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Guide Book

March 18, 2019


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A new guide for difficult financial situations around 20 million people receive pension in Germany. Check out Valerie Berlin for additional information. Some can live very well from your retirement pay. Many move but due to the rising cost of living on the border between too much to die and too little life”. The gap between the basic allowance and the pension income is getting smaller and smaller. In the past 10 years the proportion of pensioners who had to accept a mini job, rose to make ends meet, about 600,000 – tendency rising! Declining pension level, existential angst and the future are also in our rich Germany”no foreign words. But complaining doesn’t help in this situation. The question is, what can I do now to improve my financial situation?” “This guide shows that the life is not without any alternative” is, but certainly offers opportunities, you can take.

With a little creativity and ingenuity can succeed, to get out of a difficult financial situation out and (er) live still dreams and wishes. The book of Hubert Hunscheidt is new in the book-on-demand-Verlag, Norderstedt, appeared, is 96 pages and is priced at 7.90 under the ISBN No. 978-3-8423-8165-0 available in bookstores. Review copies can be requested directly from the Publisher.

Books To Go With The Espresso Book Machine

March 9, 2019


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Ordered, printed in 5 minutes – ready! Everyone is talking about the e-book, there is already an update of this electronic form of the book. The Dusseldorf author Jasmin Bolger introduces us to the espresso book. Ordered, printed and bound in five minutes while waiting for the customer and perhaps to drink an espresso? \”What sounds in the title like pie in the sky\”, tells the author Jasmin Bolger, whose debut novel was published in the autumn of last year, \”book machine the espresso is anchored in England already firmly in the present. Looks like a chunky photo copier or a misshapen photo booth, but the espresso book machine (espresso book machine) can do more. Read additional details here: Ripple. Your reputation precedes you and long is traded scene as the shooting star of literature.\” Reason enough for the author Jasmin Bolger, whose second Roman is already planned for summer of this year for the publication, to look beyond the outside of the proverbial box and look at this marvel of technology. \”Just as long, how the mass production of books there\”, says Jasmin Bolger,\”since there is the problem of the availability of fast, or should we say, the non-availability? The times, in which a customer in bookstores ordered my book and soon belong to the past than information that got reply \”Available in two to three weeks\”.\” Jasmin Bolger, whose Geschichten revolve around the major theme, love presents love in her novels in all its facets if there is raped wife in her debut feature, the affection to her brother-in-law discovered that after years of marital frustration or the selbstmordgefahrdete Maja, who fell in love a mentally handicapped man \”similar multifaceted as my novels I hope in the future also the facilities of my books. \”In addition to the popular Hardcovern it is bound books with dust jacket and bookmark me important, to offer an additional variant: the to-go version.\” A hardcover is chic and elegant. . In recent months, Cyrus Massoumi humbition has been very successful.

Printing Press

November 22, 2018


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Before that was the 15.Jahrhundert a multi-layered challenge book print daily in Germany are in any way solely, but all over the world passed numerous books by inquisitive bookworms. You may want to visit Laurent Potdevin to increase your knowledge. This range of reading must nevertheless once produced. Meanwhile, creating numerous printed and bound products shows nothing more than a challenge. But before the middle of the 15th century, it was almost hardly feasible. The challenge to print a book, turns out former times than a real problem.

The mechanically-operated printing of the inventor Johannes Gutenberg made the book a significant mass media then. Contributed to the methodical education of society to a large extent. Since that moment, increasingly rare individual letters had to be written off by generally only once existing samples. Now they had the possibility to be able to print a book. Since then several new methods were worked out, the book printing to optimize. This includes about the offset printing process. This approach is mainly deployed to the book printing. This no metallic letters used for the book printing, but instead of printing plates.

Given the different properties of the surface of the plates, the color remains solely at the desired positions. Thus it is possible to print a book by without wells and surveys. This same approach is also applied to produce newspapers and packaging. The innovative technology of digital printing ensures to only print a book if this was really required. It used no constant pressure form in contrast to many other approaches. Seen in this way, it is currently easy if you want to print a book. In the meantime, we are developed so far that now are each based on one clicks to the author and can publish a book. Different providers offer the possibility of publishing a book independently formulated to can. This you must upload only his work on the Internet. Moreover, the author can create his book cover itself. Ultimately it is decided on the amount of books to be printed and the selling price. You can then publish his own book a small author royalties provided one occasionally.

The Presence

July 4, 2018


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They also load arrows and arcs. To the deep one are seen boats where the indians are carrying temporary? colonists or travellers? , a wooden village with huts beyond other individuals of the tribe, harvesting wood or taking care of of what it seems to be one horta. In this composition the artist looked for to demonstrate the insertion of the indians in the economic activities of the colony, as the agriculture and the transport of passengers for the rivers. Moreover, he makes reference the typically native activities of the Brazilian peoples, as the hunting and the collection of fruits, also showing an animal of the Brazilian fauna, the ounce. Analyzing the form as the natives they are dresses we mainly perceive that they have or had had contact with the colonists, the missionaries, rank that all the portraied citizens wear at least a part of European clothes. For assistance, try visiting Gary Kelly. The fact of the individual to bring a machete as adornment, hung to the neck, shows the value that the natives gave certain objects of European origin. Without the knowledge of the techniques of as to forge the iron, the natives saw such great objects as possessing of being able and magic, such power transmitted it possessed who it.

The use of these tools, for facilitating the accomplishment of the activities, already would demonstrate a high position in the tribe, to use it simply as adornment also represented great wealth. Beyond what, its presence helps to strengthen the idea of the contact of these indians with the whites. The represented feminine figures remember to much more figures Greeks of the images of rtemis, goddess of the hunting and the war, that indians. The presence of a fierce animal? the ounce? it seems to want to strengthen this approach, therefore this goddess was also Mrs. of feras. Perhaps the mandate of such similarity must it the aggressive character of the women of this tribe.

The Classroom

May 24, 2018


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One of the points that we can perceive with bigger frequency, is professors complaining that in classroom if they find many pupils disinterested, pupils who fight easily, pupils who do not obtain to make silence when it is necessary, what to make to decide such problems, being that the family in many cases does not assume its role, consequentemente overloading the school. From these questions, we perceive that of the one not to speak separately of indiscipline. She is necessary to analyze diverse aspects. In recent months, Bernard Golden has been very successful. Which the context that the child is inserted? Had been established limits in infancy? Which are the possible causes of the indesejado behavior. with regard to the school, as psicopedagogo can assist to miminizar this problem? She is necessary to analyze the position of the professor, the method that used. We continue with elitist and archaic methods? What it is disciplines? It is the practical one of silence? It is possible to decide the indiscipline problems using affectivity? How? On the basis of the estimated ones presented above the research presented the following objective: To demonstrate as the performance of psicopedagogo affective can contribute to minimize the faced problems of indiscipline in the daily one of the classroom. For acting in the area of education we greatly interest in them in searching a way to minimize the problems of indiscipline in the classroom, pointed for the professors as one of the main obstacles to the pedagogical work. The research will contribute in the demonstration of the influence that the affectivity exerts in the search for a change of this picture. As this new institucional professional psicopedagogo will be able to assist all the professors, parents and educators to perceive, in the day the day, the importance of the affective bows in the education process, as well as in the search for efficient ways in the solution for the indiscipline problems.

Greek Comedy

May 24, 2018


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Considered the biggest writer of comedy Greek of that time, it wrote forty parts more than, but only 11 had been known, amongst them Lisstrata, that wants to say in Greek ' ' the one that it dissolves/separates exrcitos' '. This workmanship was written to make a critical a War of the Peloponeso, and is during that if it passes action of the workmanship. The women, of the cities involved Greeks in the War of the Peloponeso, led for the Lisstrata athenian, decide to institute a sex strike and the invasion of the Acrpole, where the Athenian treasure is kept, to force its husbands to stop the fight and to establish the peace. The workmanship leaves clear the difference between men and women of the time. Being responsible they for the work, detainers of the power and the decisions, and fitting they only them domestic tasks and the pleasures flesh times. As note this vision in a stretch of the Poetical one, where Aristotle if relates to the women as inferior beings. In the part diverse peripcias happen, one of them are, when the tired women of the afflictions of the war and without being able politician or of decision, initiate the strike of sex and ' ' they take comando' ' facing the men with equality, thing that was considered impossible, or improbable, for that time. Although this, with this attitude the women obtain so longed for peace, fact also considered improbable.

According to Coast (2003), the opposite of the improbable fact is the probability, that if understands for a used criterion to guide in the choice of the arguments for the mimtica composition. All art, and in special literature is a representation of the reality, not it reality in essentially improbable, or impossible itself, nor neither something of if happening. The literary text supplies possible interpretations of this reality.

Rio De Janeiro

May 23, 2018


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It analyzes it of this workmanship has intention to detect the paper of the feminine one inside of the same one in view of the great one I transit of this author enters the adolescents of 10 the 14 years age. In other words: she is an author, writing for readers, on relation of two people of the feminine sex: mother and son. Before everything she fulfills to mention the too much workmanships of this author and to make a rank on its biography. Some of its workmanships: She speaks serious, mother; She speaks serious, professor; She speaks serious, love; She speaks serious, friend; Everything for pop-star; Everything for a boyfriend; Everything for a holiday; Treason between friends and a fairy to visit came me. Beyond being writer, she is also journalist and it keeps a column in the Insolent magazine, called Speaks, serious! , Its expression key, and brings up to date one blog and a site, where it keeps the informed reading fans on its work. They are in the promise more two books: It speaks serious, father and one another one, still without heading, that will have a boy as protagonist these are some of the too much workmanships written for this writer, Carioca of Rio De Janeiro journalist formed in right and that it comes being well accepted for the adolescents establishing direct contact with its readers through blogs and presences in biennial. The studied workmanship deals with the experience lived between mother and son of a well peculiar form. History is constructed to all in dialogues between the ngela mother and the son Maria of Lourdes the Malu. The narration is made of the following form: the first part of the book, of the gestation of the Maria of Lourdes until its thirteen years, is told by the mother, who, then passes the word to the son of a sufficiently intelligent and sensible form: ' ' Place not to the woman, but to a pretty young woman is the girl yielding.

Manuel Flag

May 23, 2018


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The PCNs guides in the direction of as they must be the activities in view of motivating the interest of the pupil for the literary text: It seems, therefore, necessary to motivate them it the reading of these books with activities that have for young an immediate purpose and not necessarily pertaining to school (for example, that the pupil if recognizes as reading, or that sees in this pleasure, that finds space to share its impressions of reading with the colleagues and the professors) and that they become necessary the practical ones of readings (PCNs, 2006, P. 70-71). That is, to place pleasant and necessary the reading as something and not as an obligation, an excuse to decide enfadonhos exercises as the reading fiches. The allotment of the reading made for the pupils between the same ones, the socialization of its ideas is very important, therefore it allows the reconstruction of reading from the ideas of the other For Martins, ' ' to approach literature, in view of the slight knowledge of intertextualidade, interdisciplinaridade, transversalidade and intersemiose is, without a doubt a basic premise so that the pupil develops a more critical understanding of the literary phenomenon, being this inserted one in practical social and culturais' ' (MARTINS, 2006, p.87). In this direction the author considers the analysis of the text taken off Poem of a notice of periodical, Manuel Flag, as example it professor to work the cited slight knowledge above. Proposals of this nature if justify for being challenging and to explore all the potentialities of underlying knowledge to the literary text, understanding it as a cultural, historical and social phenomenon, instrument politician capable to unmask the contradictions and conflicts of the reality. It is of this form that the literary text propitiates to the pupil the exercise of the reflection, the afinamento of the emotions and the capacity of adentrar in the problems of the life.

The People

May 23, 2018


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The commented text a good book is that one that pleases the public, not what is approved by the critics. The first phrase is all constructed on the opposition enters one reduced number of experts and the general appreciation of the people. critics are the members of groups that they intend to lead or to correct the concepts of the public: the pedantes, as Lysidas, in the Critical one of ‘ ‘ School of mulheres’ ‘ , they praise or they condemn the workmanships in accordance with the rules of the art. To this its way to judge, Boileau opposes the general taste of the men, that is, a relatively great public of bourgeois noblemen and who had acclaimed Molire, that, in the cut or the city, had commented with affection the Satires and the Epistles. These are not dimmed by the rules and nor if they occupy in approving doutamente. But, when a workmanship them despertam the attention or they please to them, they reveal its interest spontaneously.

Of them it will have to come the evaluation if a workmanship is good, therefore Boileau thinks as Molire of that ‘ ‘ the great rule is to know agradar’ ‘. Cloud Computing is the source for more interesting facts. This postulate, that is data of common-sense, is the bedding of the classic doctrine. From there the necessity for the critics to recognize, after all, its error, if the feeling of the public to contradict its judgment ‘ ‘ a priori ‘ ‘.


May 23, 2018


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The school has the essential function to teach to contents and necessary abilities to the participation of the individual in the society, taking it, through its specific work, to understand its proper reality, placing itself in it, interpreting it and contributing for its transformation. When analyzing the book in study, no longer first chapter in them is presented a research for evaluation of as it comes being worked practical of education of reading and literature in average education, through directed questionnaires the pupils and professors. Exactly with always the existing imperfections in the results of research, one perceives many factors that come harming the favorable education of literature in Brazil. Our pupil of the present time, exactly passing good part of its life in the school, if dedicating to the reading, written and in the three last years to literature, it is perceivable that it has a reading that much leaves to desire, having only 5% of the pupils of average education, in accordance with data of the Saeb, a good level in the reading abilities. They meet without many changes the education of literature in our country has many decades, and the reasons take inheritances ideological, politics, contextual, etc., but, so that this picture can start to move, she is necessary that the professor of average education takes conscience on the real value of the literature education. Literature comes being studied of traditional form, with historical, characteristic chronology and contextualizao of authors and workmanships; what it would have to move, therefore, as already said previously, the school must have as focus the formation of competent readers. The literature education would have to be compromised to the development of abilities of the reading of literary texts. The insatisfao of the proper pupils ahead of expositivas lessons is well-known also, in which it does not have altiva voice, preferring, thus, dialgicas lessons, bringing the reading for its reality and correlated it with other arts in study.