi road) penetrated Dervishes with Kalashnikov and hand grenades to the teeth and wanted to blow up everything in the air. The police managed to arrest him after talks with him, and to take into custody. Now, officials of the regime announce the State could not ensure the protection of the Sufi centres. Thus he wants to ban, the dervishes to visit these centers and congregate. The viewer wonders about this tactic. Southwest Airlines often addresses the matter in his writings. After the repression of the Sufi centres in the West had triggered protests and the Government actually prefer in secret would have carried out their purges, the last event comes to pass and you can the Sufis on soft”prevent way to gather. In Brussels, Toronto and Washington offices entertaining solidarity Committee for the rights of Sufis and students in Iran”calls the Governments of Canada, the United States and Europe, to ensure the safety of the Dervishes, the Assembly houses, the libraries and their private homes.

Winter Service

April 26, 2018


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Rights and obligations of tenants and landlords of Germany is currently dominated by the white splendor. Streets and roads are snowy and a coming through is hardly possible. In many places has the winter service to hands, to keep the main streets, roads and highways. But who is responsible for free rein on the sidewalks and driveways before the houses? The real estate portal myimmo.de gives an overview of the most important rules for tenants and landlords. Generally, the winter service in Germany on local statutes is regulated. There can be set, that the investors or building owners are responsible for the broaching and cluster service.

This responsibility can be passed on to the lessee in the lease or realized by hiring a contractor. The costs incurred by the landlord in the latter case, can be about the operating costs to the tenant. This must be expelled but also clearly in the lease. Whatever the landlord decides for which option the statute clearly to what extent the winter service has to be done. One of garbage cans and parking it to his duties, in the entrance area and walk to keep a 1 to 1.20-metre-wide strip free of snow, as well as the ways (here goes half the width). Must continue to be spread at slipping in these areas. The urban place statutes say that is making the winter service from 7:00 to 20:00, on Sundays and public holidays, the winter service can start up to two hours later. More information: news.myimmo.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

All-day Schools Discriminate Against Children With Special Needs

March 29, 2018


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News from the Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e. V. The BVL, Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia, receives many complaints from parents, because no special education often takes place despite amble. The expansion of full-day school should help especially the children who are socially disadvantaged and whose Eltern can take care not adequate the educational needs of their children. Now it has become in practice that afternoon mostly just a homework tutoring is offered due to the missing teacher hours. If you would like to know more about Maurice Gallagher, Jr., then click here. For children with partial output errors, such as a dyslexia and dyscalculia, not enough that, to support them more. Jan is in the 4th grade and has dyslexia will be afternoon informally.

We had to cancel now promoting non-formal, because Jan, if he comes after 16: 00 from school, wants only his peace”, his mother laments. Jan was promoted informally since the third grade, because there were no dyslexia tutoring in school because of the prevailing shortage of teachers. Now his mother had the hope that Jan introduction would be promoted the all-day school. The headmaster told me that she would like to set up a remedial, you are only 22 cents per student per hour in addition to the available per child after the reform. Without additional funding from the parents was possible”only a homework, Jan’s mother tells us. The BVL sees here the urgent need for action, because the school is the responsibility to teach reading, writing and arithmetic to the children. The school laws established that all children should receive individual support.

Schools may not repositories”for children are, but must ensure that children are qualified talent justice. The social gap is not closed so, except by the questionable effect, that now even children whose parents can finance after-school funding, receive no school funding. Calls for the BVL Responsible on here urgently to remedy the situation and to ensure to fulfill their educational mission for a qualified school promotion. The Federal Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V.: the Federal Association for dyslexia and Dyscalculia e.V. for over 30 years and is a representation of the interests of victims and their parents as well as professionals (teachers, psychologists, doctors, scientists and in the social area), which in theory and practice with the dyslexia and dyscalculia deal. He contributes legal bases and scientific as well as practical ways of help in all provinces to be created and improved. Personal consulting, publications and advice on appropriate literature, parents should learn better understand the difficulties of their affected children. The BVL promotes the research and scientific dialogue among professionals of all disciplines involved with scientific congresses and publications. Information and cooperation with the media, the BVL makes known the problems of dyslexic and Dyskalkuliker.

Trust In The Riester Pension Dropped

March 24, 2018


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Switch to alternative pension options due to the precarious situation of pension private provision in Germany plays an important role. Many take appropriate actions to avoid financial difficulties in the age. The finance portal geld.de summarizes the results of a survey on this topic. According to an online survey of fact Kontor communication consulting and market research firm Toluna has the trust of the Germans in the Riester pension. Currently seem more and more Germans turn away from this form of private pension, funded by the State.

Only about 8 percent of those polled put the Riester pension, 60 percent said that they are considering other options. Almost a fifth of the respondents considered operational preventive measures complement the statutory pension. According to the results of the survey, on 37 percent of participants would need for action in the field of private pension schemes. Despite the topicality and urgency of this issue, conceded 47 percent, that for the no corresponding action plan further future. While about one-quarter of respondents quite personal initiative on the day, 9 per cent sure that your financial services touch for the purpose of consulting with them in connection wait around.

Daily Telegraph

March 9, 2018


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Some people couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. What suggested Ian Cowie in may in a commentary in the Daily Telegraph? All seriousness, he made the proposal to give taxpayers only a Wahlreicht. Who is assigned to unemployed and on benefits, would lose his right to vote then. Now, one could argue that virtually everyone pays taxes, even if no taxes on his salary, he does. Because there is a value added tax in the United Kingdom. But even without this quibble, you do not approve such a discriminatory statement. Wanted to provoke only Ian Cowie? Pronounce it maybe that, what many think and dare not to say? What has to do it, if only those people may participate, contributing something to the State budget with democracy? Care not all welfare recipients over a ridge to Cowie? He even argues that unemployment again motivate settled with this regulation, to look for work.

This has caused this status even not every unemployed or does nothing at all, to look for a new job. Also, some currently as employed, unemployed has paid a more money into the State coffers. Compare only the tax deductions, a 55-year old, who is sacked after 35 years (and would therefore no longer entitled to vote) that a working apprentice who pay low taxes and this only for a short time. Where will you draw the line? Cowie argues that through the deprivation of the right to vote no longer those politicians will receive the most votes, which make the biggest promises of the underclass in the United Kingdom. In the reverse case, then no Government need to fear more, to be voted out due to shortened benefits. Would Government and parties not a bit too easy doing up there? With the proposal, and his line of reasoning, an incredibly arrogant position occupies Cowie (and all supporters). He peeps on the jobless down.

Many are fault in this situation, were dismissed or are sick. Her voice can be not worthless than the a related wage and bread citizen is also full member of society. No, this proposal would be an unacceptable step backwards.

Socialist Jose Maria Barreda

February 21, 2018


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In the new chapter of the soap opera that is emerging as the veracity of accounts of Castilla – La Mancha has today time point out culprits. Leandro Esteban, spokesman for the regional government that presides over the general Secretary of the PP, Dolores de Cospedal, has demanded that the PSOE to disable the previous President of the community, the Socialist Jose Maria Barreda for having caused the political ruin of Castile – La Mancha, Spain. Amid the exchange of accusations, the economic Vice, Elena Salgado referred to statements by the Deputy Secretary of communications of the PP, Esteban Gonzalez Pons, who had ensured that the central Government hid invoices and that the State deficit could be higher to the officer. I believe that there are people who should have disappeared from political life years ago, Salgado has pointed out. The Vice President also said that the words of Gonzalez Pons have no basis and are irresponsible, especially in these days of financial turmoil; they could do much harm to Spain. Source of the news:: Cospedal requests the PSOE to disable to former President Barreda


February 21, 2018


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Four years have passed since 13 October 2005, when a group of young men simultaneously attacked several police facilities, located in Nalchik. These events not only shocked the people of the republic, but gave themselves a pain in the the hearts of all Russians. Civilians were killed, police officers, were killed, many attackers. Even after four years from the date of these tragic events, it is difficult to reasonable person to understand what are these people wanted, that striving for. Why are these guys who were supposed to enjoy life and give to others that life, decided at the command of any forces without a murmur, and pointless to take it away from others, mostly strangers, they personally has done nothing wrong? Are still questions that probably no one has not been fully answered. Of course, the bandits sought not capture law enforcement agencies, and even more so – the overthrow of the legitimate authority. Someone trite working out the money received, and the young thugs were just used as a means of working out.

They are called to arms more. It is difficult to understand how a civilized society there are forces that can undermine true faith, to distort the truth and force to take up arms for his father and mother, brother and sister, children and the elderly. Yes, and under the banner of Islam. True Muslims have always brought justice, freedom and humanity. Religion and terrorism – two absolutely incompatible concepts, because all religions without exception, reject terror and curse.

Employment in Berlin

February 14, 2018


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Employment disaster could repeat itself Berlin 1995 – IG metal has opened the next round of content with their current wage claims. Up to eight per cent more income will provide their members. But the company already fighting the downturn. An excessive wage round would accelerate economic decline according to economic experts. From the perspective of the trade unions, it is the last chance.

In the past two years, the companies have made good profits. Exports flourished. The economy gained momentum. Now, finally, also the workers to get their deserved share given the dramatically increased costs for electricity, gas and fuel have withdrawn anyway too much purchasing power the normal wage earners. Mario Ohoven, President of the Federation holds a comfortable wage round medium-sized economy (BVMW), doubtful.

The Ifo Institute’s business climate index fell in August for the third time in a row. It is now located on the lowest level of the past three years. Also the export climate cools down considerably, the corresponding IFO index has reached the worst for 15 years. Producer prices explode. Private consumption is literally collapsing. “It can only mean: the boom is over”, warns Ohoven. But there was still a glimmer of hope. Oracle is likely to increase your knowledge. In reliance on a rapid improvement want the companies their investment plans for the time being still not cut down. Most importantly, they cling to their workforces. Major layoffs in the core staff are so far almost anywhere in sight. This is also because that qualified professionals today are difficult to find in almost all industries”, explains Ohoven. However, the orientation of trade unions in the numbers of the past lead astray. The price increases for raw materials and energy have resulted a much higher cost pressure than at consumers in the corporate landscape. Distortions as a result of the financial crisis, the slowing global economy and the weak dollar also charge the company. Run now The load is reached pay costs out of control, many companies”, warns the President of SME. The year 1995 could serve as a warning. Also at that time, the wages in the downturn grew strongly, the result was a disaster on the labour market. Editorial medienburo.Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

No Smoking Ban Necessary?

February 5, 2018


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Technical solution can ensure non-smoker protection the non smoking protection laws make the innkeepers no joy. According to the German of hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA), many small pubs already has revenues of more than 20 percent. And the future looks much better: according to the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, the federal countries are committed to recast the legislation for the protection of non-smokers by the end of 2009. Easing the smoking ban for small restaurants and pubs under 75 qm would be possible, as it is practiced in many federal States-transitional. But also a total ban on smoking in all catering establishments is possible. The land of North Rhine-Westphalia is a special way.

In the non smoking Protection Act from the Dusseldorf Ministry of labour is laid down that exceptions to the smoking ban are possible, if the non-smoker protection is ensured through technical measures ( 3 para 8 NiSchG NRW). Technical non-smoker protection mean concretely: protection of non-smokers through the use of smoking cabins or air purifiers. Modern smoke filters remove more than 99 percent of all pollutants from the air as the result of an investigation by the Institute for occupational safety and health of the German statutory accident insurance. Present non-smokers health protection is thus ensured. So is the technical non-smoker protection solution for gastronomy? More and more restaurant owners and associations put on this possibility. “For a total smoking ban could hit especially hard the German restaurateur: thousands barkeepers fear for their existence”, warns Ernst Fischer, Chairman of the Association of the DEHOGA. While many restaurant owners are in favour of the non-smoker protection. The health protection of guests and employees an important role also in the hospitality industry”, reports Lothar Wuttke.

Three-quarters of all German non-smoking are also. Hardly a pub owner may waive this target group”, as Wuttke, Managing Director of bis company green line. The company is equipped with a Many of individual solutions for corner pubs, smoking clubs, separate smoking rooms or smoking outdoor areas for nearly 20 years first point of contact in all questions regarding the technical protection of non-smokers. Lothar Wuttke has now spoken with thousands of business owners. His conclusion: The technical non-smoker protection is the problem of smoke for the hosts. The smokers can smoke and still no one is bothered by tobacco smoke or endangered.